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Ashneer Grover’s 'Doglapan', Ankur Warikoo’s 'Get Epic Shit Done' among top 30 bestselling books on Amazon in 2022
Business Today India
27th December 2022
The Psychology of Money among top 30 bestselling books on Amazon India in 2022.... Read Full Article

Most Read Articles of 2022
Behavioral Scientist
21st December 2022
In his book, Evolutionary Ideas, Sam Tatam, global head of behavioral science at Ogilvy, points out how some of the best behavior change innovations—across billboards, tip jars, café walls, and sup... Read Full Article

Searching for The Soul of Wealth with Brian Portnoy
The Investopedia Express
19th December 2022
Brian Portnoy, best-selling author and founder of Shaping Wealth, joins The Express to talk about how financial planning is evolving to become more holistic, and how we are rethinking our definitions ... Read Full Article

2023 will be more civilised as the retail investor makes a comeback
Master Investor Podcast
16th December 2022
Master Investor’s Sarah Lowther and Jonathan Davis tackle the stories and themes that defined the investment landscape of 2022 – a year that saw the return of double digit inflation and a war on t... Read Full Article

I read this so you don’t have to! The ESG Investing Handbook
My Investing Discoveries
15th December 2022
Publisher Harriman House reached out to us with copies of “The ESG Investing Handbook,” edited by Becky O’Connor. The book features interviews with a variety of U.K.-based asset managers and pro... Read Full Article

Inflation seems 'under control,' this is the time to go long on 'stocks' - Jason Shapiro
15th December 2022
Shapiro, a contrarian trader featured in Jack Schwager's 2020 book Unknown Market Wizards, said that stock market sentiment is currently"horrible," which is exactly why he is"bullish" and intends to g... Read Full Article

The Value Perspective with Joe Wiggins
The Value Perspective Podcast
13th December 2022
It is always great to have the very insightful Joe Wiggins on The Value Perspective podcast. What makes it even more special this time around is the fact that Joe joined Andy Evans and myself to discu... Read Full Article

Interview | Jonathan Davis, The Investment Trusts Handbook
Asset TV
13th December 2022
With the 2023 edition of The Investment Trust Handbook about to be released, Jonathan Davis, Editor, The Investment Trust Handbook, discusses the difficult year for financial markets and investment tr... Read Full Article

Joe Wiggins: Applying Behavioral Science to Make Better Investment Decisions
The Long View
12th December 2022
In this week’s episode, we’re chatting to Joe Wiggins. Joe is the CIO of Fundhouse, a provider of manager research, model portfolios, and ESG services to clients ranging from charities, pension fu... Read Full Article

Episode 38: Joe Wiggins
Citywire: Mistakes Were Made
8th December 2022
Are humans completely prone to investment mistakes? Behavioural investment expert Joe Wiggins believes there are a multitude of traps even the most hardened of investor will fall into, so what can you... Read Full Article

Tom Hougaard on CNBC Dec 2022
8th December 2022
Tom Hougaard on CNBC discussing his book Best Loser Wins. ... Read Full Article

The London South East, Investing Matters Podcast, Episode 29, Steve Clapham, Founder of Behind the Balance Sheet
London South East
7th December 2022
There's also quite a famous author with an Amazon number one best seller. And that book I've got here is The Smart Money Method: How to Pick Stocks, like a Hedge Fund Pro. So we're going to talk a bit... Read Full Article

Behavioral Scientist’s Notable Books of 2022
Behavioral Scientist
7th December 2022
From the back cover: “In Evolutionary Ideas, Sam Tatam shows how behavioral science and evolutionary psychology can help us solve tomorrow’s challenges, not by divining something the world has nev... Read Full Article

Smead Capital Management
5th December 2022
In this episode, author and value investor Richard Oldfield joins Cole to discuss his book, Simple But Not Easy: A Practitioner’s Guide to the Art of Investing. Richard’s book provides investors a... Read Full Article

E6: 'Bear markets are a test you need to pass.'
The Investing Show
5th December 2022
In the episode, Abraham shares his insight on why "This time ISN'T different" for many investors and the impact on UK bonds and equities. Robin Powell also interviews Joe Wiggins, Chief Investment Off... Read Full Article

Bob Pisani: How to Make Better Market Predictions
5th December 2022
Bob Pisani, CNBC’s senior markets correspondent who reports from the floor of the New York Stock Exchange, thinks Wall Street punditry is “mostly baloney.” That includes predictions from economi... Read Full Article

Tracker Funds Are Over, Time to Get a New Plan
The Times
3rd December 2022
However, Joe Wiggins, a behavioural investment expert and author of The Intelligent Fund Investor, argues that recent data has skewed our views on the active versus passive debate. When the bigg... Read Full Article

Best Books to Read on Finance
English Jargon
2nd December 2022
This book is all about how to manage and invest your money, written by world-famous author Morgan Housel. ... Read Full Article

To make money, avoid these common mistakes
CNN Business
1st December 2022
No matter how smart or well educated you are, and no matter how successful professionally, when it comes to investing you still might not make the best decisions. That’s because you’r... Read Full Article

7 Great Books to Buy for Young Investors This Holiday
Investor Place
1st December 2022
Rarely does an investment book sell more than two million copies. This one did. I have yet to read it, but I will be sure to in the coming weeks. It currently ranks first in’s Wealth Mana... Read Full Article

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