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Home ? The heart of a good business
Shrophire Star
28th May 2010
Shropshire entrepreneurs have been turning their passions into money-making ventures, as Amy Bould discovered. Walking into a Shrewsbury book launch in heels and a smart suit, Gwen Howe... Read Full Article

Hark! The new rules of business
Business Zone
28th May 2010
The rules of business are ever-changing in our favour and a growing number of entrepreneurs are taking advantage by making money, creating products and employing people. Dan Matthews, author of \'The ... Read Full Article

Emma Jones book ?Working 5 to 9″ - A review
Murray Newlands Blog
27th May 2010
Emma Jones is the founder of the home business website Enterprise Nation and well know speaker on startups and entrepreneurship. In addition to all that Emma is quite a writer; in her latest book Work... Read Full Article

Transparency the answer to restoring confidence
WatchTower - Gorkana PR
27th May 2010
WatchTower is always keen to flag up books from the communications community but this one is particularly prescient. With Paul Mason hyperventilating over the seismic shocks shuddering through the VIX... Read Full Article

Bookmark: Spread Betting the Forex Markets
Traders Magazine
27th May 2010
If you were to make a list of financial topics that have grabbed the interest of the wider public over recent years then spread betting and foreign exchange trading would surely be near the top. Both ... Read Full Article

Reading club - Our comprehensive guide to the best new business reads is an invaluable resource for
European CEO Magazine
26th May 2010
Markets do not always work well. They need guidance. Seán Harkin, a research scientist turned risk manager, makes the case for a mixed economic system where the role of the state is almost as great a... Read Full Article

Dee Blick recommends BOOM!
26th May 2010
I find it a challenge to review any book given my background as an author, marketer and journalist of sorts. It means that my review is based on more factors than say the average reader taking the in... Read Full Article

5 to 9 entrepreneurs get tips on making their living
Start Up Donut
25th May 2010
Entrepreneurs who have started a business in their spare time can get advice on running a firm alongside work, family or studies, after the launch of a new book by Emma Jones, the founder of home busi... Read Full Article

Book report: Working 5 to 9: How to Start a Successful Business in Your Spare Time (Emma Jones)
25th May 2010
If you need a new career direction but can?t give up the day job, or need to earn a little extra cash, or wonder what to do now your eBay store isn?t quite as lucrative as you?d once hoped, then this ... Read Full Article

\'5-9\' work brings home the bacon
Mail on Sunday
23rd May 2010
By day, Gwen Howell wears a business suit and sensible shoes to carry out her duties as an estate agent, but when she get home she pulls on her wellies to work on her part-time business as a farmer of... Read Full Article

Book review: Working 5 to 9
Working Mums
21st May 2010
So, you\'ve decided that you want to start your own business to give yourself more flexibility around the family? You\'re worried, though, about the risks of ditching a good salary. Well, many people ... Read Full Article

Millionaire Mumpreneurs ? How Successful Mums Made a Million Online and How You Can Do It Too!
My Wonderful Life Coach
21st May 2010
Millionaire Mumpreneurs rocks! ?Supermummy? Mel McGee (author of the excellent ?The Ultimate Mumpreneur?s Guide to Online Business Success?) has done it again! This ?How... Read Full Article

The rise of the \'5 to 9\'ers\'
Financial Mail Women\'s Forum
21st May 2010
Over 5 million people are now holding down a day job and building a business at nights and weekends, motivated by a fear of redundancy, the need for extra cash or pure entrepreneurial and creative dri... Read Full Article

Working 5 to 9: How to start a successful business in your spare time
The Good Web Guide
20th May 2010
If you dream of becoming your own boss, in your own time, and want to make the break then Working 5 to 9: How to start a successful business in your spare time is a great place to start. ... Read Full Article

Does the dream job exist and should you settle for second best?
Job Site
19th May 2010
Looking for a job can be confusing. It?s all very well being told to go for your ideal job, that settling for anything less puts you in the same position as you were in before, i.e. bored and frustrat... Read Full Article

Why I wish I started small
Enterprise Nation
17th May 2010
Dan Matthews, author of \'The New Rules of Business\', explains why not spending money at the outset is the best foundation for your business, even if your goal is to hit the big time. ... Read Full Article

Author to launch new business book
Shrophire Star
17th May 2010
Shropshire?s budding entrepreneurs have provided inspiration for a best-selling business author, who launches her new book in the town on May 25. The latest book by Emma Jones, founder ... Read Full Article

Author to launch new business book
Shrophire Star
17th May 2010
Shropshire?s budding entrepreneurs have provided inspiration for a best-selling business author, who launches her new book in the town on May 25. The latest book by Emma Jones, founder ... Read Full Article

Working 5 to 9
Home Worker
13th May 2010
The queen of working from home returns with her second book that builds on the success of her previous book Spare Room Start Up. If you have been thinking that it would be great to start your own busi... Read Full Article

South Africa from your sofa
Gambling Online Magazine - World Cup Special
6th May 2010
The Essential World Cup Betting Guide The ultimate betting companion to South Africa 2010, The Essential World Cup Betting Guide combines the insight of Mastering Betfair author Pete No... Read Full Article

Top 50 Business Books, ?Animal Spirits? to ?What the Dog Saw?
4th May 2010
?The Myth of the Rational Market? by Justin Fox (HarperBusiness/Harriman) makes Bloomberg\'s Top 50 Business Books.... Read Full Article

Five business lessons from the criminal underworld
4th May 2010
Think crime doesn\'t pay? Think again. Dan Matthews goes in pursuit of drug dealers and fraudsters to uncover entrepreneurial side of the criminal underworld. Don\'t listen to people wh... Read Full Article

Top 5 Biotech Books
Scientist Magazine
1st May 2010
SPIN-OUTS: CREATING BUSINESS FROM UNIVERSITY INTELLECTUAL PROPERTY Written as a guide for those wishing to build a company by developing technologies licensed from academic labo- ratori... Read Full Article

Forever Blowing Bubbles
CA Magazine
1st May 2010
Was it speculation rather than economic fundamentals that caused the boom and bust in the oil price in 2008 and 2009? According to Daniel O?Sullivan, the statistics make a convincing case for that arg... Read Full Article

Hanging In The Balance
Gambling Exclusive Magazine
1st May 2010
Hanging In The Balance - As the general public get ready to go to the polls on May 6th, all signs are leading towards no single party winning an overall majority and the dreaded result of a hung parli... Read Full Article

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