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Press and Publicity

How To Save Money & Build Wealth | Nick Maggiulli
WhiteBoard Finance
30th March 2022
Nick is also the COO of Ritholtz Wealth Management whose work has been featured in The Wall Street Journal, CNBC, Money Magazine, and the New York Times. In this conversation, we discuss:... Read Full Article

The Asian Financial Crisis
Society of Professional Economists
28th March 2022
Overall, however, Russell Napier has written another excellent book and I have no hesitation in recommending it to those involved in financial markets and, indeed, to anybody more generally interested... Read Full Article

Mystified by green investing jargon like ESG and greenwashing? As more go 'ethical' with their money, here's an A-Z of what you need to know
Daily Mail
25th March 2022
Becky O’Connor, head of pensions and savings at online platform Interactive Investor, who has written a book called The ESG Investing Handbook, which will be published this summer.... Read Full Article

B2B Tech and SaaS Marketers’ Biggest Challenges are Set to be Tackled by Leaders at IBM, Atlassian, Meta and More
MarTech Series
25th March 2022
Richard Shotton, keynote speaker at FINITE Fest, Author of The Choice Factory and Founder of Astroten, commented, ‘With an agenda that targets B2B marketers specific pain points, and a star-studded ... Read Full Article

How Do Financial Habits Form — And Can They Be Changed?
The White Coat Investor
10th March 2022
As Morgan Housel wrote about in The Psychology of Money, Jane might have an inappropriate risk tolerance (e.g., cash under the mattress or trading on margin) because her early experience of a stock ma... Read Full Article

7 Books Wall Street’s Elite Are Reading Right Now (And Why You Should Too)
Boss Hunting
8th March 2022
For seasoned experts and financial beginners alike, The Psychology of Money emphasises the notion that when it comes to money, it’s not necessarily about what you know – it’s how you behave. Awa... Read Full Article

Kasich & Klepper - Morgan Housel
Kasich & Klepper
3rd March 2022
WARNING! You may learn something from this week's guest… or you might end up wanting to get into the garage door business with Kasich & Klepper. When one door closes another garage door opens! Finan... Read Full Article

Morgan Housel — The Psychology of Money, Picking the Right Game, and the $6 Million Janitor (#576)
The Tim Ferriss Show
1st March 2022
Morgan Housel (@morganhousel) is a partner at the Collaborative Fund and a former columnist at The Motley Fool and The Wall Street Journal. He serves on the board of directors at Markel Corporation. H... Read Full Article

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