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Press and Publicity

Letters to the Telegraph: How Brown lost our trust
31st May 2008
\"Sir - For the last week I have been conducting a small experiment in my bookstore, displaying two books in the most prominent part of the window. The Prudence of Gordon Brown has been on offer at 10... Read Full Article

We must kick our methadone habit, by Theodore Dalrymple
Times Online
30th May 2008
\"Theodore Dalrymple is a retired prison doctor and author of \'Junk Medicine: Doctors, Lies and the Addiction Bureaucracy\'.\"... Read Full Article

DonĂ¢??t let the cost of living get you down - start a business from home
30th May 2008
\"We spoke with a friend of, Emma Jones author of \'Spare Room Start Up: How to start a business from home\', and the founder and editor of Enterprise Nation (www.enterprisenation... Read Full Article

I\'ve started so I\'ll finish, by Mark Barber
Times Online: Business
29th May 2008
\"Emma Jones is the founder and managing director of Redbrick Enterprises, a company that advises local authorities and regional development agencies on promoting and increasing home enterprise, and i... Read Full Article

The Capitalist: Under the Weather
City AM
28th May 2008
\"The first book to pick over the scraps of the Northern Rock disaster is here and it has been written by someone who was actually in the thick of things. \'The Fall Of Northern Rock: An Insider\'s St... Read Full Article

Wake Up To Money: Rock Book
BBC Radio Five Live
27th May 2008
\"Northern Rock\'s former manager of the commercial finance division, Brian Walters, speaks to us about his book on the fall of Northern Rock.\"... Read Full Article

BBC Radio Scotland
27th May 2008
Interview with Brian Walters.... Read Full Article

BBC Radio Newcastle
27th May 2008
Interview with Brian Walters.... Read Full Article

BBC Radio Wales
27th May 2008
Interview with Brian Walters.... Read Full Article

Dermot Murnaghan
Sky News
27th May 2008
Interview with Brian Walters.... Read Full Article

Business News, with Aaron Heslehurst
BBC News
27th May 2008
Interview with Brian Walters at The London Stock Exchange.... Read Full Article

More or Less
BBC Radio 4
26th May 2008
Interview with Stephen Eckett.... Read Full Article

Jamie Owen Show
BBC Radio Wales
22nd May 2008
Interview with Emma Jones.... Read Full Article

Book of the Week
The Daily Telegraph Business Club
20th May 2008
\"In \'Spare Room Start Up\', serial entrepreneur and home business expert Emma Jones shows just how easy it is to start and run a successful business from your spare room by focusing on the specific ... Read Full Article

For some, home is where their craft is, by Guy Clapperton
The Daily Telegraph
20th May 2008
\"Emma Jones is the author of Spare Room Start Up. She says: \"I left corporate employment at the age of 27, started my own business from home, sold it and left 15 months later,\" she says. \"In doing... Read Full Article

Book Review, by Heather Bestel
Imperfectly Natural
19th May 2008
\"Emma Jones at Enterprise Nation is the UK\'s leading expert on working from home and so I was looking forward with some excitement to reading her new book, \'Spare Room Start Up\'. It\'s all about h... Read Full Article

Why can\'t women start businesses?, by Tara Evans
This is Money
19th May 2008
\"Entrepreneur and author Emma Jones set up her own business in her spare room. She claims that running her own business gave her more flexibility between her home and work life. Emma, who believes th... Read Full Article

Book Review, by Grant Griffiths
Home Office Warrior
18th May 2008
\"One of my favorite past times is reading. My only problem, I donĂ¢??t get to do as much as I would like. Recently I had the pleasure of reading a new book about working at home from the publisher of... Read Full Article

Book Review, by Robert Pugh
The eBay UK Bulletin
16th May 2008
\"If you are considering starting your own business from home and don\'t know where to start, check out the new book from Emma Jones. Emma is a regular contributor to this bulletin and runs the top no... Read Full Article

