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Book Review ? The eBay Business Handbook by Robert Pugh

Cover of  by Robert Pugh

eBay is a phenomenon. The popular auction website where you could once get rid of your less-wanted property, has developed into its own mini-economy that allows many normal people to make a healthy living from it. The idea of connecting people and products via the web has been a template for many, but on eBay there are many who would like to get involved but don?t know how.

In his book ?The eBay Business Handbook?, Robert Pugh has mapped out the stages that a newcomer has to go through to set up an account on eBay, how to manage payments using partners such as Paypal and WorldPay, and how to spot bargains that might mean the difference between making a marginal profit or a big fat juicy one.

The book is set out in a logical way to take the inexperienced through the process of setting up a personal trading account, how to write a decent listing, and what to do if you are defrauded as part of your eBay activities. There are sections concerning business matters ? how to develop an online eBay presence and what to tell the taxman about all of the lovely profit that you?re making.

Overall this book is a very useful addition to those who are considering an eBay trading business. Its span allows many relevant topics to be understood, and this makes it accessible to those who have got no experience and ?want to have a go?. If I was advising someone on the best steps to set up an eBay business, this book has to be at the top of the list to give that information. It?s an invaluable pack of information that could mean the difference between doing alright and doing great.

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