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The Best Finance Books for Financial Professionals
US News
28th March 2019
“The Laws of Wealth: Psychology and the Secret to Investing Success” by Daniel Crosby Psychologist and behavioral finance expert Daniel Crosby is the man you want guiding you through invest... Read Full Article

15 Great Books for Anyone Who Wants to Get Ahead in Business
27th March 2019
13. The Behavioral Investor by Daniel Crosby "The next great frontier in entrepreneurial evolution isn’t likely to come from advances in technology or data collection. It’s likely to come ... Read Full Article

Winners 2019
Business Book Awards
27th March 2019
'The Choice Factory' has won the Sales and Marketing category in the 2019 Business Book Awards.... Read Full Article

An Investment Strategy That Reduces the Risk of Black Swans
The Street
27th March 2019
Predicting when the next black swan event will take place, and what will cause it, is an impossible task. But that doesn't mean you can't construct a portfolio designed to reduce the risks related to ... Read Full Article

The Art of the Click - Glenn Fisher
Left B.R.A.I.N Blog
27th March 2019
Promise, Picture, Proof, Push. It’s a much better, more, – ahem – actionable alternative to the classic AIDA. Who the heck ever understood how to write for interest rather than de... Read Full Article

Engagement in the age of short attention spans
My Customer
26th March 2019
Glenn Fisher is an author, speaker and copywriter. His first book, The Art of the Click, is published by Harriman House and shortlisted for The Business Book Awards 2019.... Read Full Article

Arif Khurshed author of Initial Public Offerings, Alan Green on 3 stocks and Darren Sinden on Macro
The Vox Markets Podcast
26th March 2019
In this new book, Arif Khurshed delves into the history of IPOs on the London Stock Exchange, explains the mechanics of how IPOs are arranged and how they are priced, and provides an analysis - with d... Read Full Article

Who Is Larry Swedroe? Here we dive into the background of an investment management giant.
26th March 2019
Books he’s written: • “The Only Guide to a Winning Investment Strategy You’ll Ever Need” (1998, 2005) • “What Wall Street Doesn’t Want You to Know” (2001) • “Rational Investing i... Read Full Article

Larry Swedroe: Risk Warrior in Action
26th March 2019
Swedroe, 67, is director of research for the Buckingham Family of Financial Services, which includes Buckingham Strategic Wealth and the BAM Alliance of RIAs. A native New Yorker, he’s been with the... Read Full Article

Factual books for early-2019
23rd March 2019
Now for something completely different…compiled by New York advertising agent, creative director, copywriter and author, now residing in London with his wife and two children, Dave Trott wrote this ... Read Full Article

Everything you needed to know about ETFs
21st March 2019
The last two decades have seen a dramatic move away from traditional actively managed funds in favour of passive investments, such as exchange-traded funds (ETFs), that can be bought and sold like sha... Read Full Article

W Resources, Emmerson, Malcy and John Stepek writer of, "Sceptical Investor"
The Vox Markets Podcast
18th March 2019
John Stepek, Executive Editor of Moneyweek Magazine and author Sceptical Investor - How contrarians bet against the market and win - and you can too. (Interview starts at 32 minutes 56 seconds)... Read Full Article

Brinker Capital Launches Behavioral Innovation Lab Powered by Dr. Daniel Crosby
PR News Wire
18th March 2019
Crosby is at the forefront of behavioralizing finance and has published several bestselling books that serve as guides to building strong advisor-client engagement, including You're Not that Great (20... Read Full Article

Lazy Philosophy for Clever Investing
Buillon Vault
14th March 2019
Snipped from The Sceptical Investor... My BOOK, The Sceptical Investor, is now out, writes John Stepek, executive editor of MoneyWeek, in his free daily investment email Money Morning.... Read Full Article

'Your Complete Guide To A Secure And Successful Retirement' (Podcast)
Seeking Alpha
14th March 2019
... Read Full Article

The neat guide to understanding investment trusts: Packed with essential educational material and data
Shares Magazine
14th March 2019
This book is essential reading if you are serious about long term investing and want to use investment trusts to gain exposure to different parts of the market. It is very easy to read ... Read Full Article

Eat, Sleep, Work, Repeat: Dave Trott on beating creative blindness
Internet Advertising Bureau Live (Recording from the Leadership Summit 2019)
12th March 2019
Dave Trott is a creative director, copywriter, and author. A colossus of advertising who has been awarded a Lifetime Achievement Award by D&AD. I chatted to him at the IAB Leadership Su... Read Full Article

Book Review: The Choice Factory, by Richard Shotton
South African Journal of Marketing Research
12th March 2019
If you follow marketing or market research, you will probably have at least heard of behavioural science. At the heart of this field is the premise that people don’t think deeply about every decisio... Read Full Article

The Danger of Claimed Data
South African Journal of Marketing Research
12th March 2019
Excerpt from The Choice Factory by Richard Shotton.... Read Full Article

How contrarians bet against the market and win
MarketWrap with Moe Ansari
11th March 2019
Nationwide radio show. Moe begins each Market Wrap broadcast with an analysis of the day’s news from Wall Street and around the world, along with their implications for the financial markets. Daily,... Read Full Article

Ian Murphy full time trader and author of - "Way of the Trader - A Complete Guide to the Art of Financial Trading"
The Vox Markets Podcast
11th March 2019
Ian Murphy full time trader and author of - "Way of the Trader - A Complete Guide to the Art of Financial Trading" talks about new his book. Ian Murphy is a successful private trader, t... Read Full Article

These 4 Behavioral Investing Mistakes Could Damage Your Nest Egg
Keen on Retirement
6th March 2019
When Dr. Daniel Crosby was in his 20s, he had a fateful conversation with his father about what he should do for a living. Dr. Crosby’s father was a financial advisor, but young Daniel didn’t thin... Read Full Article

1312: Dr Daniel Crosby author of The Behavioral Investor and John Meyer
The Vox Markets Podcast
6th March 2019
On the Vox Markets Podcast Today: 6th March 2019 Dr Daniel Crosby, New York Times bestselling author of the, "The Laws of Wealth" and now "The Behavioral Investor", discusses his work a... Read Full Article

Stevenson & Tuckwell, The Ultimate ETF Guidebook
Reading the Markets
5th March 2019
Trust me, there’s a lot about ETFs that you don’t know. David Stevenson, a columnist at the Financial Times, and David Tuckwell, editor of ETF Stream, set out to remedy that situation. The Ultimat... Read Full Article

Book Review: Initial Public Offerings. The mechanics and performance of IPOs
Master Investor
5th March 2019
Those interested in learning more about this fascinating area of the market should read Initial Public Offerings by by author Professor Arif Khurshed, whose purpose is to provide information on how IP... Read Full Article

“Hold It” Until You’re Purple to be a Better Investor
Your Money, Your Wealth
4th March 2019
Behavioral finance expert Dr. Daniel Crosby talks about his latest book, The Behavioral Investor and cracks us up with stories of how “having to go” and other physiological, sociological, and psyc... Read Full Article

Understanding the City’s best-kept secret, with Jonathan Davis
Informed Choice Radio
4th March 2019
Jonathan’s latest book is The Investment Trusts Handbook 2019, described as a must-have compendium which provides investors of all kinds with a wide range of insights into how to invest in investmen... Read Full Article

In a turbulent world the easy option will prove costly for investors
The Telegraph
3rd March 2019
There is a wonderful short book called The Art of Execution, written by a fund manager called Lee Freeman-Shor and published four years ago by Harriman House. If you are even remotely interested in ho... Read Full Article

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