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The Small Business Guide to Apps ? Review

Cover of  by David Howell

In a world which is becoming more and more dominated by smartphones and tablet PC?s many businesses are turning to Apps to enhance their brand image and also gain/retain more customers in the process.

There are many questions and problems which are associated with developing and creating an app, some of which you may not even have thought of. This new e-book written by David Howell and published by Brightword Publishing is aimed at arming you with more information about the process involved with creating an app. Be aware that this IS NOT a book that will tell you how to create an app.

The E-book is availble from the Brightword Publishing website for the very reasonable price of £5 (currently on offer at £4.25 as of 28/12/11) and covers several topics from the birth of Apps right through to how to price your app once it has been created. The book is 74 pages long and broken down into 8 chapters (below) and will take a couple of hours to read through. I found that it was better to split my reading time over a couple of sessions to enable me to take in all the information.

There?s an App for That
The Business of Apps
Mobile Payments and M-Commerce
How to Create and App for Your Business
Choosing Your Platform(s) and Building Your App
Building and App ? Case Study
Marketing Your App
How to Price Your App

Each chapter gives you plenty of facts and information to enable you to decide whether your business really needs an App. There isn?t any ?waffle? to pad out the book, you can be sure that when you buy the book it is worth the money. If you decide that an App isn?t what your business needs right now, the £5 spent on the book is better than hundreds or thousands spent on developing a redundant app.
From my own point of view I never realised how much goes into creating an App and this book has been a real eye opener for me. The case studies in the book just go to show that if your business does need an app, it can benefit massively.

If after reading the book you decide that your business will benefit from an App there are lots of links within the text of websites/companies that will be able to help you. One thing that is crystal clear from this book is that, unless your App is very specialised or very niche, it is very difficult to make a lot of money from it when the development costs are taken into consideration. The developer of Angry Birds (Rovio) had made over 50 failed games before they struck gold.

In my opinion, if you are even remotely considering creating an App for your business this book is well worth the small investment and time taken to read it. You are left in no doubt about what is needed to create an App.

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