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Matt Finnigan & Pete Nordsted - The Essential World Cup Betting Guide 2010

Cover of  by Pete Nordsted and Danny Jaques

Pete Nordsted, the author of Mastering Betfair is back in style with his latest effort, The Essential World Cup Betting Guide 2010. Working closely with co-author Matt Finnigan, a sports trader extraordinaire, Nordsted, who impressed and riveted us with his in-depth knowledge of trading on Betfair is now offering his expert advice on the teams and players to look out for in the 2010 World Cup in South Africa. Rather than simply attempting to predict the shocks and triumphs that are part and parcel of the world?s greatest football tournament, Finnigan and Nordsted outline in detail the statistical data vital to making informed bets and the methodology to act on it. This means that although this insightful book will be at its most useful during the next few weeks, the skills outlined by Nordsted and Finnigan will be applicable at any number of comparable sporting competitions to come.

Early on in the title, both authors acknowledge the ?fundamental tendency? of supporters to bet on their team, due to feelings of ?loyalty? and ?patriotism?. In particular, the book?s emphasis on logic over ?emotion? is what separates The Essential World Cup Betting Guide 2010 from other titles in the genre and will separate you from other punters: If you?re looking for a justification to bet on your favourite international football team to win the World Cup, then Finnigan?s and Nordsted?s advice isn?t for you. However, if you wish to make intelligent bets and find out the odds you need to aim for in order to maximise your profits, then you could much worse than purchasing this new World Cup title.

The book is split into three sections, with Parts II and III analysing the World Cup group and knockout stages. Each chapter offers the ideal bets for each team and outcome, with both Finnigan and Nordsted backing up their picks with stats ranging from the recent World Cup matches to qualifiers and friendlies. It?s worth noting that while Finnigan and Nordsted do provide reasoning for their betting predictions, they do differ when it comes to who will feature in the final. While Finnigan sees England vs. Spain in the final, a prediction which has unfortunately proven incorrect, Nordsted believes the next champion could be Brazil. Part of the joy of this new title is assessing each group and knockout stage pick, so as the tournament progresses, you?ll be able to utilise the logic discussed in The Essential World Cup Betting Guide 2010 when you place football bets.

Throughout The Essential World Cup Betting Guide 2010 the emphasis of course remains on formidable teams such as Brazil and Argentina, although the authors do dedicate time to ?Grade-C Teams?. Both authors believe that bettors should consider wagering (if the odds are right) on, for example, New Zealand ?not getting a point in the entire tournament?. The observation for example, that Italy tend to flourish only during the latter stages of tournaments, whilst struggling against the minnows of the game has certainly proved accurate, with the reigning champions crashing out without winning a game against the likes of New Zealand and Slovakia. It?s the mix of emphasis on would-be winners such as Brazil, as well as smaller teams, which makes this book such an entertaining read.

The Essential World Cup Betting Guide 2010 is both perfect for the World Cup season and will prove more than just a statistical memento for future World Cup betting as the skills outlined and the rigorous method advocated by both Finnigan and Nordsted are translatable across a range of sports and events. This book will be invaluable to all World Cup punters as well as sports bettors of any ilk, and as such comes highly recommended.

Rated 4 Stars - Love

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