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Simon Gray shows jobseekers how to get ahead

Cover of  by Simon Gray

With high unemployment and jobseekers fighting for fewer and fewer jobs it's never been more important to get an edge when looking for that next career move. The right experience and qualifications, a good CV and a nicely worded covering letter are no longer enough - they are the bare minimum!

In Super Secrets of the Successful Jobseeker, experienced recruiter Simon Gray explains how to get ahead, what to do and - just as crucially - what not to do in order to win in the highly competitive job race. He also explores the psychology of looking for a job and divulges his revolutionary techniques to get noticed and employed in a crowded market.

For anyone looking for a job or planning to change career, this is the book they can't afford not to read!

Author Simon Gray says:

?I have been determined to write this book for a long time and couldn't put it off any longer. There is a real need out there ? people finding themselves on today?s job market or those looking for a career move need to be prepared as times have changed and are undeniably challenging.

Unemployment while a national statistic is a very personal experience and has a direct impact on personal finance, confidence and also family life.

Those looking for work need to get out there and take control of their job search. A good CV is just the tip of the iceberg, the right psychology and a well thought out action plan are essential for success in today's job market.

My book is intended to open jobseekers? eyes and imaginations. There is more that can be done. There are tips and tricks that people will never have heard of, considered or even tried before and these are vastly more effective and motivational than surfing job boards all day long.

I know what we as recruiters look for. I know what our clients, the employers, look for. I felt now was the perfect time to share that experience.?

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