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An interview with Ross Clark
Talk Radio Europe
29th November 2017
Buy this book - you'll need to pay electronically!... Read Full Article

A book review
Reading the Markets
28th November 2017
Arnold set out to discover why Buffett chose the companies he invested in and what lessons individual investors can learn from Buffett’s decisions. Volume 1 of The Deals of Warren Buffett (Harriman ... Read Full Article

A book review
Reading the Markets
28th November 2017
Martin explains the ins and outs of goals-based investing, step by step, element by element. Although he is writing for financial advisors, I consider his book a must-read for the DIY investor as well... Read Full Article

The Smart Financial Advsior By Brenda Jubin
Value Walk
27th November 2017
The subtitle of Bill Martin’s The Smart Financial Advisor (Harriman House, 2017) says it all: How Financial Advisors Can Thrive by Embracing Fintech and Goals-Based Investing. Martin, the chief inve... Read Full Article

An Interview with Christin ter Braak-Forstinger, Conscious Investing
Informed Choice Radio
27th November 2017
Martin Bamford interviews Christin ter Braak Forstinger and discusses her new book, regenerative capital market, the law of unintended consequences, accountability and everything in between! ... Read Full Article

Book Review
27th November 2017
If you’re acting as your own advisor, you couldn’t ask for a clearer, more useful book than The Smart Financial Advisor.... Read Full Article

How Warren Buffett made his first $100 million: Professional investor Glen Arnold on the lessons of Buffett’s early deals
Money Makers
24th November 2017
Jonathan Davis interviews Glen Arnold for Money Makers In the latest Money Makers podcast I talk to prolific investment author Glen Arnold about his new book The Deals of Warren Buffett... Read Full Article

Feature from the book by Ross Clark
The Spectator
23rd November 2017
Politicians want to move us towards a cashless world. It would be a disaster Abolishing hard currency would disadvantage the poor and jeopardise the economy ... It would ... Read Full Article

Glint of gold is merely another sign that cash is reaching its sell-by date by Patrick Hosking
The Times
21st November 2017
Ross Clark, author of the polemical The War Against Cash, makes the opposite case, arguing that one day we will regret surrendering the right to pay cash. Loss of privacy and choice, the risk of fraud... Read Full Article

Glen Arnold – The Deals of Warren Buffett by Brenda Junin
Value Walk
19th November 2017
Buffett followers will welcome this addition to the already huge Buffett bibliography. Arnold’s book will be even more illuminating to investors who are in search of an overarching rationale for the... Read Full Article

Robert Carver Interview with Michael Covel on Trend Following Radio
Trend Following
16th November 2017
This is one of those reference books that you put on the shelf - one of those great; just the facts; very practical reference guides that you can't go wrong with... The book is a solid piece of work s... Read Full Article

How to invest like...the hedge fund manager with a magic formula
The Telegraph
15th November 2017
"Few fund managers are capable of explaining investing in simple terms. Most prefer to keep what they do a mystery - something that's best left to a handsomely paid professional. Wall S... Read Full Article

Interview with Adrian Chiles
BBC Radio 5 Live
14th November 2017
Adrian Chiles remarked "Ross, it's good to have you on the programme. I'm a keen admirer of your work..."... Read Full Article

An Interview with Chris Mann
BBC Radio Cambridgeshire
14th November 2017
During the lively interview, Ross Clark was asked to read the opening page from his book whilst on air.... Read Full Article

Market Wrap" with Moe Ansari: An Interview with Glen Arnold
Market Wrap
14th November 2017
It's a fabulous book if you really want to learn and see the thinking of Mr Buffett .... go get it right now. ... Read Full Article

Bonding trigger for the stock
By Biagio Campo
13th November 2017
The Federation Budget reduction after the Second World War - As Written by Russell Napier in the beautiful "Anatomy of the Bear", published by Harriman House reveals: "Since the Pearl Harbour attack o... Read Full Article

The cynical conspiracy to stop us using cash
David Icke Blog
12th November 2017
The cynical conspiracy to stop us using cash: Ross Clark says the push for a cashless society is all about greed... Read Full Article

Talk Radio - The Two Mikes
Talk Radio
9th November 2017
The Two Mikes (Mike Parry and Mike Graham) interview Ross Clark "It's a fascinating situation"... Read Full Article

Dividends for life: 3 stocks you can trust
Master Investor
8th November 2017
... With a professional background in insurance software analysis, John's approach to high yield, low risk investing is based on the Benjamin Graham tradition of being systematic and fact-based, rathe... Read Full Article

Forensic Forex - How to play the currency markets for the rest of 2017
Master Investor
8th November 2017
His personal trading style combines classic candlestick analysis with a simple, logical and risk management driven approach to the financial markets - a strategy that is described and demonstrated in ... Read Full Article

The Final Word: The death of hedge funds has been exaggerated - again
Master Investor
8th November 2017
Tim Prices is manager of the VT Price Value Portfolio and author of Investing Through the Looking Glass: A rational guide to irrational financial markets... Read Full Article

A book review by Richard Gill, Master Investor
Master Investor
8th November 2017
"... After reading this book investors will have gained a holistic insight into how they can use their capital to benefit the issues that matter to them, as well as make a proft along the way. Not onl... Read Full Article

Read your way to financial fitness
The Times
4th November 2017
Written by the late Jim Slater, the well-known investor of the 1960s and 1970s, and recently updated, it shares some of the secrets of his success. Justin Urquhart Stewart of Seven Investment M... Read Full Article

Read your way to financial fitness
The Times
4th November 2017
Fletcher's book gives a useful overview of do's and don'ts. From finding and buying to selling and renting, this practical guide to the property world includes guidance on dealing with ... Read Full Article

The cynical conspiracy to stop us using cash by Ross Clark
Daily Mail
3rd November 2017
Going cashless is indeed convenient - but it is for the convenience and profit of faceless corporations and the tech giants. A 'cashless society' might sound modern and efficient but we will li... Read Full Article

Ross Clark 'War against cash' reality check for developers? By Adrian Bridgwater
Computer Weekly
1st November 2017
Clark argues that we should cling dearly to our notes and coins and protest loudly whenever anyone tries to stop us using them. “We will regret it if we do not,” he says. “We sho... Read Full Article

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