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Dodging spy cameras is a mission impossible!
Cambridge Evening News
30th January 2008
\"In the midst of writing his new book, The Road to Southend Pier, Ross was investigating Britain\'s surveillance culture. With an incredible 4.2 million CCTV cameras currently filming in the UK - tha... Read Full Article

Simon Mayo
BBC Radio Five Live
29th January 2008
Interview with Ross Clark.... Read Full Article

Clearing the clouds of confusion, bt Vijay L. Bhambwani
DNA Money
28th January 2008
\"The author has explained the history of candlesticks and cloud charts in the initial chapters and the reader gets a hang of the underlying systems that went into the construction of these charts. Th... Read Full Article

Hack aims to help boozy brokers, by Marcel Le Gouais
Mortgage Strategy
28th January 2008
\"A financial journalist has published a book that could help brokers battle their drink problems. Edmund Tirbutt says that with the publication of Beat the Booze, co-written with his wife Helen, he w... Read Full Article

Radio 4 celebrates Paddington Bear
The Bookseller
25th January 2008
\"To celebrate the 50th birthday of Paddington Bear, BBC Radio 4 has produced a half-hour programme on Paddington, presented by children\'s author Michael Morpurgo. The station placed 50 Paddington Be... Read Full Article

Trying to keep track of the railway boss, by Martin Waller
Times Online: City Diary
24th January 2008
\"Did you know that on days on which there is a full moon, the FTSE100 index rises disproportionately? It does, claims this year\'s UK Stock Market Almanac from Harriman House. And strong market turni... Read Full Article

Time to tackle booze in the boardroom, by Adrie van der Luijt
Director of Finance Online
24th January 2008
\"The majority of people with drink problems are employed and the problem can be found in the boardroom as well as further down the organisation. This is why financial journalist Edmund Tirbutt and hi... Read Full Article

Beat the Booze, by Steve Alker
Unimax Solutions Newsletter
24th January 2008
\"It\'s not often that I send you out an email which is not directly about marketing but I am doing this because I think that it is such an important and useful book for everyone involved in my subjec... Read Full Article

Great books for 08, by Dominic Picarda
Investors Chronicle
24th January 2008
\"Time and seasonality often get overlooked in the investment decision-making process. This is unfortunate, as the calendar can have an important influence on stock market behaviour. Now in its fourth... Read Full Article

Great books for 08, by Dominic Picarda
Investors Chronicle
24th January 2008
\"The 1st edition of The Naked Trader - which detailed Robbie\'s favourite money-making strategies - was a smash-hit. This updated 2nd edition seems to have all the ingredients that contributed to tha... Read Full Article

Great books for 08, by Dominic Picarda
Investors Chronicle
24th January 2008
\"Michael Kahn\'s new book is a nice, clear attempt to explain the art of technical analysis to novices. Plain English and an easy writing style do a good job of getting across the basics. The emphasi... Read Full Article

On the drink brink
Money Marketing
24th January 2008
\"Financial journalist Edmund Tirbutt is offering IFAs a discount on his new book called Beat the Booze. Co-written with his wife Helen, the book aims to provide a guide to combating drink problems fo... Read Full Article

New clinics tackle drinking
BBC South East Today
23rd January 2008
\"Health professionals have warned of a serious drink problem developing in high income households.\" Interview with Edmund Tirbutt.... Read Full Article

Beat the Booze Giveaway
Money Saving Expert
23rd January 2008
\"Martin\'s blagged 15 copies of the book \'Beat The Booze\' for MoneySavers to have a read (if you get a copy please return here and write a review of it).\"... Read Full Article

Book of the week
The Adam Smith Institute
20th January 2008
\"With my Christmas and New Year only just subsiding, I\'m tempted to recommend this new title (published 28 January): Beat the Booze by Edmund Tirbutt and Helen Tirbutt. But it\'s really about dealin... Read Full Article

Book of the week
The Adam Smith Institute
20th January 2008
\"More to my taste, though, is Junk Medicine: Doctors, Lies and the Addiction Bureaucracy by iconoclastic doc Theodore Dalrymple. Almost everything you know about heroin addiction is wrong, he says. H... Read Full Article

