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What does the UK pay for the EU?
28th July 2012
Lee Rotherham?s latest publication ?The EU in a nutshell? (Harriman House) is an excellent guide to the history, costs and law making of the EU. He sent me a copy of it to review on this site, which I... Read Full Article

How to Value Shares and Outperform the Market
Hub Pages
27th July 2012
About the Author This very easy to digest book was written by Glenn Martin for the purpose of helping private investors their investment decisions more viable. Glenn himself started his c... Read Full Article

Portfolio Representations - Book Review
Traders Magazine
27th July 2012
The credit crunch provided the asset management community with a brutal reminder of the importance of having genuine knowledge of portfolio structures and the risks embedded within them. More so than ... Read Full Article

Book competition
Money Observer
26th July 2012
Book competition We have five copies of Shares Made Simple to give away. Written by financial journalist Rodney Hobson, the book explains the basic concepts of stock market investing and ... Read Full Article

Book giveaway
The Shareholder
24th July 2012
Here's your chance to read up on dividend investing with Rodney Hobson's latest book, The Dividend Investor. We've got five copies to give away on a first-come-first served basis; just email us at sha... Read Full Article

City Spy: In a nutshell, the EU is too wordy
Evening Standard
23rd July 2012
After hosting the ?first keynote speech? by Liam Fox since the former defence secretary left the Cabinet, the TaxPayers? Alliance is keeping up its attack on the EU. Fox was talking about... Read Full Article

An antidote to conventional wisdom
19th July 2012
Nicolas Sarkis isn?t afraid to make bold predictions. The stock market is in the middle of a ?lost era?, he claims. During these periods, ?equities can easily struggle for a decade and a half, until t... Read Full Article

University Intellectual Property
University of Oxford
18th July 2012
Universities are increasingly looking to exploit the intellectual property created by their researchers both to meet the expectations of governments and to search for new sources of income. In this ne... Read Full Article

University IP: A Source of Finance and Impact
IP Droughts
18th July 2012
IP Draughts has received a review copy of a new book entitled University Intellectual Property: A Source of Finance and Impact. It is a short, multi-author handbook (149 pages) written by... Read Full Article

Africa - The Ultimate Frontier Market
Africa Investor
16th July 2012
Sub-Saharan Africa is now one of the world?s most talked about regions in terms of emerging investment opportunities and sources of new growth. Its economies represent a quintessential frontier market... Read Full Article

The Traders Book Club
MoneyMaker Magazine
13th July 2012
Invariably the foreign exchange market provides traders with some of the clearest and most reliable trends. This is in the most part due to the high daily liquidity, or volume, of the market. The FX m... Read Full Article

The Traders Book Club
MoneyMaker Magazine
13th July 2012
In 2005, sports and performance psychology coach Steve Ward received an invitation from an unexpected quarter: a major trading institution in London. Till then he had worked with elite a... Read Full Article

The Traders Book Club
MoneyMaker Magazine
13th July 2012
Robbie Burns?s The Naked Trader is back. This hugely popular trading guide ? now on its third edition ? provides a richly informative and humorous introduction to just about everything stock market-re... Read Full Article

Dr Eamonn Butler: Lords reform, Hayek-style
Conservative Home
10th July 2012
Dr Eamonn Butler is Director of the Adam Smith Institute and author of the forthcoming book "Friedrich Hayek: The Ideas And Influence Of The Libertarian Economist" (Harriman House). Follow Eamonn on T... Read Full Article

The Art of Writing Well
New English Review
9th July 2012
In June of 2011, the New Criterion published Joseph Epstein?s ?Heavy Sentences,? ostensibly a review of Professor Stanley Fish?s How to Write a Sentence (and How to Read One). I write ?ostensibly? bec... Read Full Article

The mess we're in by Merryn Somerset Webb
6th July 2012
?Equities become cheap slowly.? That?s the key insight from Russell Napier?s 2005 book Anatomy of the Bear. In it he looks at Wall Street?s four 'great bottoms' ? in 1921, 1932, 1949 and 1982 ? and ma... Read Full Article

Book of the Month, The Brussels Diary: We're All Citizens of Europe Edition
The Commentator
3rd July 2012
Lee Rotherham, who has done a great deal of work with the Taxpayers' Alliance, has recently published a book The EU in a Nutshell. My boss, Roger Helmer, is a huge fan of Lee's and my ow... Read Full Article

Book Giveaway
2nd July 2012
The price-earnings ratio, or P/E, is the most commonly quoted investment statistic, but have you ever considered what it actually means? This book is a practical guide to how you can use p/e, alongsid... Read Full Article

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