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Press and Publicity

Why April could be a great month for investors by Paul Summers
The Motley Fool
31st March 2018
According to research conducted by Stephen Eckett and featured in the latest version of Harriman’s Stock Market Almanac, next month tends to be one of the best for equity investors. Indeed, it’s o... Read Full Article

WIN a copy of The Investment Trusts Handbook 2018
30th March 2018
This year marks 150 years of investment trusts, making The Investment Trusts Handbook 2018 prime reading. Edited by respected financial journalist Jonathan Davis, the book features view... Read Full Article

Flawed thinking can boost brands
29th March 2018
Marketers who openly admit their brands' flaws and follow a line of self-deprecation can be business successes, British adman and 'Choice Factory' author Richard Shotton claims. ... Read Full Article

Book review: Manifesto for the value-driven investor
FT Adviser
29th March 2018
Conscious Investing is a triumphant ode to the joy and rise of impact investing. ...In this book, conscious investors are encouraged to help redesign the financial system and intentiona... Read Full Article

Jensen, The End Of Indexing
Seeking Alpha
28th March 2018
Niels Jensen's The End of Indexing: Six structural mega-trends that will threaten passive investment (Harriman House, 2018) is a wonderfully thought-provoking book. It tackles macro issues that threat... Read Full Article

Richard Shotton: If you aim for average you’ll serve no one well
Marketing Week
27th March 2018
Behavioural insights show targeting the average consumer can backfire among key groups, even it succeeds among the majority, which is an argument for in-depth research on individual segments... ... Read Full Article

Pay attention to The Choice Factory
Lumen Research
26th March 2018
Richard Shotton’s The Choice Factory is the best-selling book on advertising in the UK at the moment. Shotton helps you to understand what really drives and influences decisions, building on insight... Read Full Article

Why marketers are so obsessed with following fads
23rd March 2018
Richard Shotton explores why marketers are so fad-obsessed, using the unlikely metaphor of the penalty shoot out. Marketers need to apply the lessons of penalty taking to brands. If we ... Read Full Article

The science of selling: Five ways advertisers get inside your brain
23rd March 2018
Many of the commercials you encounter every day will be using psychological tactics You might think you’re immune to advertising – that your decisions are entirely conscious and rat... Read Full Article

The IPA Podcast: In Conversation with Richard Shotton
The IPA Podcast
20th March 2018
"Great, new book." "I've noticed a few people reading it on public transport so ...obviously it's selling. Brilliant!" "I absolutely recommend it for anyone who is yet to... Read Full Article

When the world zigs, zag by Richard Shotton
The Marketing Society
20th March 2018
The best way to ensure brands strive for distinctiveness is to popularise the principal-agent problem. If following the herd becomes equated with putting one’s career ahead of the brand’s needs, t... Read Full Article

An interview with the author
Unternehmer Zeitung
19th March 2018
Why did you write a book? I wanted to share with investors in very simple words that they can point their money towards the future they want for themselves, their children and the planet - and ... Read Full Article

Book review
19th March 2018
Most investment guides focus on general principles, so the level of detail Bos goes into makes a refreshing change. In all, it is like being able to look over the shoulder of a fund manager while he m... Read Full Article

Don’t worry — be wealthy and find your inner Tigger - Investors should be more bullish about markets by Merryn Somerset Webb
Financial Times
16th March 2018
"Next up, valuations. Can you really argue that today’s markets are not expensive? Actually, you can. Russell Napier, author of Anatomy of the Bear, the definitive book on market bottoms, reckons th... Read Full Article

15th March 2018
Richard Shotton, author of The Choice Factory, argues that tech alone isn’t changing people’s core behaviours. Canvas8 speaks to Shotton about the behavioural biases that can be applied to help br... Read Full Article

Sleights of our minds by Faris Yakob
15th March 2018
Shotton’s book covers 25 scientifically demonstrated biases that can inform better advertising. Some have been used intuitively for years, like the power of social proof to persuade people, as refle... Read Full Article

Our Winter Portfolios: Still profitable and beating the benchmark
Interactive Investor
13th March 2018
February is typically a good month for stocks - the four-best month of the year, according to the Stock Market Almanac - so a 3.8% decline this time was a shock. However, our pair of winter portfolios... Read Full Article

