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The Intelligent Fund Investor

Practical steps for better results in active and passive funds

By Joe Wiggins
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About the Author

Joe Wiggins

Joe Wiggins has worked in the mutual fund industry since 2004; holding senior portfolio management and fund selection roles at some of the United Kingdom’s largest asset and wealth managers. He is the author of the successful investment blog: Its distinctive focus on investor behaviour and decision making has reached a worldwide audience. He is a specialist in ... Read more on Joe Wiggins

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Investing in funds is not straightforward. We are faced with a countless range of options and constantly distracted by meaningless noise and turbulent markets. To make matters worse, our flawed beliefs and behavioural biases lead to repeated and costly mistakes, such as a damaging obsession with past performance and a dangerous attraction to thematic funds.

There is a solution—a more intelligent way to invest in funds.

In The Intelligent Fund Investor, experienced portfolio manager and behavioural finance expert Joe Wiggins brings simplicity and clarity to fund investing. Each chapter of this fascinating and highly readable book focuses on a vital element of investing in funds—exploring how and why investors can get it badly wrong, and providing direct, actionable steps for better results.

Joe reveals: why we should avoid investing with star managers; how to decide between active and passive funds; why we should beware of smooth performance and captivating stories; why risk is far more than just volatility; the importance of a long time horizon; and much, much more.

Using a combination of stories, empirical evidence and experience, Joe gives all fund investors—active and passive—what they need to reassess their beliefs, understand their biases, and make better investment decisions.

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