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Return of the Active Manager

How to apply behavioral finance to renew and improve investment management

By C. Thomas Howard and Jason Apollo Voss
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About the Authors

C. Thomas Howard

C. Thomas Howard has taught, researched, consulted and invested in stocks for over 15 years. A professor at the University of Denver, Howard has taught stock analysis to audiences ranging from young undergraduates to adult seminar audiences in international classes in Italy and Denmark. A prolific writer, Howard is quoted regularly in Barron's, Money Magazine and other consumer publications.

Jason Apollo Voss

Jason A. Voss, CFA, is the CEO of Active Investment Management (AIM) Consulting, a firm dedicated to helping small- and medium-sized active investment managers to deliver alpha for the benefit of their end clients. He is the retired co-portfolio manager of the Davis Appreciation and Income Fund. During his tenure the Fund bested the S&P 500 by 49.1%, was Lipper #1, a Morningstar Analyst Pick, and ... Read more on Jason Apollo Voss

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Emotional behavior and biases run throughout financial markets. This is the diagnosis of behavioral fianance.

But it is not enough to know that investors make biased decisions. What do we do about it? How do we move beyond diagnosis, to prescription?

In this groundbreaking new book, investing and behavioural finance experts Thomas Howard and Jason A. Voss plug this void and show the new way ahead for investment managers and advisors. Return of the Active Manager provides a set of tools for investment professionals to overcome and take advantage of behavioral biases.

Across seven compelling chapters, Return of the Active Manager details actionable advice on topics such as behaviourally-enhanced fundamental analysis, active equity fund evaluation and selection, harnessing big data, and investment firm structure. You learn how to exploit behavioural price distortions, how to recognise and avoid behavioural biases (in both yourself and clients), how to extract behavioral insights from the executives of prospective investments, and how manager behaviour can be used to predict future fund performance.

An indispensable tool for research analysts, portfolio managers, private wealth advisors and manager search consultants, Return of the Active Manager rationalises the financial markets and prescribes actionable strategies that build on the lessons of behavioural finance.

Professional Reviews

Wow! I expected a terrific book from Howard and Voss, but ROAM knocked me back. It’s a once-a-decade genre-defining must-have-on-every-investor’s-bookshelf type of book. Read this and your wealth (and life!) will be wiser and smoother for it. Richard L. Peterson M.D., author of 'Inside the Investor’s Brain' (Wiley, 2007) and CEO of MarketPsych

Advisors – drop everything and read this book! Barbara Stewart, CFA, Barbara Stewart, Author of the Rich Thinking series of white papers on women and finance

Voss and Howard shine a practical light on the massive opportunity that exists for truly active fund managers in this day and age – if they are willing to focus on identifying and mitigating their own behavioral biases, in addition to exploiting those of other market participants. It's a must-read for all next-generation fund managers. Clare Flynn Levy, Founder & CEO, Essentia Analytics

The book offers a convincing alternate view to look at active investment management and is a must for asset owners, irrespective of asset class, and wealth professionals. Biharilal Deora, FCA, CFA, CIPM, Director, Abakkus Asset Manager

Even as a decades-long trend toward passive investing continues without any signs of slowing, mounting evidence shows many active fund managers have superior performance that will likely improve as indexation increases. This book provides the very timely service to readers of synthesizing several of the key insights and findings from this recent evidence and providing actionable principles for identifying profitable investments in the actively-managed fund space. Andrew Detzel, Assistant Professor of Finance, Daniels College of Business, University of Denver

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