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Positive impact: should you swap ESG for other ethical alternatives?
30th September 2022
“Impact investing means focusing your investments on companies and activities deemed to be actively solving the world’s problems,” says Becky O’Connor, head of pensions and savings at the inve... Read Full Article

10 Lessons from “The Psychology of Money”
30th September 2022
Welcome, In this essay, I’d like to share ten lessons from Morgan Housel’s book “The Psychology of Money,” which I recently finished. Let’s get started!... Read Full Article

Say Thank You For Everything [Timeless Leadership Ep. #45]
29th September 2022
Jim Edwards sent out an email years ago with 19 bits of advice for a colleague who was taking a leadership position. Little did he realize that the email would not only be a set of timeless principles... Read Full Article

Her Money Podcast
28th September 2022
Jim Edwards joins us to answer all of those questions and more. He is the founding editor of Business Insider UK, the former editor-in-chief of Insider’s News division, and a supervisor with more th... Read Full Article

Say Thank You for Everything with Jim Edwards
Unmiss Podcast
23rd September 2022
Jim Edwards shares his valuable insights about management.... Read Full Article

Vitaliy Katsenelson
The Financial Independence Show With Vitaliy Katsenelson
20th September 2022
We cover some of the topics from his book such as a method to reduce decision fatigue which Vitaliy calls half-binary decisions, the importance of sinking funks, and how emotional intelligence affects... Read Full Article

Morgan Housel - The Psychology of Money (Your Questions Answered)
Standard Deviations
15th September 2022
This week on Standard Deviations with Dr. Daniel Crosby, Dr. Crosby is joined by Morgan Housel. Morgan Housel is a partner at The Collaborative Fund. His book The Psychology of Money has sold over two... Read Full Article

Jim Edwards - The secrets of being a great manager
Day In Day Out Podcast
13th September 2022
Today on the podcast I was delighted to have a good friend Jim Edwards, who is the former editor-in-chief of Insider's news division and the founding editor of Business Insider UK. He has also been a... Read Full Article

CNBC Pro Exclusive: Morgan Housel and Bob Pisani talk smarter investing at Future Proof Conference
13th September 2022
CNBC Senior Markets Correspondent Bob Pisani sits down exclusively with “The Psychology of Money” author Morgan Housel to discuss smarter ways to invest and spend to create generational wealth.... Read Full Article

A framework for future of financial planning
The Hans India
11th September 2022
Morgan Housel's The Psychology of Money (Housel, 2020) has sold millions of copies across the world. Morgan brings a refreshing change in personal finance literature because he combines learnings acro... Read Full Article

Author and Ex-Professional Poker Player Annie Duke Talks About Knowing When to Walk Away
The Motley Fool
9th September 2022
Author Morgan Housel recently interviewed Duke in front of a live audience about: Key differences between patience and stubbornness. How a quitter created Slack. Avoiding the ... Read Full Article

Future of Media Explained podcast 13: Newsroom leadership with ex-Insider news boss Jim Edwards
Press Gazette Podcast
8th September 2022
Jim Edwards, who this year left his role as editor-in-chief for news at Insider and was previously founding editor at Business Insider UK, has written a book called Say Thank You for Everything sharin... Read Full Article

I Don’t Agree Book Review
Edge - Live & Learn BOOK CLUB
8th September 2022
Michael Brown sets out strategies to improve leadership, build stronger teams and generate more effective collaborations by using both academic thinking and cutting-edge research. He succeeds in blend... Read Full Article

Six Accessible Books to Help People Master Their Personal Finances
7th September 2022
A financial plan is worthless without proper execution. But sticking to a budget and making smart financial decisions habitually can be a challenge.“The Psychology of Money” uncovers the real ways... Read Full Article

My legal fight with the Queen taught me why cookies are good and GDPR is terrible
The Drum
6th September 2022
Former Insider editor-in-chief and author of Say Thank You for Everything Jim Edwards explains why ‘protections’ like GDPR are great for the Queen... but bad for everyone else.... Read Full Article

Best of Money Clinic: Investment Masterclass with the Naked Trader
The Financial Times
6th September 2022
Forget about being a day trader, you need to let the money come in slowly and take a serious, business-like approach if you want to succeed - that’s the advice of Robbie Burns, better known as the N... Read Full Article

Knowing When To Quit
The Motley Fool Money
5th September 2022
Annie Duke was a professional poker player before retiring in 2012. Now, she is a decision-making consultant for a venture capital firm and author of the upcoming book, “Quit: The Power of Knowing W... Read Full Article

The untold story of Iceland’s financial meltdown
World Finance
5th September 2022
When Jared Bibler visited Iceland for the first time in 2002, he couldn’t imagine that one day he would become an Icelander himself. A native of Massachusetts in the US, he was working for an Icelan... Read Full Article

‘IN the Office’ with famed value investor Jim Cullen
Investment News
2nd September 2022
Jim Cullen sits down with InvestmentNews anchor Gregg Greenberg to talk about his new book, "The Case for Long-Term Value Investing."... Read Full Article

Thank You, Bob Pisani!
Security Traders
1st September 2022
In reviewing Shut Up and Keep Talking: Lessons on Life and Investing from the Floor of the New York Stock Exchange it is just as important to recognize what it is not. It is not a memoir of one person... Read Full Article

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