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Want to give up the day job? Read how 12 people did just that in ?Free Capital?, a new book profilin
SelfTrade StockTakes
27th June 2011
Wouldn?t life be better if you were free of the daily grind ? the conventional job and boss ? and instead succeeded or failed purely on the merits of your own investment choices? Free ... Read Full Article

Pitch it right
Flybe Uncovered
24th June 2011
Pitching for Small Business is the insider\'s guide to how to pitch products to high-street buyers. Written by Laura Rigney, an experienced saleswoman and founder of Pitcher House which helps individu... Read Full Article

Getting business done: Key next steps in IT-related business risk management
23rd June 2011
?We need more executive support!? is a refrain I frequently hear when teaching ISACA audiences. Yet, when I ask, ?Support for what?? I too often get a reply that is disconnected from revenue, cost or ... Read Full Article

Enterprise Show Interview
Talk Radio Europe
22nd June 2011
Laura was a guest on the Enterprise Show for Talk Radio Europe - 22nd June 2011... Read Full Article

Author Interview - What Would Milton Friedman Have Said Of The Credit Crunch?
Wealth Briefing
21st June 2011
It is fashionable these days to argue that the world needs new regulations to rein in private banks and prevent excesses of unfettered markets. Almost within days of the 2008 credit crunch disaster, s... Read Full Article

Starting a business in your spare time
Filament Magazine
20th June 2011
Increasing numbers of women are starting their own businesses, often around a full-time job and family life. Isabel Robson finds out how they do it. Illustrations by Michelle Shepley. W... Read Full Article

UK Analyst Book Review - Wall Street & Witchcraft
UK Analyst
15th June 2011
Investing is a funny profession. Unlike in most other industries, you can know absolutely nothing about finance but still do better than those whose make their day to day livings out of it. A proverbi... Read Full Article

Free Capital Review: How 12 investors made millions
13th June 2011
Free Capital (published by Harriman House) simply refers to the money surplus to immediate living expenses; it is the raw material that investors base their work on. The premise of ?Free Capital? is t... Read Full Article

Ask Five Questions Before Assessing Your Controls
ISACA Newsletter
8th June 2011
Risk and control assessments are basic tools. Everyone uses them and most struggle with them. Ask five people at a conference and you will find that even the name is not uniform?risk and control self-... Read Full Article

Traders Tools - Book Review: Free Capital
Traders Mag
7th June 2011
Wouldn\'t life be better if you were free of the daily grind ? the conventional job and boss ? and instead succeeded or failed purely on the merits of your own investment choices? Perso... Read Full Article

How to start a business for under £5,000
Bangor University
7th June 2011
Students, graduates and staff of the University recently learned how to start a business for less than £5,000 in a ?Start-Up Smart presentation organised by the B-Enterprising Project at the Careers ... Read Full Article

Book Review ? 50 Fantastic Franchises by Emma Jones and Sarah Clay
Start Up Business Book Reviews
7th June 2011
So you want to start a business but you haven?t got an idea of what to do? Or, you?ve got the energy but don?t like the thought of coming up with an idea which might fail, then what do you do? One ans... Read Full Article

Book Review: Free Capital
UK Shareholders Association
7th June 2011
he author profiles 12 successful private investors in the UK, teasing out their methodologies and their psychological makeup ? and its an interesting and encouraging book. Whilst he c... Read Full Article

Smart author inspires students to get a start
Worcester News
1st June 2011
A SUCCESSFUL entrepreneur and author visited the University of Worcester to talk to students about starting their own businesses. Robin Bennett, author of Start-up Smart, wanted to prov... Read Full Article

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