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Fund managers get most of their bets wrong ? but still make millions. Here's how...
The Telegraph
31st October 2015
It sounds impossible, but clever professionals can make a fortune even if less than half of their bets come off. It's all down to smart tactics - and private investors can use them too. ... Read Full Article

Freeman-Shor, Lee ? The Art of Execution
Investing by the Books
30th October 2015
I?m a terrible snob when it comes to investment literature. Books written for private investors rarely interest me. This is different. This might be the most important book on investments that a priva... Read Full Article

Book of the Month
Fidelity Investments Book of the Month
20th October 2015
REVIEW BY OWEN JONES, FIDELITY PERSONAL INVESTING, 20 OCTOBER 2015 Lee Freeman-Shor is a fund-of-funds manager at Old Mutual Global Investors, one of the many fund partners available on o... Read Full Article

Shares Magazine
15th October 2015
UK investors interested in deep value can tap into the expertise of Dutchman Jeroen Bos, lead manager for the SVS Church House Deep Value Investments Fund (GB00B79XM025). This £9.6 million open-ended... Read Full Article

Better Value Investing Andrew Hunt
Shares Magazine
15th October 2015
A RARE AND impressive addition to the value investing back catalogue, Baillie Gifford investment manager Andrew Hunt shares his thoughts on the evolution of the strategy as well as providing some prac... Read Full Article

Investors can make mistakes and still finish up in front
The Telegraph
10th October 2015
You don?t have to get all or even most of your initial investments right to make money as an investor When you look at your portfolio, what do you see? Is your eye drawn to the glaring re... Read Full Article

AUDIO: Big Interview with Robert Carver on MoneyLife Radio
MoneyLife Radio
9th October 2015
Robert Carver speaks to Chuck Jaffe about his new book on MoneyLife Radio. ... Read Full Article

BOOK REVIEW: The Ruff Guide to Trading
Traders' Magazine
7th October 2015
All in all this is a guide. A guide from a trader, risk manager and mentor who has had a pretty unique insight into both the professional and retail psyche of trading. It requires interaction and inve... Read Full Article

Carver, Systematic Trading
Reading the Markets
4th October 2015
The days of Richard Dennis and his ?turtles? with their alleged 100% per year profit are long gone, but their mystique lives on. And with it comes one attempt after the other to emulate them, to creat... Read Full Article

BOOK REVIEW: The Art of Execution
Jeremy Prescott
2nd October 2015
The author manages multi-asset funds at Old Mutual Global Investors, and his book describes the different investing behaviours of professional fund managers in high conviction, ?best ideas? funds that... Read Full Article

How big investors get it wrong, and still make millions
IG Trading / New.Markets TV
1st October 2015
Being a successful investor is all about discipline and being as unemotional as possible, according to fund manager Lee Freeman-Shor, speaking to in this Business Book Club video. ... Read Full Article

10 Trading Questions with Michael Gouvalaris
Trading System Life
1st October 2015
10 TRADING QUESTIONS WITH?MICHAEL GOUVALARIS 1. What is it about trading that gets you up and motivated in the morning? I enjoy trading because it doesn?t matter whether yest... Read Full Article

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