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Press and Publicity

The Origin of Financial Crises
Times of India
25th May 2009
The Origin of Financial Crises This book provides an analysis of the forces behind today\'s economic crisis. The author challenges the core principles of today\'s economic orthodoxy. He... Read Full Article

Orwell Cometh: A Look Inside the Surveillance Society
Pajamas Media
22nd May 2009
Praise for the US Edition: Is England a police state? It?s hard not to think so given that the nation?s public spaces brim with 4.2 million surveillance cameras. Indeed, the United King... Read Full Article

The Best of ?Woodstock for Capitalists,? Part 3 The Most Logical Answer
Jeff Matthews Blogspot
21st May 2009
The Best of ?Woodstock for Capitalists,? Part 3: The Most Logical Answer The Midas Touch; Good Businesses and Bad Businesses; and Moats Filling Up with Sand. ?Years ago y... Read Full Article

Broker\'s not broke
The Mail on Sunday
17th May 2009
Back in 1994, self-styled mediocre broker Jim Parton penned a hilarious memoir of his rise and fall in the markets - The Bucks Stop Here. The ex-public schoolboy had lost everything - h... Read Full Article

\'Don\'t say I was wrong\' - Chris Woodhead is suffering from motor neurone disease but his guns are
12th May 2009
There are few giants in education as big as Chris Woodhead. Love him or loathe him, his tenure as chief inspector of schools was full of incident and drama. His rows with the teaching profession were ... Read Full Article

Middle-class pupils have better genes, says Chris Woodhead
12th May 2009
Some children are born \"not very bright\" and education ministers will never be able to change that, former chief schools inspector Chris Woodhead claims today. Woodhead, scourge of th... Read Full Article

The Next Crash - Russell Napier sees another meltdown
Financial Times
8th May 2009
Russell Napier interviewed by the Financial Times... Read Full Article

City Interview : I\'m not going just yet, says Peter Hargreaves
Daily Mail
7th May 2009
City Interview: I\'m not going just yet, says Peter Hargreaves By Ian Lyall Peter Hargreaves is riled. And he doesn\'t hold back. The Chancellor bears the brunt of his ire, but t... Read Full Article

The Road to Big Brother
Technical Analysis Today
2nd May 2009
Praise for the US Edition: So many times the obvious contradictions that surround us go unnoticed. In our high-tech society, one such contradiction is the apparent acceptance by the gen... Read Full Article

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