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Book Review
Traders' Magazine
30th November 2012
Point and Figure charting may be the oldest method of charting the market in the Western world but, as Jeremy du Plessis is keen to tell us, that does not mean it should be overlooked as a technique b... Read Full Article

Simon Gray shows jobseekers how to get ahead
29th November 2012
With high unemployment and jobseekers fighting for fewer and fewer jobs it's never been more important to get an edge when looking for that next career move. The right experience and qualifications, a... Read Full Article

Beware of the dogs
Pensions World
28th November 2012
?Contrarian investing in bitesize pieces? is the subtitle of this engrossing work. There is no trustworthy shortcut to separate the dogs from the delightful, only hard work. In this highly readable co... Read Full Article

The MEJT System
Leavitt Brothers
28th November 2012
This video is a book review of The MEJT System, A New Tool For Day Trading The S&P 500 Index, by Jeffrey Tennant. The MEJT System is less of a system and more of an indicator which divides a day... Read Full Article

Book Review: You Say Tomayto ...
A Private Portfolio
25th November 2012
"You Say Tomayto ..." (Contrarian Investing in Bitesize Pieces) is written is a similar style to Anthony Bolton's "Against the Tide", a series of short summaries on various matters which a fund manage... Read Full Article

FTSE 100 followers expect festive fillip
Money Observer
23rd November 2012
December is the most interesting month for the stock market. For a start, historically it has been the strongest month of the year for shares. Since 1984 (when the FTSE 100 Index was created), the ind... Read Full Article

Books for traders
Stocks & Commodities
23rd November 2012
Marber writes about his approach and includes details of market pitfalls and the occasional pratfall. The book presents the reader with the techniques and indicators that the author has used in his 51... Read Full Article

Books for traders
Stocks & Commodities
23rd November 2012
This book covers the subject of point & figure from its beginnings through its evolution to become the voice of the market. How to construct and use the charts and their buy and sell signals, revelati... Read Full Article

Books for traders
Stocks & Commodities
23rd November 2012
This work is designed to help build a balanced share portfolio that provides dividend income. Designed for longevity but pertinent in times of low interest rates, this book has real-life examples and ... Read Full Article

A Must Read New Book on Friedrich Hayek
Adam Smith's Lost Legacy
16th November 2012
The publisher describes Eamonn Butler?s ?Friedrich Hayek? as ?a breath of intellectual fresh air?. I concur, for Butler is refreshingly easy to read. He is a brilliant communicator and needs to be ... Read Full Article

Australian Financial Review
15th November 2012
LBOs are commonly used in private equity, which is an asset class of increasing interest to both institutional and retail investors. An LBO occurs where a target company is loaded with th... Read Full Article

Africa may be the 'ultimate frontier market' for investors - in a good way
Investment Europe
13th November 2012
David Mataen?s book 'Africa: The Ultimate Frontier Market' offers some intriguing views on what might be achieved if recent trends in stability and productivity continue. World interest i... Read Full Article

Invest in Africa ? the ultimate frontier
TMF Group
13th November 2012
In the decade to 2010, six of the world's fastest growing economies were in Sub-Saharan Africa. With all the right signs of growth evident in the future it is feasible that countries such as Angola, E... Read Full Article

Contrarian Investing In Bitesize Pieces - Podcast
The Motley Fool
12th November 2012
Everyone claims to be a contrarian investor, so at least half of them must be wrong -- contrarian investing should be as unfashionable as shoulder pads and Hawaiian shirts. In fact, according to Alast... Read Full Article

Book review: Practical ideas for beating the market
9th November 2012
Almost every fund manager says they are 'contrarian', writes Matthew Partridge. Few genuinely are. Those who go against market trends often endure periods of poor performance. That's tough for anyone,... Read Full Article

Understanding Point and Figure Charting
Traders Day Trading
4th November 2012
Point and Figure charts are different from any other chart used in technical analysis. The main reason being that they do not have a time scale. The chart does not advance as time passes but rather ... Read Full Article

Book review: Design, Create, Sell
Womenswear Buyer
1st November 2012
The synopsis: A guide to starting and running a successful fashion business. The author: Alison Lewy is founder of Fashion Angel, an organisation that offers help and support to emerging ... Read Full Article

Money Observer
1st November 2012
Win a copy of Fear and Greed by Nicolas Sarkis Fear and Greed aims to prepare investors for the financial challenges and opportunities of the next few years. Leading investment manager Ni... Read Full Article

The African Bulletin
1st November 2012
Sub-Saharan Africa is now one of the world's most talked about regions in terms of emerging investment opportunities and sources of new growth. Its economies represent a quintessential frontier market... Read Full Article

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