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Book Review
Traders' Magazine
29th April 2013
Adrian Manz has earned his living as a full-time professional equities trader for the past 15 years. ?Those years,? he says, ?have been characterised by constant learning? ? a statement that should be... Read Full Article

Share Sleuth's notepad: A twice in a lifetime investment opportunity
Interactive Investor
25th April 2013
Mathematician Kerry Balenthiran says a 17.6 year bear market is entering its final phase. It will be followed by a 17.6 year bull market. Despite its precision Kerry Balenthiran is not th... Read Full Article

Here to stay: Universities, technology transfer and intellectual property
Journal of Intellectual Property Law & Practice
15th April 2013
In University IP: A Source of Finance and Impact, Graham Richards, the former chair of the Chemistry Department at Oxford University with experience with 50 companies that were developed using univers... Read Full Article

Is the FTSE100 heading for a massive fall?
Dividend Income Investor
15th April 2013
With the FTSE100 index heading for 6500 again are we slowly but surely heading for a massive fall? With two previous major turning points at 6951 (30 December 2000) and 6751 (18 June 2007) will we be ... Read Full Article

Kerry Balenthiran's 'The 17.6 Year Stock Market Cycle'
Seeking Alpha
14th April 2013
Kerry Balenthiran's 'The 17.6 Year Stock Market Cycle: Connecting the Panics of 1929, 1987, 2000 and 2007' (Harriman House, 2013) is a difficult book to review. The problem is that in this 91-page boo... Read Full Article

Friedrich Hayek: The Ideas and Influence of the Libertarian Economist
Economic History Association
11th April 2013
Reviewed for EH.Net by Steven Horwitz, Department of Economics, St. Lawrence University. This short book by Eamonn Butler, Director of the Adam Smith Institute in London, is a very access... Read Full Article

Book Review
Your Trading Edge
8th April 2013
The foreign exchange market is huge, fascinating and yet widely misunderstood by participants and non-participants alike. This is because its unanswered questions are numerous. For instance, what is t... Read Full Article

It's all about the money
Hedge Magazine
3rd April 2013
Fifteen years after it was first launched, Jonathan Davis?s detailed insight into some of the UK?s great financial minds, Money Makers, gets a refresh for the new economic landscape. In this second ed... Read Full Article

Book Review
Traders' Magazine
1st April 2013
Does the trading world really need another book on the FX market? Clearly we thought so, since so much of what is written about the FX market is simplistic or just plain wrong. For example, FX is said... Read Full Article

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