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Press and Publicity

LBC 97.3
26th December 2007
An hour-long special, discussing ways to make money out of unwanted Christmas gifts.... Read Full Article

Bearly believable memoir, by Victoria Gallagher
The Bookseller
21st December 2007
\"Harriman House m.d. Myles Hunt has acquired a memoir from Shirley Clarkson, the original creator of Paddington Bear. World rights in Clarkson\'s Bearly Believable were bought directly from the autho... Read Full Article

Big Bother: One man\'s bid to outwit our ever-increasing CCTV system, by Adam Lazzari
Ely Standard
20th December 2007
\"To illustrate his frustration at Britain\'s surveillance-obsessed society, Ross Clark attempted to drive from his Reach home to Southend Pier and back without being spotted by a CCTV camera. Mr Clar... Read Full Article

Keith Simpson\'s Christmas Reading List
Iain Dale\'s Diary
20th December 2007
\"Let us consider the latest offerings from the world of publishing. Our parliamentary colleague Mark Oaten has written Coalition: The politics and personalities of coalition government from 1850 (200... Read Full Article

Read well in 2008, by Alistair Blair
Investor\'s Chronicle
19th December 2007
\"Luke Johnson knows a lot of detail about an amazing range of business subjects and has thoughtful views about all the controversial ones. Well-known to investors as the impresario behind many unlike... Read Full Article

Weekend Book Review, by Martin Fagan
UK Analyst
15th December 2007
\"For those who are interested in trading and learning about it as they commute to work and who don\'t have Wi-Fi enabled laptops, they can read this book. 7 Winning Strategies For Trading Forex cover... Read Full Article

Business books of the year: Fascinating glimpse into history, by Allister Heath
The Business
15th December 2007
\"This is a superb book: the first comprehensive and rigorous study of Britain\'s richest people throughout history, from the time of William the Conqueror to the present. The authors are Britain\'s ... Read Full Article

Review, by Alexander Davidson
14th December 2007
\"As technical analysts go, Marber is one of the greats. Marber on Markets is the master\'s apprenticeship. As a purist, Marber focuses on price action and ignores fundamentals, which for some is li... Read Full Article

Review, by Alexander Davidson
14th December 2007
\"I was a reader of Shares magazine when Rodney Hobson was at the helm before Hemscott got him. I tried not to miss a copy. Hobson\'s book Shares Made Simple is our perfect guide to the stock market... Read Full Article

Money Talk Podcast: Three Things Private Investors Need To Know, by Ed Bowsher
The Motley Fool
12th December 2007
\"Can you really trust a stock market analyst or a newspaper tipster? Rodney Hobson, author of \'Shares Made Simple\' - a beginner\'s guide to stock market investing, shares his views.\"... Read Full Article

My Baby Radio
12th December 2007
An interview with Wiz Wharton, focusing on how to overcome Christmas debt.... Read Full Article

FT REPORT - FUND MANAGEMENT: Charting valuable unscientific advice, by Jonathan Davis
Financial Times
10th December 2007
\"The nearest thing that the UK has to a Richard Russell in age and experience is probably Brian Marber, who has been selling his market views, and his own more combative brand of humour, for more tha... Read Full Article

Pete Mitchell Sunday Show
BBC Radio 2
9th December 2007
Interview with Nick Inman.... Read Full Article

Howard Leader Programme
BBC Radio Lincolnshire
9th December 2007
Interview with Philip Beresford and William Rubinstein on the history radio show.... Read Full Article

Politics under a cloud - it\'s vital we reclaim our rights, by Nick Inman
The Yorkshire Post
7th December 2007
\"Nick Inman is the author of Politipedia, a collection of useful and useless political facts published by Harriman House (\"... Read Full Article

Press Gazette
7th December 2007
\"Former business news editor of The Times, Rodney Hobson recognised that there was a market for his book Shares Made Simple after receiving a constant stream of calls from confused shareholders seeki... Read Full Article

Boris is hit for Harriman House
The Bookseller
7th December 2007
\"Independent publisher Harriman House has teamed up with the Spectator to include copies of its Little Book of Boris with the political magazine\'s Christmas issue. Fifteen thousand copies of the boo... Read Full Article