Books: Paddington\'s birthday
The Independent
18th January 2008
\"Paddington, who lately discovered a penchant for Marmite, celebrates his 50th birthday this year. His big birthday also inspires a memoir by Shirley Clarkson, maker of the first Paddington toys. \'B... Read Full Article

Boris stops British book, by Graeme Neill
The Bookseller
18th January 2008
\"Harriman House published The Little Book of Boris last autumn...\"... Read Full Article

Paul Carrington Show
BBC Radio Leeds
17th January 2008
Interview with Edmund and Helen Tirbutt.... Read Full Article

Are YOU drinking too much?, by Lucy Elkins
The Daily Mail
15th January 2008
\"Helen\'s struggle with alcohol forms the background of a book she has written with her husband, himself a former heavy drinker. Beat The Booze offers advice to others who want to cut down or cut out... Read Full Article

The Afternoon Show
BBC Radio Essex
15th January 2008
Interview with Ross Clark.... Read Full Article

Couple travels for a year without missing work
13th January 2008
\"Grace Cheng makes her living by trading money online ( ) and has also authored a book on forex trading (\'7 Winning Strategies For Trading Forex\' Harriman House, 2007).\"... Read Full Article

The Jeni Barnett Show
LBC 97.3
11th January 2008
Interview and phone-in with Edmund and Helen Tirbutt.... Read Full Article

iBall interviews Robbie Burns
11th January 2008
\"Don?t worry, we haven?t summoned the spirit of the rutting Scottish poet. But we have got some sweet, sweet lines of investing poetry for you. The original Robbie Burns spent quite a lot of time by ... Read Full Article

The naked truth, by John Marshall
10th January 2008
\"Robbie Burns (aka \'The Naked Trader\') boasts that he has made £500,000 from the stock market since 1999. This success enabled him to sell his cafe in Putney to concentrate on being a full time ma... Read Full Article

Gold - the key to slashing government waste, by Dominic Frisby
Money Week
9th January 2008
\"Elsewhere in the news, the papers are full of the Tories\' new plans to clamp down on benefit fraud. The Welfare State is of course a supreme example of government hyper-inefficiency, wasting vast s... Read Full Article

Guardian Unlimited
9th January 2008
\"The Backbencher has a very enjoyable read to give away this week - Lionel Zetter\'s The Political Campaigning Handbook, courtesy of Harriman House. Not only is it just the thing for anyone thinking ... Read Full Article

Dominic King Show
BBC Radio Kent
8th January 2008
Interview with Edmund and Helen Tirbutt.... Read Full Article

Drivetime with Chris Evans
BBC Radio 2
7th January 2008
Interview with Shirley Clarkson. \"Jeremy\'s mum Shirley Clarkson, has her very own claim to fame. She was the first producer of the classic Paddington Bear Toys based on the books by M... Read Full Article

Early morning with Julia Booth
BBC Radio York
6th January 2008
Interview with Edmund and Helen Tirbutt.... Read Full Article

7 days: Clarkson coshed, by Oliver Marre
The Observer
6th January 2008
\"In the past, Jeremy Clarkson has recalled that his mother, Shirley, would throw frying pans at him if he brought home a bad school report. Now Mrs C has the chance to strike back, having signed a de... Read Full Article

Substance abuse: Health and wellbeing - Fix the addiction
Human Resources
4th January 2008
\"Edmund Tirbutt, reformed alcoholic and author of Beat the Booze, believes HR professionals simply do not know where to start. \"These are some of the most complicated cases HR will ever come across,... Read Full Article

Mid morning with Alison Brown and Sally Naden
BBC Radio Lancashire
3rd January 2008
Interview with Edmund and Helen Tirbutt.... Read Full Article

Mid Morning, with Joe Talbot
BBC Southern Counties Radio
2nd January 2008
Interview with Edmund and Helen Tirbutt.... Read Full Article

Naked Option, by reviewer Ginger Szala
Futures Magazine
1st January 2008
\"If you are headed to the beach for a break this winter, or just want a quick read on the train, this is the book to take. Joe Kolman?s \'Naked Option\' is a fun read, steeped in Wall Street speak an... Read Full Article

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