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The Seduction of Above Average
Of Dollars and Data
13th August 2019
I know you have heard it many times before. Net of fees, most professional stock pickers can’t beat the market. As Brian Portnoy stated in The Geometry of Wealth: "Decades’ worth of data ... Read Full Article

Now That Bitcoin 'is Digital Gold,' Which Crypto is For Payments?
Crypto News
10th August 2019
At the same time, the much-hyped Lightning Network is still a long way from being deployed as a fully workable scaling solution. And as Glen Goodman, the author of The Crypto Trader, tells Cryptonews.... Read Full Article

Book Review: 7 Financial Models for Analysts, Investors and Finance Professionals
Master Investor
5th August 2019
Overall, 7 Financial Models ... is an excellent practical guide for private investors looking to gain an edge in the markets. While financial modelling can often be a complex subject, the theory behin... Read Full Article

Sentiment Speaks: You Better Behave Yourself In This Market
Seeking Alpha
30th July 2019
As I often do, when I go on vacation, I will take at least one book suggested to me by one of my members. And, on my recent pilgrimage to the House Of Mouse, I brought along the book “The Behavioral... Read Full Article

Dodgy accounting, mental glitches and killer robots – just a few of my holiday reading tips
27th July 2019
The Behavioral Investor by Daniel Crosby (2018) I enjoyed this book on behavioural investing a lot (Crosby is a US author, hence the US spelling), and not just because it... Read Full Article

Jason Butler: Is your advice based on myths?
Money Marketing
25th July 2019
Myth 3 – A client’s investment portfolio should meet or beat a relevant investment index or benchmark The only benchmark that matters is meeting one’s personal financial life goal... Read Full Article

#65 Glen Goodman - Making Money in Cryptocurrencies – Gold & Silver
State of the Markets Podcast
18th July 2019
Home of the Financial & Media Podcast With Tim Price & Paul Rodriguez... Read Full Article

Book Review: The Crypto Trader
Master Investor
11th July 2019
While many traders are still nursing wounds from the recent crash, Goodman remains an advocate of the cryptocurrency market, believing there are still many opportunities to make money. In fact, he goe... Read Full Article

Is now the worst time to be retired?
The Telegraph
7th July 2019
Your Retirement Salary, a new book co-written by Richard Evans, The Telegraph's Questor Editor, suggests selling investments gradually. It recommends that investors take income from dividends and supp... Read Full Article

112 - Richard Evans - Your Retirement Salary
Maven Money Podcast
5th July 2019
In this episode of the Maven Money Personal Finance Podcast… Andy is joined by Questor editor at The Telegraph, and author of the new book "Your Retirement Salary", Richard Evans. Qui... Read Full Article

July Recommended Books
Steveo's Novel Ideas
3rd July 2019
There are few things that can improve the quality of life more than reading a book. Whether it's teaching you how to do something new or taking you to another universe, a good book is a rare treat. Ad... Read Full Article

My Summer 2019 Reading List
Bamford Media
2nd July 2019
The Behavioral Investor, by Dr Daniel Crosby The most successful Financial Planners of the future will combine financial planning, investment management, and behavioural coaching.... Read Full Article

My Summer 2019 Reading List
The American Asociation of Individual Investors
2nd July 2019
There are two key traits that every contrarian needs: skepticism and patience. Here’s what to consider before you rush to invest in companies that have fallen from grace.... John Step... Read Full Article

Interview: The Way Of Trading With Ian Murphy
Stocks & Commodities
18th June 2019
Ian Murphy trades his own account using trend-following, swing trading, and daytrading strategies. He studied under experienced traders such as Alexander Elder and Kerry Lovvorn. Working in metal recy... Read Full Article

A weekend crypto read from Glen Goodman
Interactive Investor
13th June 2019
If you are looking for an accessible and breezy read on all-things crypto you could start with Glen Goodman's book The Crypto Trader: How Anyone can Make Money Trading Bitcoin and Other Cryptocurrenci... Read Full Article

Timely title for a book about investment
Money & Media
10th June 2019
The next time I’m asked for book recommendations, I’ll happily add a third volume to the list, namely, John Stepek’s ‘The Sceptical Investor’ which was only published a few months ago.... Read Full Article

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