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Having a GAS with...Andy Nairn, Founder of Lucky Generals
Having a GAS!
31st March 2021
Andy has written a new book called 'Go Luck Yourself: 40 ways to stack the odds in your brand's favour', which you can pre-order here. In the book, one of the world’s leading brand stra... Read Full Article

The No-Nonsense Guide To Saving For A House Deposit
24th March 2021
In her new book, Own It! How Our Generation Can Invest Our Way to a Better Future, Iona Bain, financial expert and founder of the Young Money Blog, explores the routes young people can take when it co... Read Full Article

Hired for the Work, Fired for the Relationship: 5 Steps to Overlook Agency Blind Spots and Keep Clients Happy
CeoWorld Magazine
24th March 2021
Take it from a couples counselor and client relationship consultant: it’s always tempting to compare your relationship with your client to a marriage. It’s also true that the agency-client relatio... Read Full Article

Greenwich Investment Guru Ted Seides on turning a podcast into guidebook for CIOS
Fairfield County Business Journal
22nd March 2021
“What the book is not is a 'definitive guide' to anything. Instead I wanted to focus on the tools a CIO needs, the framework and how you go about the investing process.”... Read Full Article

29-year markets vet Ted Seides has interviewed hundreds of investment chiefs. He told us the 4 best pieces of advice he's learned about growing wealth, and the biggest misconception about the role.
Business Insider
22nd March 2021
But what has arguably showcased Seides' exposure the most to not only the biggest names but their insights as well is his Capital Allocators podcast. Launched in 2017 — and recently compiled as part... Read Full Article

Lessons From How Professionals Invest Their Money
The AAII Journal
19th March 2021
There’s an old quip that personal finance is more per-sonal than finance. Though perhaps too clever, this still reveals a truth only sparingly mentioned among serious financial experts: There is no ... Read Full Article

MONEY MATTERS 20 easy money saving tips to make you richer, including no spend months and saving challenges
The Sun
18th March 2021
In his book, The Meaningful Money Handbook, Pete Matthew also highlights how budgeting is the key to managing your finances. He says: "When deciding how much you should spend on what ea... Read Full Article
Yahoo Finance News
18th March 2021
This week, Tracey is going solo to talk about the hottest new investing book in 2021. It’s Morgan Housel’s “The Psychology of Money”. Have you read it? ... Read Full Article

Real life dating will soon be back on the cards, but watch out for men who control through money
17th March 2021
You can hear Iona discussing green money on the Own It! podcast, which she hosts. She is also founder of Young Money Blog and author of Own It!... Read Full Article

Millennial Investing
17th March 2021
On today’s show, Robert Leonard talks with Adam Mead about his book, “The Complete Financial History of Berkshire Hathaway: A Chronological Analysis of Warren Buffett and Charlie Munger’s Conglo... Read Full Article

Ricketts: Fall Of Woodford Important Issue For Retail Investors
16th March 2021
Before being forced to stop redemptions from his flagship fund, Neil Woodford was a poster-boy for U.K. fund management after evading the worst of the Dot Com bubble and the 2008 financial crash, and ... Read Full Article

The Evidence-Based Investor
16th March 2021
But every now and again a book comes along that genuinely does break new ground on a particular topic, while also neatly curating the essential information the reader needs to know. Jus... Read Full Article

Started A Lockdown Side Hustle? Here’s The Money Advice You Need
16th March 2021
Iona Bain, author of Own It!, offers advice on side hustles, making the most of your extra income, and how to make sure you're not committing tax fraud. ... Read Full Article

Amy's Bookshelf
16th March 2021
Own It! by Iona Bain is a finance book targeted at younger generations attempting and remove the smokescreen shrouding pensions, mortgages, savings, and investing and make it less intimidating. Bain e... Read Full Article

Personal Finances News – 3 lessons I learned from ‘The Psychology of Money’
Fintech Zoom
15th March 2021
“The Psychology of Money” by Morgan Housel helped me work through some of the mental aspects of money management that I didn’t have a handle on. Here’s what stood out to me the most. ... Read Full Article

The Complete Financial History of Berkshire Hathaway
CFO Bookshelf
13th March 2021
In any Amazon book search, one can find some 200 titles about Warren Buffett, Charlie Munger or Berkshire Hathaway. Yet, the book Adam Mead was searching for never existed – a complete listing of ev... Read Full Article

David Ricketts: ‘When the Fund stops’…with TRE’s Bill Padley
Talk Radio Europe
12th March 2021
David Ricketts joins the Talk Radio Europe team to discuss his new book depicting the downfall of Neil Woodford, When The Fund Stops.... Read Full Article

Breaking down the top mistakes people make when planning for retirement
Yahoo Finance News
12th March 2021
Author of ‘Your Complete Guide to a Successful and Secure Retirement,’ Larry Swedroe, joined Yahoo Finance Live to discuss to major mistakes people make when planning for retirement.... Read Full Article

Interview with David De Cremer on how we look at the relationship between AI and humanity
National University of Singapore
11th March 2021
The European Business Review devoted its entire January-February 2021 issue to AiTH and our thought leadership. In this video you'll find the cover of the special issue and an interview with David De ... Read Full Article

Further Reading: What can we learn from the Woodford scandal?
Investors Chronicle
8th March 2021
Ricketts' book ably traces Woodford's growing confidence (and later hubris), the conflicts that began to emerge at what is now Invesco, where his interest in unquoted companies would prompt concerns, ... Read Full Article

Book Club - When the Fund Stops with David Ricketts
4th March 2021
Show hosts Dan Mikulskis and Mary Spencer bring on David Ricketts onto the show to discuss his book 'When The Fund Stops.'... Read Full Article

Those needing to withdraw cash from their LISAs during the Covid pandemic shouldn’t be punished
3rd March 2021
Iona discusses Lifetime Isas on the latest episode of the Own It! podcast, which she hosts. She is also founder of Young Money Blog and author of Own It!... Read Full Article

The 9 best investing books to read if you're freaking out about the stock market
Business Insider
1st March 2021
If you've always wondered how your financial planner or that investing expert you see on TV invests their cash, this is the book for you. In this collection of essays by leading experts, the methods t... Read Full Article

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