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Book review: Better Value Investing
Strictly Value
26th December 2015
Better Value Investing by Andrew Hunt is a good introduction to value investing. The author, an investment manager at Baillie Gifford, explains the key concepts in plain English: intrinsi... Read Full Article

BOOK REVIEW: Effective Investing
Jeremy Prescott
24th December 2015
Mark Dampier leads the funds research team at Hargreaves Lansdown, which has grown over the past thirty years to become the UK?s leading investment supermarket for private investors, entrusted with ov... Read Full Article

Lawrence Cunningham Talks AKO Capital, Buffett, New Book In ValueWalk Interview
23rd December 2015
Lawrence Cunningham is widely regarded as an expert on Warren Buffett and his book The Essays of Warren Buffett: Lessons for Corporate America, which is now in its fourth edition, has been labeled by ... Read Full Article

Mark Dampier: how to be an effective investor
23rd December 2015
Merryn Somerset Webb talks to Hargreaves Lansdown?s Mark Dampier about effective investing, the markets in general, and active and passive funds. Merryn: Hi, I?m Merryn Somerset Webb, edi... Read Full Article

Is the DIY investor good for the finance industry?
The New Economy
15th December 2015
VIDEO: Technology has dramatically changed the investor?s playing field and opened its once exclusive doors to those less experienced Mark Dampier, author of Effective Investing, speaks w... Read Full Article

Don?t knock your own economy ? it could be the place to invest
World Finance
14th December 2015
VIDEO: Globally, what are the big differences between key investment markets, and where are the strongest places to put your money? World Finance asks Mark Dampier, author of Effective In... Read Full Article

When the going gets tough, investors should start buying
European CEO
11th December 2015
VIDEO: Mark Dampier talks to European CEO about why it might be good to invest when markets are under pressure. European CEO speaks to Mark Dampier, author of Effective Investing, to disc... Read Full Article

Grinch alert
Investors Chronicle
11th December 2015
We got an early Christmas present last week from publisher Harriman House, when the kind folks there sent over the 2016 edition of Stephen Eckett's fantastic Stock Market Almanac. Jam-packed with fact... Read Full Article

Investors beware: your egos are your worst enemy
World Finance
10th December 2015
VIDEO: Investors often think the more time and money they plug into a business idea, the better the outcome. But a step too far and a failed enterprise is a costly thing. Could a bit of pessimism help... Read Full Article

Why Diversification is Key
Top Traders Unplugged
10th December 2015
AUDIO: In the second part of our conversation with Robert Carver, we dive into the specifics of his trading strategy, why he doesn?t trade full time, and what he thinks about the trend-following space... Read Full Article

Investors: ideas don?t make money, tactics do
World Finance
8th December 2015
VIDEO: Lee Freeman-Shor spoke to World Finance about why success in investment is less about spotting great ideas, and more about deploying good strategies. In a seven-year personal expe... Read Full Article

Read to succeed The UK Stock Market Almanac 2016: A Book Review
Master Investor
7th December 2015
With another year soon to be upon us investors are welcoming the return of an annual classic, The UK Stock Market Almanac. Author Stephen Eckett has once again updated his seminal handbook in order to... Read Full Article

Book Club: Rentokil ? The Pest Detectives
IG Trading / New.Markets TV
3rd December 2015
VIDEO: There's a lot to learn from 90 year-old pest exterminator Rentokil, says Rob Gray, author of The Pest Detectives. Lessons in business longevity, marketing and customer service, as well as the d... Read Full Article

Making a Simple System and Sticking To It | Robert Carver, Author & Trader
Top Traders Unplugged
2nd December 2015
AUDIO: Robert Carver spends most of his book telling you that he is not a good trader. So why did he devote his life and a whole book to the subject? Because he believes in systematic tra... Read Full Article

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