FT REPORT - SPREAD BETTING 2007: A finger on the political pulse, by Ross Tieman
The Financial Times
7th December 2007
\"Mike Smithson is on a roll. Britain\'s foremost political spread betting aficionado is profiting from the opportunity bonanza offered by political upsets in the UK and the US presidential race. \"It... Read Full Article

Technical analysis could foresee property falls, by Tom Stevenson
The Daily Telegraph
5th December 2007
\"Charts are a visual representation of mass psychology at work but they are very difficult to interpret, something that was brought home to me by one of the most readable books I\'ve yet seen on tech... Read Full Article

Ditch your diet demons - Angela Dowden asks the experts for advice
5th December 2007
\"It\'s easy to underestimate how much you drink during the party season, but keeping a drink diary can help you curb your intake. \"Bear in mind that glass sizes have got bigger,\" says Helen Tirbutt... Read Full Article

A highly improbable pairing, by Alistair Blair
Investor\'s Chronicle
5th December 2007
\"The Naked Trader by Robbie Burns sounds awfully like one of those \'How anyone can make money trading shares\' books that wouldn\'t get a mention in this column. It really does say exactly that on t... Read Full Article

Special Reader Offer - A Christmas present for your founder entrepreneurs!
Angel Newsletter
3rd December 2007
\"This week we were kindly sent a review copy of The Sunday Times \'The Richest of the Rich\' - The Wealthiest 250 people since 1066, Harriman House 2007. We loved it and think it is THE gift for Chri... Read Full Article

New & Notable, by Steven M. Sears
3rd December 2007
\"To traders, a naked option means selling puts or calls without owning the underlying stock. In Joe Kolman\'s thriller, set in the derivatives market, trader Dave Ackerman takes an auditing job at an... Read Full Article

Shares made Simple, reviewed by Annie Shaw
3rd December 2007
\"Investing in shares is one of the more obvious routes to making a better return on your cash, but the stock market can seem a bewildering place for the uninitiated. Riding to the rescue comes the bo... Read Full Article

Gordon Astley\'s Mid Morning show
BBC Southern Counties Radio
3rd December 2007
Interview with Julia Jeffries and Janice Warman.... Read Full Article

A criminal waste, by Graham Stewart
The Spectator
1st December 2007
\"With an estimated one surveillance camera in Britain for every 14 Britons, reality television has never been more invasive. As Ross Clark argues in this marvellous and timely book, such technology o... Read Full Article

Too much security makes us all a lot less secure, by Ross Clark
The Spectator
1st December 2007
\"Ross Clark says that we will soon be the most counted and analysed people on earth - and the probability is that real threats will be lost in a fog of data.\"... Read Full Article

Book of the Month
Better Business Focus
1st December 2007
\"A comprehensive study of Britain\'s 250 richest people in history, from the time of William the Conqueror to the present. In this new book, Philip Beresford, the author of The Sunday Times annual \'... Read Full Article

Meridian Line
1st December 2007
\"Business journalist Rodney Hobson has written a book unravelling the mysteries surrounding stocks and shares. Shares Made Simple explains succinctly the terminology that so often baffles newcomers t... Read Full Article

Books of the week, by Booksmith
The Adam Smith Institute
1st December 2007
\"If, however, you\'re a mainstream reader looking for a good stocking-filler for your political geek friends, I would recommend Politipedia: A Compendium of Useful and Curious Facts about British Pol... Read Full Article

The Week
1st December 2007
Recommended as one of the top five books for Christmas reading.... Read Full Article

Book Review: Politipedia, by Thomas P. Wolf
The British Politics Group Newsletter #130
1st December 2007
\"For the devotee of arcane political information, one could hardly find a more appropriate gift. The book\'s title is slightly misleading since some of the material in here is not British, but that s... Read Full Article

Book Review: 500 of the Most Witty, Acerbic and Erudite Things about Ever Said about Politics, by Th
The British Politics Group Newsletter #130
1st December 2007
\"Followers of British politics will recognize the compiler of this collection to be the former headman at Politico\'s. If one enjoys witty sayings about politics, this is a book to have. Moreover, it... Read Full Article

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