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Leaders are not maximising potential of flexible working
IoD Connect
29th July 2013
Today?s workplace ?isn?t fit for purpose? and leaders need to break free from it to find new ways of thinking and working. This is the view of Dave Coplin, Chief Envisioning Officer at Microsof... Read Full Article

Book Review
Traders' Magazine
26th July 2013
This concise and well written beginner-level guide to foreign exchange is something different, with the author?s approach established at the outset to be the fusion of fundamental and technical analys... Read Full Article

Business Reimagined: Book review
26th July 2013
Why is work so often inefficient and counter-productive? Can't technology help? Maybe ? but surprisingly given that its author is from Microsoft, this book doesn't think that all we need is the next s... Read Full Article

The Business of Creativity Book Launch
Book launch, The British Library
18th July 2013
The official launch of Michael Jacobsen's book at The British Library, July 18th 2013... Read Full Article

Brave new work: Making the 9-5 somewhere you want to be
BBC News
12th July 2013
Are you happy at work? If that seems like a loaded question - can you at least say you're interested in what you're doing, and feel motivated? If the answer is no, don't worr... Read Full Article

Business Reimagined: A Generation-Y Perspective
IDG Connect
10th July 2013
Dave Coplin is the chief envisioning officer for Microsoft UK and an established thought-leader in the UK when it comes to the application of technology to solve real-world problems. His new book, Bus... Read Full Article

Bosses ?have Victorian attitude to workforce?
Evening Standard
9th July 2013
British businesses are being held back because of their ?Victorian? attitudes to their employees and refusal to embrace new technology, according to a leading industry analyst. Dave Copli... Read Full Article

Book Review
FX Trader Magazine
8th July 2013
At the heart of Kathleen Brooks? trading philosophy is the principle that fundamental factors - in politics, economics and society - cause currency prices to move in the medium to long term, but throu... Read Full Article

Book Review
Seeking Alpha
6th July 2013
Home bias is well recognized in behavior finance phenomenon when an investor prefers stocks of companies located in the same country as the investor. To some extend home bias effect exist in finance l... Read Full Article

Business Reimagined: a book about business and technology that?s worth reading
PC Pro
4th July 2013
There?s a telling scene at the end of Business Reimagined, when its author Dave Coplin describes playing with the Xbox Kinect for the first time. After an hour of shouting commands such as ?Xbox play ... Read Full Article

Book Review
Traders' Magazine
1st July 2013
Shares Made Simple has been written for those who are new to stock market investment or who want to broaden and deepen their knowledge of how the stock market works. Anyone wishing to mak... Read Full Article

Book Review
Traders' Magazine
1st July 2013
As well Arabian revolution and cats that look like Hitler, the internet has given birth to widespread day trading. It?s come in two phases. Firstly, thanks to zippy 56k net connections, t... Read Full Article

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