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Interview Tips: Survive Psychological Testing

Cover of  by Stephanie Jones

If I was to say to you ?Watson Glaser Critical Thinking Analysis?, or ?Belbin Team Roles? you may think I was talking a foreign language! But these are just two of several psychological tests that are commonly employed by companies and headhunters around the country as part of their recruitment process.

Psychological tests are becoming an increasingly popular way for companies to screen candidates for potential jobs. Whether you think they are worthwhile or not, it is important that, as a job-seeker, you are familiar with the different types of tests and that you understand what is being asked of you in the different circumstances.

To help you feel more at ease with the world of psychological testing, Dr Stephanie Jones has written a comprehensive guide to the most popular recruitment and career development tests, in her book Psychological Testing. We have one copy of this invaluable book to give away in our next book giveaway ? find out about the competition here. In the meantime, follow Stephanie?s top 10 tips to help you prepare for your next psychological test:

10 tips when going to be psychologically tested for a new job

Don?t try to second-guess what the potential employer might be looking for ? be yourself!

Make sure they will give you a feedback session afterwards, and not just a written, computer-generated report. You are spending your valuable time on this. You deserve a feedback session with a trained psychologist.

Ask them about why they are using psychological testing. If they say ?to save time? ? not so good. If they say ?to compare with existing employees ? we?ve been using this test for years and it?s very helpful for matching the right person to the right job? ? more encouraging!

Ask them why they are using this particular test and not others ? appear knowledgeable and savvy to potential employers.

Ask them ahead of time about the psychological tests they use and look them up in the book. If they are not there, check them out on the website of the British Psychological Society. If they are not there either it might be that the potential employer is using a ?cheap and dirty? exercise. Draw your own conclusions!

Take your time during the test but don?t ponder too long.

Try to be consistent or it might look like you are trying to present yourself in an unnatural way.

If you don?t understand the wording ask the test administrator for an explanation.

Ask for the test in your native language if this is not English. Many reputable tests are available in many languages. Most tests are designed for native speakers.

If you don?t get the job ? it is probably not that you ?failed? the test, unless it?s not a personality test as such but testing specific technical skills, which you don?t have. Most hiring decisions are based on interviews and competencies as well, not on psychological test results alone.

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