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ENTREPRENEURSThe Day I Stopped Selling and Built a Business
24th August 2021
Paul Cowan is a relationship specialist who had a successful career in leading international advertising agencies, then opened his own agency. As a psychotherapist he worked with individuals and coupl... Read Full Article

Paul Cowan - Shot by Both Sides
Shot By Both Sides
23rd August 2021
In season two of SBBS Radio, Eaon chats with former agency suit, agency owner, and then co-founder the Client Relationship Consultancy Paul Cowan. They mostly talk about Paul's fantastic new book 'Con... Read Full Article

The Asian Financial Crisis & Similarities to Today with Russell Napier
23rd August 2021
n the podcast we talked about why it is important to understand the history of the stock market, the catalyst behind the Asian Crisis and how we are entering an inflation cycle. Russell w... Read Full Article

Marketing Starter For Ten: author Paul Cowan on how to connect with clients
Marketing Society
23rd August 2021
For the latest Marketing Society 'starter for ten' talk we hear from the Founding Partner at The Client Relationship Consultancy and author of the book Connecting With Clients, Paul Cowan, who shares ... Read Full Article

Go Luck Yourself - Andy Nairn, Lucky Generals
Uncensored CMO
20th August 2021
We have all said it haven’t we? They just got lucky. But how much of our success in business is down to luck vs what we do with our luck, or lack of it. In a brilliant new book called Go Luck Yourse... Read Full Article

What's luck got to do with it?
13th August 2021
In Go Luck Yourself, Nairn examines how luck is often considered a four-letter-word in business circles but that, in truth, fortune plays a part in every success story as well as in every failure. Bel... Read Full Article

Andy Nairn on why this Friday the 13th could be your brand's lucky day
The Drum
13th August 2021
So don’t be afraid to walk on the cracks, smile when you see that black cat crossing your path and take a detour under that ladder if you can. Because sometimes, a bit of misfortune can turn out to ... Read Full Article

Ep 118. 10 Books To Level Up Your Money & Your Life In 2021
10th August 2021
A really good read because it shows you some of the emotions behind the decision. And normally, experts will just tell you X, Y, Z, but they won't tell you what they personally do. And a lot of the ti... Read Full Article

Lucky Generals co-founder Andy Nairn on how luck can improve your creativity
Creative Boom
3rd August 2021
With nearly 30 years in the advertising industry under his belt, Lucky Generals co-founder Andy Nairn knows luck is as important to success as hard graft. With his new book Go Luck Yourself revealing ... Read Full Article

Holiday books for difficult times
Financial Times
1st August 2021
And so we turn to Russell Napier’s The Asian Crisis: Birth of the Age of Debt. Napier was working in Hong Kong in 1997, and the book is partly a compilation of the excellent notes he wrote during th... Read Full Article

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