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Why Chinese Internet Companies Are Tough To Analyze (Podcast)
30th October 2020
Bloomberg speak with Stephen Clapham, a forensic accountant, and the founder of Behind The Balance Sheet, who explains why understanding what's really going on with these companies is so tricky.... Read Full Article

Technical Analysis Radio
30th October 2020
In recent weeks there was a podcast with the author of Market Wizards, Jack Schwager. His podcast covers trading technical analysis and the lessons he learned interviewing some of the best traders of... Read Full Article

Matters of Money
Tacoma Daily Index
30th October 2020
Morgan Housel emphasizes in his book that the best investment is not the one that promises profit, or security or even financial independence; the best investment is the one that helps you sleep at ni... Read Full Article

Cavalry Media Acquires Morgan Housel’s Bestseller ‘The Psychology Of Money’
28th October 2020
Cavalry Media has optioned the rights to Morgan Housel’s recently published International Bestseller, The Psychology of Money: Timeless lessons on wealth, greed, and happiness from Harriman House pu... Read Full Article

28 Investing Tips From Today’s Financial Geniuses
MoneyTalk News
28th October 2020
Morgan Housel has a new book, “The Psychology of Money: Timeless Lessons on Wealth, Greed, and Happiness.” In the book, Housel describes why doing well with money isn’t necessarily about what yo... Read Full Article

Lessons from the experts
Investment News
26th October 2020
The overarching investment takeaways are the financial equivalent of eat-your-vegetables. Just as they advise others to do, the book’s contributors try to save a lot, not borrow too much and opt for... Read Full Article

Does Your Mutual Fund Have Risk Disguised As Alpha
26th October 2020
The overarching theme that the book propounds is that while indexing is preferred to active investing, factor-based passive investing to achieve ‘Smart Beta’ returns is the way forward. Indian ind... Read Full Article

How much is Donald Trump worth? Judging by his Scottish golf resorts, not as much as you think
City A.M.
26th October 2020
Opinion piece written by Stephen Clapham, founder of Behind the Balance Sheet and author of The Smart Money Method. ... Read Full Article

The Psychology of Money
Strictly Value
24th October 2020
I you’re looking for wisdom on personal finance and life in general, this bookis for you! I like the title, I like the content, I like the author.... Read Full Article

Star manager Terry Smith lifts the lid on investing with new book
Investment Week
23rd October 2020
Star fund manager Terry Smith, the founder of Fundsmith and manager of the Fundsmith Equity fund, has written a new book that aims to lift the lid on investing.... Read Full Article

Inside man: legendary investors talk shop
23rd October 2020
In his upcoming book, Unknown Market Wizards: the best traders you’ve never heard of, which will be published by Harriman House in November, Schwager focuses on solo traders that were not only opera... Read Full Article

New book details how financial pros manage their own money
Investment News
22nd October 2020
The book, which is the brainchild of Josh Brown, co-founder and chief executive of Ritholtz Wealth Management, and Brian Portnoy, founder of Shaping Wealth, is a collection of 25 essays from across th... Read Full Article

How Josh Brown and Other Financial Pros Invest Their Own Money
Think Advisor
22nd October 2020
“How I Invest My Money” (Harriman House-Nov. 17, 2020), co-edited by Brian Portnoy, founder of Shaping Wealth, explores the investment choices of prominent folks in finance, among them Christine B... Read Full Article

How I Invest My Money - Carl Richards + Josh Brown
22nd October 2020
Carl Richards is the best known illustrator and one of the most sought after expert speakers in finance. You've probably seen his sketches in the New York Times or on his blog, The Behavior Gap. Carl ... Read Full Article

Taylor: When investing your money, resist the stories your brain tells you
Express News
21st October 2020
Earlier this month, the best living writer on personal finance published his first book... Morgan Housel wrote “The Psychology of Money: Timeless Lessons on Wealth, Greed, and Happiness.” Of cours... Read Full Article

EXCLUSIVE: $375K 1st Edition Pokemon Card Box Record Set By Trader Chris Camillo
20th October 2020
Camillo's investment strategy and success caught the eye of world-renowned author and trading expert Jack D. Schwager, who features Camillo in his new book, "Unknown Market Wizards: The Best Traders Y... Read Full Article

How Food and Beverage Brands Handle Choice, Change and Amazon
Stamford Advocate
19th October 2020
Research described by Richard Shotton, in his book, The Choice Factory, shows that, on average, only 8% of customers willingly switch brands. But, when there is a significant life event (e.g. marriage... Read Full Article

How data deceives
Management Today
12th October 2020
In other words, what separates established businesses that really embrace the power of data from those that don’t is not technology, mathematical skills or even the ability to hire great data scient... Read Full Article

How to Use Your Heart and Head to Hack Your Personal Finance
The New York Times
8th October 2020
He shows how you can avoid sabotaging yourself as you try to achieve your plan.... Read Full Article

Ideas Farm: Do Your Own Research
Investors Chronicle
8th October 2020
There is an illuminating illustration of the time cost of research in the soon-to-be published book 'The Smart Money Method' written by Steve Clapham, a former top hedge fund analyst and founder of tr... Read Full Article

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