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A book review
Barrie Bailey, financial columnist writing under the byeline, "Hawkeye"
30th January 2018
The Almanac is an excellent newly designed guide book and reference primer on past and current UK stock market data, information and practices, containing up-to-date explanations, presentations and in... Read Full Article

One big reason to AVOID great companies
Yahoo Finance News
29th January 2018
Investing in a business only makes sense if you believe it will outperform the market over a specific period of time. According to former Old Mutual fund manager Ashton Bradbury — one of 64contribut... Read Full Article

How behavioural science can be applied to advertising (Updated)
M+Ad! - New Zealand
26th January 2018
“This book is a Haynes Manual for understanding consumer behaviour. You should buy a copy – and then buy another copy to give to one of the 97% of people in marketing who are too young to remember... Read Full Article

The fascinating science behind consumer choices by Ellen Hammett
26th January 2018
The author of a new book examining the behavioural biases that influence what we buy tells Ellen Hammett how advertisers can make their campaigns more effective. ... There are lessons t... Read Full Article

Book review: Defend your right to use cash
FT Adviser
25th January 2018
Mr Clark’s impeccably-referenced 177-page work took me a weekend and was worth every minute invested. ... Mr Clark’s interpretation, if enough people pick up on it, might just stop... Read Full Article

The dangers of contactless credit cards by Lindsay Cook
Financial Times
24th January 2018
The dangers of contactless credit cards: Can you monitor your spending with tap and pay technology? By Lindsay Cook We are moving relentlessly towards a paperless and cashless so... Read Full Article

Shortlisted for Business Book of the Year 2018
The Book Publicist
23rd January 2018
See the full shortlist here:... Read Full Article

Richard Shotton: Don’t spread yourself thin, focus on what makes your brand memorable
Marketing Week
23rd January 2018
According to the peak-end rule, events are remembered for their most remarkable and final moments, so to stand out brands should concentrate on improving these aspects of the customer experience.... Read Full Article

Praise for the book from Rainer Nowak, Editor in Chief, Die Presse
Die Presse
19th January 2018
"Conscious Investing shares very interesting insights on more conscious and holistic ways of using the power of capital for both personal wealth creation as well as for the benefit of our planet."... Read Full Article

Book of the week
19th January 2018
Book of the week Governments and experts keep telling us that the future is cashless. But would doing away with physical money really make our lives easier? Or is it intended to help fi... Read Full Article

Ogilvy Change Podcast - O Behave: Episode 11 - Richard Shotton and Rory Sutherland
Ogilvy Change
16th January 2018
An interview with Richard Shotton and Rory Sutherland During the podcast, Richard Shotton, remarked "The book is called Choice Factory. The overall theme is how to apply social psycholo... Read Full Article

A guide to leading in a crisis
15th January 2018
A guide to leading in a crisis That we’re operating in an uncertain environment is now a given. Leadership is no longer about seeing a crisis through it’s about purpose, preparation... Read Full Article

An interview with Glen Arnold
Informed Choice Radio
15th January 2018
Did you know it took the world’s greatest investor, Warren Buffett, nearly four decades to make his first $100m? My guest on the podcast today is Glen Arnold, author of The Deals of W... Read Full Article

Killjoys, Principles, Trading Down and Harriman's Stock Market Almanac: What you should be reading and listening to this month
City A.M.
15th January 2018
Just because most stock market information is now online doesn’t mean that’s the only place you should turn for it. In the 2018 version of Harriman’s Stock Market Almanac, gone is the former dia... Read Full Article

Interview with Moe Ansari Market Wrap
Market Wrap
12th January 2018
"A great book." During the interview, Stephen Eckett said, "The outlook for the global markets in 2018 is looking good. The economies are looking to be strong worldwide. We've got very ... Read Full Article

Jim Duffy: Be prepared for a ride with FunFair cryptocurrency
The Scotsman
11th January 2018
Predictions! Predictions! Predictions! ... My prediction for 2018 is that cryptocurrency will explode. ... It is indeed all the fun of the fair as one has to be willing to jump on the s... Read Full Article

A book review
Colin Abrams, CMT Technical analyst and founder of
10th January 2018
Harriman’s Stock Market Almanac is a very useful and interesting guide for traders and investors of the UK stock market, indispensable perhaps. The numerous strategies provided have application for ... Read Full Article

The FTSE 100 has hit record highs in 2018 - does the 'January effect' mean it will keep going?
The Daily Telegraph
8th January 2018
The FTSE 100 index hit a record high on its first day of trading in 2018, and has continued going up since. Globally, indices in the US, Europe and Japan are all pulling off a similar feat. ... Read Full Article

Recommended Reading
Geek Crew
6th January 2018
Highlighted as recommended reading by Prashant Shah as part of a Dotnet tutorial, covering An Introduction of Point & Figure charts via Geek Crew: Best Coding Tips ... Read Full Article

A book review
Oberoesterreichische Nachrichten, Austria (OÖN)
5th January 2018
She is funny, eloquent and manages as a co-founder the company "Chi Impact Capital"; privately she is the co-founder and president of Braveaurora NGO (founded in 2009): The native Austrian Christin te... Read Full Article

Our Winter Portfolio outperforms market by 60%
Interactive Investor
5th January 2018
Now in their fourth year, Interactive Investor's pair of seasonal portfolios are used to difficult starts, and this year was no different. But we also know that the theory behind the strategy says thi... Read Full Article

An interview with Markus Karlsson
Bloomberg Radio
2nd January 2018
Markus Karlsson interviews Gervais Williams and Andrew Craig on Daybreak Europe. He remarks: "A fairly wealthy source of investing advice ... a real brick!"... Read Full Article

FTSE 100 set to start 2018 on a high by Richard Fletcher
The Times
2nd January 2018
Having closed 2017 at a record high (see Market Snap below) the FTSE 100 is forecast to start 2018 twelve points higher as European markets follow Asian markets, which have risen overnight on the back... Read Full Article

Craig & Williams: Outlier’s Remain Investment Gems
2nd January 2018
(Bloomberg) -- The synchronised level of global growth that we are currently seeing indicates that we are in the latter stages of the bull market cycle, says Andrew Craig and Gervais Williams, authors... Read Full Article

A book review
Jeremy Prescott
2nd January 2018
This is an updated compendium of investing rules from over 60 mainly UK and US professional investors. With so many contributors, many of the “rules” naturally contradict each other – for examp... Read Full Article

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