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EP 106: Lessons from the World’s Most Successful People with Polina Pompliano
Peter Lazaroff
30th June 2023
Polina Pompliano is the author of HIDDEN GENIUS: The Secret Ways of Thinking That Power the World’s Most Successful People. She is also the founder of The Profile, a media organization that studies ... Read Full Article

The 11 Best Investing Books That You Can’t Miss
29th June 2023
The first time I read Morgan Housel I was blown away. So when he decided to release his first book, The Psychology of Money, I knew it would become an instant classic. Thankfully, I was right. The boo... Read Full Article

Want to understand personal finance? Read these books
28th June 2023
The Psychology of Money by Morgan Housel includes a set of 19 small chapters that enlighten you on how personal finance isn't something evaluated using math formulae and laid out on spreadsheets.... Read Full Article

Audible Witnesses Record Sales in the UK
Good E Reader
28th June 2023
The pandemic also marked more approval for platforms like Audible, which has 200,000 books for both downloading and purchasing online. Audible give readers access to several genres like fiction, liter... Read Full Article

Best summer books of 2023: Money
23rd June 2023
Morgan Housel, has hogged the bestseller lists since it was published in 2020 and with good reason — his tales of how people deal with the same financial situation differently, with far-reaching out... Read Full Article

Discovering Your Hidden Genius w/ Polina Pompliano
We Study Billionaires
22nd June 2023
Clay chats with Pompliano about her new book - Hidden Genius. The highest performers don't use "tricks" or "hacks" to achieve greatness. They use mental frameworks that fundamentally change the way th... Read Full Article

The Hidden Genius with Polina Marinova Pompliano
Open Book with Anthony Scaramucci
21st June 2023
In this episode, Anthony talks with Polina Marinova Pompliano. author of Hidden Genius. Polina has spent nearly a decade profiling the world's top performers and distills the secrets, the unknowns and... Read Full Article

Top 7 Lessons From Hidden Genius: The Secret Ways Of Thinking That Power The World’s Most Successful People
20th June 2023
If you could spend five years going out for coffee with some of the world's most successful people and ask each of them for advice, your notes would probably look a lot like Polina Marinova Pompliano'... Read Full Article

Polina Pompliano, Founder and author, The Profile
Worthy for Thirty
20th June 2023
Her new book, Hidden Genius, is available for sale. If you’re not subscribed to The Profile, it’s a weekly original and curated digest of profiles of amazing humans — entrepreneurs, celebrities,... Read Full Article

The Next Big Idea Club
The Next Big Idea Club
20th June 2023
Polina Marinova Pompliano is the founder of The Profile, a new media company that features long-form profiles of successful people and companies each week. Previously, she spent five years at Fortune ... Read Full Article

The Hidden Genius Behind Millionaires and World Champions | Polina Pompliano
Anthony Pompliano Podcast
20th June 2023
Polina Marinova Pompliano is the founder of The Profile, the author of a brand new book Hidden Genius, and also my wife & best friend. In this conversation, we talk about her book Hidden Genius, and a... Read Full Article

Polina Marinova Pompliano: Uncover Your Hidden Genius
The Danny Miranda Podcast
20th June 2023
Polina Marinova Pompliano in conversation with Danny Miranda: Uncover Your Hidden Genius... Read Full Article

Unlocking the power of behavioural science in marketing with author Richard Shotton
19th June 2023
How do we make decisions about brands and products? What’s the power in targeting by mood and situation? Why should we be cautious to oversimplify metrics? Globally renowned expert on applying behav... Read Full Article

Podcast: Why 'doing something' can be the biggest investment mistake
16th June 2023
Veteran fund manager Chris Davis and best-selling author Morgan Housel share some of their worst investment mistakes and the lessons they learned from them.... Read Full Article

6 Book Recommendations From Howard Marks
Acquirers Multiple
16th June 2023
The Psychology of Money by Morgan Housel. This book is a great read for anyone who wants to understand the emotional side of investing. It is full of helpful insights and anecdotes that will help you ... Read Full Article

How the World's Most Successful People Think - Polina Marinova Pompliano, Author of Hidden Genius
Kyle Westaway
15th June 2023
In her new book, Hidden Genius, Polina Pompliano discusses the simple, actionable habits that have helped some of the most recognizable people in the world achieve their success. ... Read Full Article

What Happened When I Saw My Book at a Bookstore for the First Time
The Profile
14th June 2023
My first book, Hidden Genius, will publish in 6 days on June 20! I wanted to share with you the story behind a really cool moment that happened on Sunday.... Read Full Article

How to invest (for the long term)
Reader's Digest
14th June 2023
My journey towards financial literacy began with John Bogle's The Little Book of Common Sense Investing—a great guide on how to apply common sense to the complex world of investing. Other must reads... Read Full Article

'You feel like you have to do something': The perils of running an active fund
13th June 2023
Veteran fund manager Chris Davis and bestselling author Morgan Housel share some of their worst investment mistakes and the lessons they learned from them. In short, buying and holding great stocks is... Read Full Article

8 Best Books on Financial Literacy for Women
US News
12th June 2023
For women especially, learning how to navigate finances is key. That’s because women face additional financial challenges like the pink tax, wage gap and a higher impact from inflation. Seeking fina... Read Full Article

The Science of Persuasion with Richard Shotton
The Science of Persuasion
12th June 2023
One of the coolest things we learned was that embracing imperfections in your branding can actually make you more relatable and endearing to your customers. Plus, leveraging behavioral biases can give... Read Full Article

Four easy ways to pick the right shares and beat the market (from an investing expert)
The Telegraph
5th June 2023
My new book Four Ways to Beat the Market: A practical guide to stock screening strategies to help you pick winning shares offers a deeper exploration of these approaches and the curious stories that u... Read Full Article

Building Value-Driven Brand Experiences Podcast Series #1: Richard Shotton
B2B Insights Podcast Channel
1st June 2023
Examples of behavioral science in action, including within the subtitle of Richard’s new book, The Illusion of Choice... Read Full Article

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