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Psychological Testing ? The essential guide to using & surviving the most popular recruitment and ca
My Wonderful Life Coach
30th July 2010
Psychological Testing - The essential guide to using & surviving the most popular recruitment and career development tests - Stephanie Jones Reviewed by Valerie Dwyer - Serial Entrepren... Read Full Article

Start-Up Smart?How to start and build a successful business on a budget
My Wonderful Life Coach
28th July 2010
Start-Up Smart ? How to start and build a successful business on a budget - Robin Bennett - Harriman House - ISBN 978-1906659837 Reviewed by Valerie Dwyer - Serial Entrepreneur, Coach,... Read Full Article

Book Review: \'Behavioural Technical Analysis\' by Paul Azzopardi
Seeking Alpha
23rd July 2010
When it comes to investing or trading, the most important insight for any individual is how psychology and emotion are affecting their buy and sell decisions. This helps explain why two people with a... Read Full Article

Working 5 to 9: How to start a successful business in your spare time, by Emma Jones
Director Magazine
20th July 2010
Emma Jones is founder of online community Enterprise Nation, a well-respected resource for anyone running a home business. She is therefore expert at combining the domestic and the entrepreneurial. He... Read Full Article

Bill Jamieson: An excellent study of the century\'s stormy years
The Scotsman
19th July 2010
YEARS may be equal in length, but some are far longer than others. In financial markets, a decade can seem short while one year can be epochal. The years that stand out for me are 1974, 1975, 1981, 19... Read Full Article

The Handbook of Alternative Assets
19th July 2010
Peter Temple is a former fund manager and now a writer aiming at the private investor. He publishes regularly in the Financial Times and Investors Chronicle, often discussing his own financial and al... Read Full Article

Lets Get Together - Summer Reading Recommendations
The Guardian
17th July 2010
David Miliband Mark Oaten\'s Coalition (Harriman House) is a history of coalition-making since 1850 and has a fascinating chapter looking forward to the election just gone. I think we\'... Read Full Article

Books - The Ultra High Net Worth Banker\'s Handbook
Millionaire Lifestyle Magazine
15th July 2010
In this detailed book the authors, Heinrich Weber and Stephan Meier, dispense authoritative advice, gained from long careers in wealth management, in order to address the complex relationships between... Read Full Article

Books - The Commodities Investor
Millionaire Lifestyle Magazine
15th July 2010
Commodities present a good way for investors to diversify their portfolios away from equities, especially with the growth in quantity and range of ETFs available. This book provides an ... Read Full Article

Competition for budding entrepreneurs
Financial Mail Women\'s Forum
14th July 2010
Competition for budding entrepreneurs A new competition has been launched for budding entrepreneurs between 18-25. Five winners ? from the categories services, manufactur... Read Full Article

A History of the London Stock Market 1945-2009
UK Analyst
10th July 2010
A History of the London Stock Market 1945-2009 is the latest edition of George G. Blakey\'s detailed and lively review of the world\'s most famous and important equity exchange. Blakey is well versed ... Read Full Article

Coalition: The Politics and Personalities of Coalition Government from 1850
The British Politics Group Quarterly No. 140
7th July 2010
Although this book was published three years ago, it anticipated that the 2010 general election might produce a coalition government and the book\'s commentary on past coalition governments should be ... Read Full Article

High Performance Trading: 35 practical strategies and techniques to enhance your trading psychology
Educational Book Review
7th July 2010
The book is based on the authors personal practical experience in coaching and training, the latest research, and advice from the leading readers, coaches and trading psychologists. It also offers som... Read Full Article

Predatory Trading and Crowded Exits
Your Trading Edge Magazine
6th July 2010
In \'Predatory Trading and Crowded Exits\' Clunie tries to explain some of the reasons trades don\'t always perform as you expect or as computer or analytical models suggest they should. ... Read Full Article

Matt Finnigan & Pete Nordsted - The Essential World Cup Betting Guide 2010
Casino Online
2nd July 2010
Pete Nordsted, the author of Mastering Betfair is back in style with his latest effort, The Essential World Cup Betting Guide 2010. Working closely with co-author Matt Finnigan, a sports trader extrao... Read Full Article

The Commodities Investor - A beginner\'s Guide to diversifying your portfolio with commodities
Share Crazy
1st July 2010
Any investor would be well-advised to devote a part of their portfolio to commodities. Whether it be a position in oil and industrial minerals to take advantage of a booming world economy or an intere... Read Full Article

Understanding Company News: How to interpret stock market announcements
Share Crazy
1st July 2010
espected financial journalist Rodney Hobson is back with his third book focussed on explaining the workings of the stock market and how to profit from it. Following his first two offerings, Shares Mad... Read Full Article

The Handbook of Alternative Assets
Velocity, CityJet Journal
1st July 2010
Alternative assets offer a proven means of diversifying your financial portfolio away from the volatility of the markets. In the past, investors have looked to property, hedge funds or private equity ... Read Full Article

Modern Collectables - What It\'s Wort
Flybe Uncovered
1st July 2010
Toby Walne, author of 101 Extraordinary Investments - Curious, Unusual and Bizarre Ways to Make Money, counts the cost of today\'s treasures Comics Many superheroes, incl... Read Full Article

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