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Business Reimagined

Why work isn't working and what you can do about it

By Dave Coplin
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About the Author

Dave Coplin

Dave Coplin is the Chief Envisioning Officer for Bing and Microsofts UK Advertising and Online business and a leading thought leader in the UK. He has worked across a wide range of sectors and customers, providing strategic advice, leadership and guidance around the impact of technology on a modern society both at work and in play.

Dave is passionate about turning the base metal of technology ... Read more on Dave Coplin

Contents Listing

About the Author
Foreword by Ben Hammersley

1. Is Business Broken?
Working like a Victorian
The antelope of the open office
Captain Kirk's inbox
Experience vs. innovation
The problem of productivity
Creative businesses are the future
How creativity works

2. Getting Flexible
The man with no office
True flexible working
Smarter, better collaboration
Inflexible about flexibility
Bums on seats
Being strategic

3. Being Social
Social wizardry
What is a social enterprise?
An almost elemental force
Flattened and frictionless
What social means for your business
A quicker way of moving
Social stumbles
An unstoppable wave
Virtual coffee
Everything together
Just the way things are

4. Managing to Change
Revolution in a slide show
The death of hierarchy
The end of efficiency
Management reimagined
Creative management culture
Educating self-direction
Engaging everyone

5. Reimagining Business
Beautiful but useless
The death of desks
Organisms rather than organisations
The knowledge of every job
The potential of the future
Being brave
Talking to your appliances

About the Author
Foreword by Ben Hammersley

1. Is Business Broken?
Working like a Victorian
The antelope of the open office
Captain Kirk's inbox
Experience vs. innovation
The problem of productivity
Creative businesses are the future
How creativity works

2. Getting Flexible
The man with no office
True flexible working
Smarter, better collaboration
Inflexible about flexibility
Bu ...

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Are you happy with the way you work? Are you engaged, energised in the office? Or do you sometimes feel that your days are dominated by process and technology?

Reimagining business is about waking up to a new environment, based on collaborative and flexible working, on technology that, used correctly, liberates rather than constrains. The future of work must be based on being open, on focusing on results, not process and on empowerment, not hierarchy.

Dave Coplin, Chief Envisioning Officer at Microsoft UK, has been immersed in the technologies that are making waves in the workplace. This is his call to reimagine business.


Professional Reviews

"This is a real insight into the changes that are taking place in how and where people are working - and what needs to change in the future. The challenge to work smarter impacts everyone - from some of the world's largest corporates to the ever growing network of small and new businesses. Working is becoming more mobile and more social, thanks to the technology we now have available and the changing nature of what we are doing. Changes are happening in all areas of work: where and when you work, who you sit with, how you choose to collaborate and connect, store and share data. This book gives a fascinating insight into that world." - James Friedenthal, MD Club Workspace

"Adapting how and when we work to meet the needs of a connected, always online society is one of the most important challenges faced by business. In Business Reimagined, Dave Coplin offers a blueprint for working better together." - Matthew Yeomans, Author and Consultant

"If you have ever wished that you could transform your approach to work and your working environment, you will be inspired by Dave Coplin and his vision for #bizreimagined." - Graham Bell, Networked Learning Director, Centre for Customised Executive Development, Cranfield School of Management

"A diatribe, polemic, samizdat: a hand-grenade lobbed in the general direction of Work 1.0" - Martin Veitch, IDG Connect

"Business Reimagined is a book about business and technology thatâ??s worth reading. It's an engaging, compact tome that could inspire business leaders to change the way they do things. Ignore its advice at your peril." - PC Pro

"A refreshing approach to the future of collaboration and how technology should liberate rather than constrain. Coplin's ideas for reforms to the workplace are incredibly appealing, offering to bring the way in which we work in line with the technological advances of the 21st century." - Sam Spencer, IDG Connect

"For me, this was something of a revelation. I would describe this author as an accidental guru, and as a business book, it has heaps to offer." - Business Money magazine

One of Marketing Magazine's "best books to find in your Christmas stocking: 5 not-to-be-missed business reads for marketers"

"Dave Coplin's little book is big on ideas. Take time out for a bit of advice from a self-confessed geek on stepping back, rethinking how you work and trying to look forward to a future of working smarter, not harder." - Aline Keuroghlian, head of marketing, Mr & Mrs Smith

"Contains plenty of practical assistance alongside the hopes for a better future" - Roger Trapp, Forbes

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