Book review
Seeking Alpha
13th March 2018
Wonderful resource to have at fingertips of any investor or trader.... There are a lot of "aha!" moments presented in easy to absorb way. Of course a reader should do due diligence for ... Read Full Article

A book review by Richard Gill, Master Investor
Master Investor
12th March 2018
This is truly the definitive guide on the market right now.... Overall, this is a detailed, insightful and professionally written compendium on the world of investment trusts.... Read Full Article

Jazz FM
12th March 2018
Richard Shotton's new book The Choice Factory is intended to be a handbook to marketeers and ad people ... If you're not one of those people it gives valuable insight into the mind games we consumers ... Read Full Article

Looking over the shoulder of a fund manager
9th March 2018
Bos, a fund manager by trade, uses the introduction and the first two chapters to explain what deep value investing is, how it differs from more conventional value strategies, and what he looks for wh... Read Full Article

An interview with Hannah Murray and Richard Shotton
Talk Radio Europe
8th March 2018
Listen to the interview with Richard and Hannah Murray when they discuss the book in detail and discuss some of the 25 behavioural biases that influence the way we buy. The discussion around social pr... Read Full Article

Neurowetenschap verovert marketingharten (Neuro Science conquers Marketing Hearts)
Shopper Marketing
7th March 2018
(Text below has been translated) Neuromarketing shows a similar development as shopper marketing. Both disciplines are relatively young, but all two have full growth potential. And more... Read Full Article

Three brain-hacks shops use to make you buy stuff you don't need by Sarah Young
The Independent
7th March 2018
Author Richard Shotton reveals how you can become a savvier shopper Shotton says that shoppers rely on a series of short-cuts to make decisions and it’s these short-cuts that are pron... Read Full Article

Get into your consumers' brain with Richard Shotton's The Choice Factory by Leigh Andrews
Marketing & Media at
6th March 2018
If you're in the persuasion game and you've ever wanted to better understand your consumers' purchase behaviour, this is the interview for you! I caught up with Richard Shotton, deputy head of evidenc... Read Full Article

One Rule For Making Brands More Memorable
Branding Strategy Insider
6th March 2018
A taste of the article by Richard Shotton: It seems obvious that many of our spending decisions are influenced by the past. Consider how you pick a restaurant. You think about your prev... Read Full Article

Review: Richard Shotton – The Choice Factory
The Creative Persuader
5th March 2018
Highly recommended... Very occasionally ... a book will come along that I can happily suggest in these instances. Because it truly covers a lot of ground in an accessible way. Luke Sul... Read Full Article

Have you got what it takes to be a non-executive director? by Lindsay Cook
Financial Times
1st March 2018
A boardroom role is valuable for executives approaching retirement ... They should never forget that it is their job to hold the board to account. Lindsay Cook is co-founder of consumer... Read Full Article

Recommended Reading for A Level Economists by Geoff Riley
1st March 2018
A number of new books make it into my personal selection of enrichment and extension reading for A level economists as we head into the Spring.... Behavioural economics fans will enjoy Richard Shotton... Read Full Article

Aviva to host DMX Dublin 2018 event
1st March 2018
The Marketing Institute has announced speakers from Lego, Wieden + Kennedy, Brainlabs and Foresight Factory for the industry's biggest annual conference.... DMX Dublin 2018 will involve over 30 overse... Read Full Article

Raw Spirit: the benefits of blunders by Richard Shotton
The Institute of Direct and Digital Marketing
1st March 2018
The smartest brands have recognised that exhibiting a flaw makes them more appealing, and they have use the pratfall effect to stand-out from their competitors. Consider, the DDB VW cam... Read Full Article

Carpetright in talks with banks
The Times
1st March 2018
Finally, pinch, punch, first day of the month ... February was a painful month for equity investors with the benchmark index sliding 6.2 per cent in the first seven days of trading. It ended the month... Read Full Article

Testimonial for book
Samuel Jefferies, Money Nest
1st March 2018
Harriman's New Book of Investing Rules: The Do's & Don'ts of the Worlds Best Investors is a phenomenal book which takes the wisdom of 50+ field-tested investment experts and compresses it down into ea... Read Full Article

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