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Unlocking the power of behavioural science in marketing with author Richard Shotton

Cover of  by Richard Shotton

How do we make decisions about brands and products? What’s the power in targeting by mood and situation? Why should we be cautious to oversimplify metrics? Globally renowned expert on applying behavioural science in marketing - and author of 'The Choice Factory' and 'The Illusion of Choice' - Richard Shotton shares frameworks for navigating the myriad of cognitive biases that can impact how we make decisions.

Google Firestarters is a series of insightful conversations with the interested and interesting of the advertising, marketing and innovation communities, focusing on the areas of challenge and opportunity in the industry. This series of conversations builds off the back of almost 60 live events which were run over 10 years at Google. Google Firestarters is commissioned by Think with Google.

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