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Buyers are spooked by market growth - make the right move now as home prices soar
28th May 2014
RISING house prices are, in the normal run of things, something to celebrate but recent frantic growth has made Britons nervous. Fears are now growing of a bubble in London, where prices have risen by... Read Full Article

Review Of Behavioral Portfolio Management
16th May 2014
Would you trust a money manager who couldn?t recall the names of the stocks in his portfolio? Probably not. You expect the person overseeing your investments to have intimate knowledge o... Read Full Article

Book Review: Hedging Commodities by Slobodan Jovanovic
Shanghai Metals Market
12th May 2014
Nowadays, many providers of asset-valuation software sell more than thirty different financial models, employing more than one hundred different derivative securities intended to prevent damage from m... Read Full Article

Wake Up and Sell the Coffee!
Quality World
9th May 2014
I imagine some Quality World readers wouldn?t pick up this book because they?d expect it to be lacking in quality management news. However, the truth is they?ll be missing out. Martyn Dawes, fou... Read Full Article

How the world makes money go round
Cambridge Business
8th May 2014
As the consequences of economics? derisory narrative since the crash continue to reverberate through the global financial system, with accompanying political and social collateral damage, the scrabble... Read Full Article

How I Analyze Net-Nets: Stocks Trading at Deep Discounts
The American Asociation of Individual Investors
6th May 2014
The famous investment firm Tweedy, Browne once put together an interesting publication that brought together numerous studies conducted around the world into a survey of what investing approaches have... Read Full Article

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