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15 personal finance books that will help you make smarter decisions with your money
31st January 2023
Rather than set up chapters about the different aspects of money management and investing, Housel shares 19 short, relatable stories that shine a light on all the ways people think about money. His ar... Read Full Article

10 financial lessons from Oluwatosin Olaseinde for 2023
31st January 2023
Your money is your personal journey, don't stop learning about it. A great financial read is "The Psychology of Money" by Morgan Housel. Join financial communities of like minds and grow together.... Read Full Article

Run with foxes. And be one of the good guys.
27th January 2023
I bought and read the book because Paul wrote it. But I’ll re-read, reference and recommend it because it’s a brilliantly concise marketing communications playbook.... Read Full Article

Andy Nairn - Go Luck Yourself
42courses Podcast
25th January 2023
In our latest podcast, we chat to the incredible Andy Nairn on his new book “Go Luck Yourself”, 40 tips on how to bring more luck into your life. Andy is a creative tour de force, an... Read Full Article

Ann Garcia: How to Pay for College
The Long View
25th January 2023
Our guest on the podcast today is Ann Garcia. She is a certified financial planner and the author of the book How to Pay for College. Garcia is the managing partner of Independent Progressive Advisors... Read Full Article

Top 6 books recommended by Shark Tank India's Vineeta Singh that will unleash the entrepreneur in you
Mashable India
24th January 2023
Love anecdotes on money? This one's for you... Read Full Article

The Intelligent Fund Investor
New Books Network
24th January 2023
Joe reveals: why we should avoid investing with star managers; how to decide between active and passive funds; why we should beware of smooth performance and captivating stories; why risk is far more ... Read Full Article

Is Our Current Housing Market WORSE Than The 2000s Housing Crash? With Morgan Housel
The Hustle
23rd January 2023
Morgan Housel (partner, former columnist, and author) joins Zachary Crockett and Rob Litterst to uncover the truth behind the housing market catastrophe - how deep-rooted the issue is, how we got here... Read Full Article

Book review: The Intelligent Fund Investor by Joe Wiggins
23rd January 2023
Wow! I just finished Joe Wiggins’ new book, The Intelligent Fund Investor (Harriman House, November 2022). What a great read—I’d recommend it for both DIY and professional investors. There’s n... Read Full Article

Investment trust tips and tactics
interactive investor
19th January 2023
Jonathan Davis, one of the UK’s leading investment writers and author of The Investment Trusts Handbook, joins Kyle this week to talk discount opportunities, wealth preservation strategies and Scott... Read Full Article

Morgan Housel - Happiness, Fame, Reading, ChatGPT, & Optimism
The Danny Miranda Podcast
9th January 2023
Morgan Housel is an author. His bestselling The Psychology of Money has sold over 2 million copies (and become one of my favorite books in the process!). In this conversation, we spoke about innovatio... Read Full Article

Spring Highlights Newsletter
6th January 2023
The Illusion of Choice by Richard Shotton The Illusion of Choice identifies the 16½ most important psychological biases that everyone in business needs to be aware of to win customers, r... Read Full Article

'23 will be a positive year, despite mild recession and volatile start
5th January 2023
Also on the show, Joe Wiggins, author of 'The Intelligent Fund Investor: Practical Steps for Better Results in Active and Passive Funds' ... Read Full Article

10 life-Changing books to begin your new year
Future Startup
4th January 2023
The key theme of the book is the idea that our attitudes toward money are shaped by our experiences, values, and emotions. The book explores how these factors can lead to different financial behaviors... Read Full Article

New Chapters: Our Reading Recommendations For 2023
4th January 2023
A fascinating and thought-provoking read that delves into the psychological and emotional aspects of personal finance and how we relate to money. Our relationship with money is complex and influenced ... Read Full Article

Shut Up and Keep Talking: Lessons on Life and Investing from the Floor of the New York Stock Exchange
Next Big Idea Club
4th January 2023
Below, Bob shares 5 key insights from his new book, Shut Up and Keep Talking: Lessons on Life and Investing from the Floor of the New York Stock Exchange.... Read Full Article

The Psychology of Money
Counter Currents
1st January 2023
In all, reading this book is an experience itself, not for its stiff content, but for its unadulterated manner of influencing our perceptions about money.... Read Full Article

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