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Book Review - The Laws of Wealth
Investing by the Books
27th June 2016
This is something as unusual as a practical book on behavioral finance. Where the discipline for too long has focused on disproving the so-called Modern Portfolio Theory and listing psychological quir... Read Full Article

Doctor Daniel Crosby on adviser’s alpha and investor behaviour
Sixpence Media
26th June 2016
What do you get when you combine a clinical psychologist with an asset manager? You get, Doctor Daniel Crosby, and the fascinating world of behavioural finance. We’ve all probably pou... Read Full Article

CAPE of Good Hope
Hedge Magazine
17th June 2016
CAPE of Good Hope - when it comes to predicting future stock market returns, John Kingham can't understand why more people don't make use of the CAPE ratio. Here's why...... Read Full Article

20 years ago, Bill Ackman asked Warren Buffett and Charlie Munger about a risk the market faces today by Julia La Roche
Yahoo Finance News
10th June 2016
Twenty years ago, a young investor named Bill Ackman made an astute observation about indexation to investing legend Charlie Munger. “We’ve heard a lot of discussion about how insti... Read Full Article

Read To Succeed: The Defensive Value Investor
Master Investor
3rd June 2016
Just like other disciplines, such as art, music, literature and so on, in- vestment has developed its own genres and sub-genres. Music for example has seen the rock genre develop into heavy metal, pun... Read Full Article

Opinion: These timeless investing principles made Warren Buffett rich
2nd June 2016
... Read Full Article

The Buffett Essays Symposium: Annotated 20th Anniversary Transcript
Harvard Law School Forum
1st June 2016
Warren Buffett spoke from the front row about director stewardship: “As a stockholder, I’m really only interested in the board accomplishing two ends. One is to get a first class manager and the s... Read Full Article

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