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The Strange Factors That Influence What You Buy
Something You Should Know Podcast
30th May 2023
Consumer behavior is a fascinating area of research. While people like to think they make objective decisions about what to buy or not buy, there are a lot of factors that influence those decisions su... Read Full Article

Savings inertia - why we should all be obsessed with interest rates and savings accounts right now, says Kalpana Fitzpatrick
30th May 2023
As Morgan Housel put it in his book - The Psychology of Money - when building wealth: “The first idea - simple, but easy to overlook - is that building wealth has little to do with your income or in... Read Full Article

Compounding - it’s about the end game
28th May 2023
Having recently enjoyed reading Morgan Housel’s “The Psychology of Money” I was reminded of the crucial role compounding can play in multi-generational wealth creation. While the stories about a... Read Full Article

How to manage investment losses, improve your skills when investing
Business Day
26th May 2023
In his book “The Psychology of Money,” Morgan Housel dedicates a chapter to wealth, greed, and happiness. He emphasises that our behaviour during both good and bad times, especially the bad, plays... Read Full Article

Pathways to Financial Freedom
25th May 2023
How can you achieve financial freedom? A new book, My Money Journey, edited by Jonathan Clements, founder of the financial website Humble Dollar, describes how 30 people are pursuing or achieved finan... Read Full Article

Morgan Housel on writing
Making Media
25th May 2023
Today, we are going behind the scenes with a master of his craft, Morgan Housel. In the investing world that Matt and I are from, there are few – if any – who make better content than Morgan. His ... Read Full Article

‘Behavioural science is not a straitjacket for creatives and planners’
24th May 2023
We spoke to Shotton shortly after the release of his second book, The Illusion of Choice: 16½ Psychological Biases That Influence What we Buy, about what experts underestimate when it comes to changi... Read Full Article

Interview with Richard Shotton: insights from behavioral psychology help people to behave more environmentally sustainable
Focus Marketing Journal
24th May 2023
Which techniques will make ads more memorable? When will customers appreciate when you make their lives difficult? How to get customers to be more environmentally responsible? These questions were als... Read Full Article

Polina Marinova Pompliano on How to Succeed
Danielle Newnham Podcast
22nd May 2023
Polina is also the author of Hidden Genius: The Secret Ways of Thinking That Power the World's Most Successful People – a book which distils the mental frameworks that so many of the high achievers ... Read Full Article

Where is the Crash
The Compound and Friends
19th May 2023
On episode 93 of The Compound and Friends, Michael Batnick and Downtown Josh Brown are joined by Chris Davis and Morgan Housel to discuss the big wave of AI coming, the most important chart in the sto... Read Full Article

Charlie Munger Has 6 "Simple Rules" for a Happy Life, and 1 Is Vital to Investors
The Motley Fool
19th May 2023
This lines up well with what former writer Morgan Housel wrote in his best-selling book The Psychology of Money: "[T]he ceiling of social comparison is so high that virtually no one will ever... Read Full Article

Why Random Rewards Feel So Much Better Than Earned Ones with Richard Shotton
Behavioural Groove
18th May 2023
In fact, Richard’s book “The Illusion of Choice: 16 ½ psychological biases that influence what we buy” is a treasure trove of research and anecdotes which bridge the gap between the very techni... Read Full Article
Microsoft Start
15th May 2023 Read Full Article

Algy Hall: Four Ways to Beat the Market
Vox Markets
15th May 2023
Algy Hall talks about his new book - Four Ways to Beat the Market: A practical guide to stock-screening strategies to help you pick winning shares In Four Ways to Beat the Market, experie... Read Full Article

Why do poor Americans spend so much on the lottery?
Big Think
11th May 2023
As financial writer Morgan Housel wrote in his popular 2020 book, The Psychology of Money, at face value, this spending habit among the poorest Americans seems absurd: “Forty percent of Americans ca... Read Full Article

Absolute return funds are having a resurgence
Portfolio Advisor
11th May 2023
“Volatility is the price of admission,” so goes the quote from Morgan Housel’s book, The Psychology of Money, “The prize inside is superior long-term returns.” No one could have missed the r... Read Full Article

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