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Top 50 Gambling Books of All Time
Casino Online
30th September 2010
Red Joker Rules - 46th Position Author: Pat Holland Synopsis: Red Joker Rules offers an innovative and refreshing look at both gambling and investing. Revi... Read Full Article

Weekend Book Review - The Green Investing Handbook
UK Analyst
26th September 2010
The Green Investing Handbook: A detailed investment guide to the technologies and companies involved in the sustainability revolution By Nick Hanna A book review by Richard Gill ... Read Full Article

Andrei Knight ?Trading Forex for a Living? interview
Trading Diary
24th September 2010
Andrei Knight ?Trading Forex for a Living? interview Andrei Knight is a highly sought after speaker and coach for professional traders and individual investors alike. His first book wil... Read Full Article

Ask The Bookie: The benefits of backing the draw plus exclusive tips by Pete Nordsted
24th September 2010
Ask The Bookie: The benefits of backing the draw plus exclusive tips by Pete Nordsted Anyone following the increasingly-popular ?five to follow? articles produced on a Friday here at Go... Read Full Article

Spread betting stripped bare
Investors Chronicle
23rd September 2010
Spread betting stripped bare What\'s the point of paying for a beginners\' book about spread-betting? After all, pretty much every spread-betting firm in town is delighted to give you a... Read Full Article

In pursuit of a myth
The Bahrain Banker
22nd September 2010
The Myth of the Rational Market - A History of Risk, Reward and Delusion on Wall Street, by Justin Fox Markets are inefficient in pricing and pundits who propounded the efficient market... Read Full Article Special: Betting expert Pete Nordsted answers your questions on how to make a profit plus h
21st September 2010
The author and contributor has kindly answered your questions... * Charlie, Malta Have you ever considered, or attempted to play the \"three draw strategy\" on Serie A a... Read Full Article

Behavioural Technical Analysis: An Introduction To Behavioral Finance And Its Role In Technical Anal
Seeking Alpha
20th September 2010
Behavioural Technical Analysis: An introduction to behavioural finance and its role in technical analysis By Paul V. Azzopardi Trading is driven by cognitive and emotio... Read Full Article

The Naked Trader?s Guide to Spread Betting - how to make money from shares in up or down markets
14th September 2010
This book is a companion to Robbie Burns? best-selling The Naked Trader. Burns is a former journalist who has been publishing his trades for the last ten years on , showing a cum... Read Full Article

Solar not so simple
Interactive Investor
10th September 2010
Attention has recently been focused on solar power following the success of the government\'s new feed-in tariff which has led to a steep increase in the number of solar panels being installed by hous... Read Full Article

Time for spread betting?
Interactive Investor
9th September 2010
Is spread betting right for you? I\'ve just written a book on this subject because I wanted to answer the question: Should investors, as well as traders, be spread betting? I think the ... Read Full Article

Book Review: The Green Investing Handbook, Nick Hanna
7th September 2010
An investment guide to renewable energy technologies, the recent ?Green Investing Handbook? by Nick Hanna, provides a good overview for people looking at investments in the renewable energy sector.... Read Full Article

50 side businesses to set up from home
4th September 2010
If you are one of the rising number of people working part-time, earn some extra cash in dog walking or rampant veg growing Happy days are here again ? or so you might assume from a rec... Read Full Article

Weekend Book Review - The Naked Trader\'s Guide to Spread Betting
UK Analyst
4th September 2010
The Naked Trader\'s Guide to Sread Betting By Robbie Burns A book review by Muhammad Altamash of the AIM & PLUS Newsletter Spread betting holds many tempting advan... Read Full Article

Turning pastimes into pounds
Flybe Uncovered
3rd September 2010
Turning pastimes into pounds Tired of the corporate grind? Why not put the fun back into work by making your hobby pay instead? We meet some people who have done just that, and show you... Read Full Article

Interview Tips: Survive Psychological Testing
2nd September 2010
If I was to say to you ?Watson Glaser Critical Thinking Analysis?, or ?Belbin Team Roles? you may think I was talking a foreign language! But these are just two of several psychological tests that are... Read Full Article

Behavioural Technical Analysis
Your Trading Edge Magazine
1st September 2010
In \'Behavioural Technical Analysis\', author Paul Azzopardi first explains the field of behavioural finance and then applies some of his findings to technical analysis in an attempt to explain how th... Read Full Article

Intelligent Trading Systems
Your Trading Edge Magazine
1st September 2010
In \'Intelligent Trading Systems\' (subtitled \'Applying Artificial Intelligence to Financial Markets\'), Martinsky investigates crowd behaviour, and explains how a range of technical analysis tools c... Read Full Article

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