BBC Local Radio
16th May 2008
Interviews with Emma Jones broadcast on: BBC Radio Cornwall BBC Radio Newcastle BBC Radio York BBC Radio Birmingham BBC Radio Gloucestershire BBC Radi... Read Full Article

BFBS British Forces Radio
16th May 2008
Interview with Emma Jones.... Read Full Article

Some sobering thoughts about alcohol, by Edmund and Helen Tirbutt
Stress News
16th May 2008
\"Beat the Booze is a new jargon-free book published by Harriman House which has received outstanding reviews from alcohol experts. It aims to help anyone who wishes to cut out or cut down alcohol - e... Read Full Article

Book Review, by Heather Bestel
A Little Bit of Me Time
15th May 2008
\"Not the usual boring business book. This sleek and stylish coffee table edition makes you want to get out there and start your own business. It\'s practical and friendly and easy to understand. It\'... Read Full Article

Book Review, by Sonya Murray
The Baby Gurus
14th May 2008
\"Emma\'s book is both logical and practical. By following this book I am sure many spare room start ups would have an easier start - I wish I had a chance to read this when we started The Baby Gurus,... Read Full Article

Worth a Read
EnterQuest Bulletin (Issue 263)
14th May 2008
\"This book covers the issues affecting home-based start ups and is from Emma Jones, creator of the Enterprise Nation website. Emma uses her own experiences and lessons learned to guide the reader thr... Read Full Article

Is it a disease, or not?, by Dr. Fred Hansen
Adam Smith Institute Blog
13th May 2008
\"For a very long time doctors who worked with drug addicts have stated that addiction to illicit drugs like heroin is not stronger than that to legal drugs like cigarettes. But this message has not r... Read Full Article

Breakfast with Tony Snell
BBC Radio Merseyside
13th May 2008
Interview with Emma Jones.... Read Full Article

Keeping the wolf at eBay, by Joanne O\'Connell
The Sunday Express
11th May 2008
\"By shopping wisely, mothers-to-be can save thousands of pounds, says Wiz Wharton, author of How to Have a Baby on eBay (Harriman House Publishing).\"... Read Full Article

Big Brother? Hardly. The CCTV cameras don\'t work - and actually make crime even worse, by Ross Clar
The Daily Mail
7th May 2008
\"The revelation that only three per cent of London street robberies are solved by CCTV cameras comes as no surprise to me. A year ago this week I was standing in the rain on Southend Pier, waving at ... Read Full Article

Book Review, by Lucinda Baring
Spectator Business
6th May 2008
\"Philip Beresford, the author of the Sunday Times annual Rich List, has combined forces with historian William D. Rubinstein to find the wealthiest people in British history. The list is dominated by... Read Full Article

Book of the Month
Better Business Focus
1st May 2008
\"A friendly and stylish, full colour guide which focuses on the specific issues that affect home business start ups. With serial entrepreneur and home business expert Emma Jones as your guide, you wi... Read Full Article

Book Review, by Dr Girish Patel
Pulse Today
1st May 2008
\"A comprehensive guide to fighting alcohol dependence comes under our reviewer\'s spotlight. Beat the booze is an easy-to-read book aimed specifically at those with alcohol dependence and their famil... Read Full Article

Books for Traders, by Bruce Faber
Technical Analysis of Stocks and Commodities
1st May 2008
\"This is one simple, albeit high-quality, tool that will enhance your chances of trading profitably. This book strips out the fancy indicators and gives you the basics needed to look at a chart and g... Read Full Article

May Business Update: Business Book of the Month, by Andrew Lake
1st May 2008
\"Maybe the answer is to avoid the world of big business and high finance altogether. May sees the inauguration of a dedicated monthly Business book selection in stores - the first is \'Spare Room Sta... Read Full Article

May Business Update, by Andrew Lake
1st May 2008
\"It\'s clear that the catalyst for events in the UK was the fall of Northern Rock in September last year. Brian Walters worked for Northern Rock from 2005 until early 2008, after 36 years in the bank... Read Full Article

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