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Book Club Video: Hypnotrading
IG Trading / New.Markets TV
29th February 2016
VIDEO: Catherine Stott, author of Hypno Trading, looks at key things traders can do to improve their skills when it comes to managing emotion and discipline. ... Read Full Article

How have regulations impacted asset managers?
World Finance
16th February 2016
VIDEO: Asset management and financial industries in general have changed dramatically since the 2008 crisis World Finance asked Yoram Lustig, author of Multi-Asset Investing, how regulate... Read Full Article

Book review: Quality Investing
Strictly Value
15th February 2016
Quality Investing is a great guide for investing in wonderful companies for the long term. The authors are portfolio managers at AKO Capital, supported by Prof. Lawrence Cunningham, who has compiled W... Read Full Article

Cunningham et al., Quality Investing
Reading the Markets
14th February 2016
Quality Investing: Owning the Best Companies for the Long Term (Harriman House, 2016) by Lawrence A. Cunningham, Torkell T. Eide, and Patrick Hargreaves brings the principles that have made the London... Read Full Article

How to protect yourself from scams
12th February 2016
Review by Matthew Partridge Almost all of us have been approached by a scammer at some point in our lives - if you're an active investor, you probably fend off regular calls from such peo... Read Full Article

Leading market historian: 'Shares could halve from here'
The Telegraph
12th February 2016
Financial historian Russell Napier gives his take on how to spot the bottom of a bear market Not all bear markets are created equal. Some matter and some do not. The technical defin... Read Full Article

Book Club Video: Anatomy of a bear market: Lessons from Wall Street?s four great bottoms
IG Trading / New.Markets TV
11th February 2016
VIDEO: The current bear market has a while to run, argues Russell Napier, Author of 'Anatomy of the Bear: Lessons from Wall Street's four great bottoms'. Look at cash, look at gold, and wait for stock... Read Full Article

Wheat and chaff in the IPO market
Investors Chronicle
11th February 2016
For the private investor, waiting for the latest initial public offerings is a bit like waiting to see what is on offer in the office canteen. There is no guarantee what exactly will turn up, the stat... Read Full Article

Piper, The Way to Trade Better
Reading the Markets
10th February 2016
John Piper, the author of The Way to Trade, has written a sequel: The Way to Trade Better: Transform Your Trading into a Successful Business (Harriman House, 2016). The book is most useful for the beg... Read Full Article

How can we tell we have hit market bottom?
World Finance
8th February 2016
VIDEO: The cyclical nature of financial markets gives confidence to analysts. We all know when we hit bear territory it'll only last so long before we start seeing bullish sentiments start to filter t... Read Full Article

How to protect yourself from scams
The Guardian
2nd February 2016
Scamming money out of people is a lucrative business for fraudsters but there are many ways to prevent yourself becoming a victim Fancy a job where you bombard thousands of people in a ma... Read Full Article

Anatomy Of The Bear: Interview With Russell Napier
2nd February 2016
Anatomy Of The Bear: Interview With Russell Napier Russell Napier?s critically acclaimed Anatomy Of The Bear: Lessons From Wall Street?s Four Great Bottoms returned with a brand new editi... Read Full Article

Book Club Video: The Book of Scams
IG Trading / New.Markets TV
1st February 2016
VIDEO: Financial fraud is unfortunately on the increase. Don?t be greedy, don?t look for huge gains, invest for the long-term and do due dilligence, says Rodney Hobson, author of Book of Scams.... Read Full Article

Don?t fall victim to a scam
Choice Magazine
1st February 2016
Best-selling financial author Rodney Hobson has advice for older people to protect themselves from scammers OUR MODERN communications have produced a golden age for scammers. Never before... Read Full Article

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