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Traders need a high level of consistency and competence to succeed
CMC Markets
30th November 2009
He once compared traders with athletes who need to be at their top form to excel. But he went further to say that traders face a much more demanding environment rife with more complex and unpredictabl... Read Full Article

A bright future for good loan officers
Commercial Finance Today
26th November 2009
Following the publication of his book, ?A Blueprint For Better Banking?, Niels Kroner comments on banks? approach to lending: Over the past year, the media has been full of terrible new... Read Full Article

The Ultra High Net Worth Banker\'s Handbook
EFMA Magazine
26th November 2009
The Ultra High Net Worth Banker\'s Handbook HEINRICH WEBER, STEPHAN MEIER It is estimated that at the current time there are approximately 20 000 ultra high net worth ind... Read Full Article

A Blueprint for Better Banking
Swindon Business News
23rd November 2009
Handelsbanken has been increasingly commented upon in leading financial papers seeking to understand how the bank largely avoided the mistakes made by its peers which contributed to the near collapse ... Read Full Article

Walne explores an alternative world
Money Marketing
19th November 2009
Former Money Marketing reporter Toby Walne has published a book about alternative investments. 101 Extraordinary Investments covers covers a wide range of unusual investment opportuniti... Read Full Article

Pete Nordsted - Mastering Betfair
Mastering Betfair
17th November 2009
Five Stars - Never Play Without It While serving in Afghanistan in 2003, Pete Nordsted was introduced to Betfair. Even though the circumstances of his emersion in the world of sports tr... Read Full Article

Making a fortune is in the jeans
Mail on Sunday
15th November 2009
You can sit on a small fortune with old jeans. A well-worn pair of Levi\'s from the Fifties or Sixties can change hands for £500 while makes such as Wrangler and Lee fetch £200 or mo... Read Full Article

Bizarre investments that turn a profit
14th November 2009
Bizarre investments that turn a profit Shrunken heads, toys like Barbie and Action Man, punk paraphernalia and top hats can all be worth collecting, says Toby Walne The spirit of... Read Full Article

Collecting: Vintage Shotguns
The Daily Telegraph
13th November 2009
Collecting: vintage shotguns Top-quality old British shotguns can be beautiful, valuable and practical. Vintage British shotguns can be a sure-fire investment winner for country ... Read Full Article

101 Extraordinary Investments: Book review
This is Money
10th November 2009
101 Extraordinary Investments - Book Review Simon Lambert Ever wondered how people make money and have fun doing so? In 101 Extraordinary Investments, Toby Walne features the pas... Read Full Article

Money Talks - Five minutes with Toby Walne
Headline Money
10th November 2009
Toby Walne Financial freelancer and author Toby\'s headlinemoney Who\'s Who entry Tuesday 10 Nov 2009 This week, freelanc... Read Full Article

Making profits with pleasure: The world of collecting
Mail on Sunday
8th November 2009
Can investing ever be a genuine pleasure? Absolutely: all you need do is take your favourite hobby or pursuit and apply a little financial nous. Imagine if you could find an investment that delivered ... Read Full Article

An author from South Woodford has delved into the world of wierd and wonderful investments in a ne
Waltham Forest Guardian
5th November 2009
The Credit crunch exposed the bizarre nature of some the investments made by money-men in the City of London ? but that\'s nothing compared to the deals outlined in a new book. Author T... Read Full Article

Proceed with caution
The Financial Times
3rd November 2009
Can we breathe out again yet? Business leaders could be forgiven for asking themselves that question. At the moment, the economic signals remain mixed. Even as the heart is lifted by one or two positi... Read Full Article

Malcolm Pryor - Winning Spread Betting Strategies
Casino Online
2nd November 2009
Author of 2007?s The Financial Spread Betting Handbook, Malcolm Pryor has returned with a new publication about the ins and outs of betting in ?up, down and sideways markets?, Winning Spread Betting S... Read Full Article

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