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The Behaviour Business: How to Apply Behavioural Science for Business Success
28th February 2020
Richard guides readers through the hidden influences, biases and fallacies that influence the behaviour of customers, employees, and business leaders alike and shows how we can ethically use these ins... Read Full Article

Episode 21 with RICHARD CHATAWAY: Why All Businesses Should Pay Attention to Behavior
It's All Just a Bunch of BS Podcast
26th February 2020
Over his career Richard has successfully addressed behavioural challenges as varied as getting people to stop smoking, join the armed forces, drink spirits rather than wine, turn up to school, pay for... Read Full Article

Funds Vs. Trusts: A Simple Ten-Year Test
IT Investor
25th February 2020
Are you better off with an investment trust or an open-ended fund? Most people seem to lean towards the former, although perhaps that’s the investing company I keep, but convincing data is very hard... Read Full Article

Marketers need to look at human brain not as 1 organ but 2 organs
The Times India
21st February 2020
Richard Shotton, author and behaviourall science expert quoted the example to highlight the bias of overconfidence and how marketers tend to overlook behavioural science, while making marketing decisi... Read Full Article

Book of the week: 7 Mistakes Every Investor Makes (And How to Avoid Them)
20th February 2020
Reading this book and reflecting on its advice will surely make you a better investor and reduce the chances of painful and costly errors. ... Read Full Article

“Marketers are as affected as anyone else”: Richard Shotton
19th February 2020
Shotton is also the author of The Choice Factory, a book on how to apply findings from behavioural science to advertising. He started his career as a media planner 19 years ago, working on accounts su... Read Full Article

Meet The Author - Mark Mills
The Business Book Awards
19th February 2020
The book is a practical guide covering all aspects of business, including tips on how to formulate a business plan and how to build relationships with people in all aspects of business from customers,... Read Full Article

7 Mistakes Every Investor Makes (And How to Avoid Them)
"Market Wrap" with Moe Ansari
15th February 2020
Interview with Joachim Klement, author of 7 Mistakes Every Investor Makes (And How to Avoid Them). ... Read Full Article

The Behaviour Business Podcast
The Behaviour Business Podcast
11th February 2020
The podcast features extracts from interviews with over 20 different experts, to get the latest and best insights on the amazing work they're doing applying behavioural science around the world.... Read Full Article

There's big money in forcing us to go cashless
The Telegraph
8th February 2020
Drive cash out of the economy and it will be a feast day for some. It is time the government spotted what is happening and put outa universal service obligation on the banks to provide us with free ac... Read Full Article

Warren Buffett’s journey to $1bn, with Glen Arnold
Informed Choice Radio
3rd February 2020
In the second volume of the book series, Glen describes how Warren Buffett made deals over the course of two decades as he became a billionaire. It’s arguably the most exciting stage ... Read Full Article

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