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Young and Mighty Book Launch
Opal & Co
31st May 2018
It’s a fun, engaging book with lots of practical tips and fun exercises to get you thinking and doing. I was very proud when Henry asked me to write the chapter on branding, and even more excited w... Read Full Article

The new Investing
Philanthropy/Henri Magazine 2/2018 (Page 47)
31st May 2018
In her new book Conscious Investing Christin ter Braak-Forstinger aims to sharpen the systemic view of investors when it comes to achieving attractive financial returns alongside positive social- and ... Read Full Article

Stop future gazing and start taking data lessons from history
31st May 2018
Opinion piece by author of The Choice Factory Richard Shotton. "...It’s not just that these marketing predictions misguide us. There’s also an opportunity cost. Our fixation with the future crowds... Read Full Article

The End of Indexing by Niels Jensen
FT Adviser
30th May 2018
An eye-catching title to grab your attention, and the book certainly does not disappoint. Niels Jensen avoids trotting out the old pros and cons of passive investing but instead pursues several big pi... Read Full Article

This investor rivals Warren Buffett — and you probably haven’t heard of him
Market Watch
30th May 2018
Glen Arnold is an investor and the author of “The Deals of Warren Buffett Vol 1: The First $100 Million.” ... Read Full Article

MoneyLife Interview: Jeroen Bos
MoneyLife Radio
30th May 2018
"An easy read..."... Read Full Article

The Native Society
29th May 2018
Brian Portnoy, PhD, CFA, is an expert at simplifying the complex world of money. In his two books, The Geometry of Wealth and The Investor's Paradox, he tackles the challenge of not only making better... Read Full Article

The 15 best business books to read this summer
Business Insider UK
29th May 2018
Portnoy is a behavioral finance expert — he holds both a doctorate and a CFA degree. In "The Geometry of Wealth," he explores what it means to be truly wealthy, i.e. to fund a fulfilling life.... Read Full Article

Who Inspires Me: Henry Patterson
Holly & Co
24th May 2018
Young and Mighty promotes confidence and thoughtfulness, not just material ambition. I’m so proud to have contributed to the book, but regardless of this, I’m so very proud to even know him. ... Read Full Article

The Warren Buffett Shareholder on The McGraw Show
The McGraw Show
24th May 2018
Listen to a great interview when Lawrence Cunningham and Stephanie Cuba talk about their new book The Warren Buffett Shareholder on The McGraw Show. They touch upon some of the fascinating essays from... Read Full Article

11 eye-catching growth shares that won't cost investors the earth
Interactive Investor
23rd May 2018
Growth at a reasonable price (GARP) investing was made famous by a fund manager called Peter Lynch. He produced stunning returns while running the Magellan fund for Fidelity Investments (he later wrot... Read Full Article

ValueTalks Interview With Niels Jensen Of Absolute Return Partners On The Six Mega Trends Threatening Indexing
ValueWalk's ValueTalks hosted by Raul Panganiban
23rd May 2018
In this episode we discuss his recent book, The End of Indexing: Six Structural Mega-Trends That Threaten Passive Investing.... I encourage everyone to check out his fantastic newsletters and also his... Read Full Article

The role of bias and undervaluing magazines
23rd May 2018
Richard argued that goalkeepers have an implicit bias towards diving because that is the norm and what people expect a goalkeeper to do. If you dive and don’t make a save it’s seen as bad luck - b... Read Full Article

Marketing Effectiveness Reading List – Part 2
Marketing Effectiveness
22nd May 2018
‘… the easiest to read and most actionable.’... Read Full Article

The Third Age of Trust
Brewin Dolphin magazine
21st May 2018
In a new book called The Choice Factory... the author Richard Shotton highlights the phenomenal power of social proof to change consumer behaviour. For example, what is the best way to get hotel guest... Read Full Article

How a product’s adjectives influence our experience of it
21st May 2018
Most gourmets would agree that the best food available to man is the salt and vinegar chip. The combination of crunch, vinegary bite and salty tang is unbeatable. But the chip aficionados among you wi... Read Full Article

Koesterich, Portfolio Construction For Today's Markets
Seeking Alpha
20th May 2018
Koesterich considers several approaches to constructing a workable portfolio, in increasing degrees of viability: minimum risk, maximum return, maximum Sharpe ratio, targeted return while minimizing r... Read Full Article

14 Year old global entrepreneur launches business book, contributors include Branson
Fox 8 Local First
17th May 2018
16th May 2018 - UK 14 year old serial entrepreneur and founder of children’s brand Not Before Tea, Henry Patterson, 14, is setting out to educate his generation on the value of money and work, with ... Read Full Article

Book Review: The Warren Buffett Shareholder
The D&O Diary
17th May 2018
While all of the essays are interesting, there are a few gems. I particularly liked the contribution from Tom Gayner, who has been credited with running Markel Corporation, the company of which he is ... Read Full Article

Books for Teens Yr 7- Yr 12
School Days Magazine
16th May 2018
The author is Henry Patterson is just fourteen year old. He began his official business journey at the age of nine when he launched children’s brand Not Before Tea. At 12 years old, Henry was a key... Read Full Article

Brand purpose is wishful seeing from marketers who want it to be true
15th May 2018
The Choice Factory author Richard Shotton argues that the methodology behind brand purpose is flawed, and is being perpetrated by adlanders who want to feel better about their jobs.... Read Full Article

5 things you should never do in the stock market
Investment News
15th May 2018
Despite the enormous wealth creating power of the market, looking at it too closely can be terrifying. In the latest episode of "On Your Best Behavior," Daniel Crosby looks at the immortal words of Ja... Read Full Article

Schoolboy’s book sets out to teach children how to be young & mighty
Business Matters
15th May 2018
Young and Mighty – subtitled “Your secret weapon for earning some money, changing the world, and spending your future doing what you love” – includes ideas for making extra money and fundraisi... Read Full Article

Schoolboy’s book sets out to teach children how to be young and mighty
Response Source
15th May 2018
He says: “The real point of the book is to help people my age to think about how to make their way in the world. Children today don’t know if they’ll get a job or have their own home when they g... Read Full Article

How Advertising Signals Brand Power by Richard Shotton
Branding Strategy Insider
14th May 2018
Brands must recognize that much of advertising’s impact comes from implicit communication. There is a role, even in the era of procurement, for bold brand statements. The occasional extravagance dis... Read Full Article

How our Winter Portfolio strategy made a 56% profit
Interactive Investor
11th May 2018
With help from Stock Market Almanac author and mathematician Stephen Eckett we identified the stocks with the best track record of returns over the past 10 winters.... Read Full Article

A book review by Richard Gill, Master Investor
Master Investor
9th May 2018
... This book is essential reading for anyone interested in getting a head start on the investment trends of tomorrow... Perhaps the most interesting trend covered is the demographic phenomenon of the... Read Full Article

The greatest ad campaign
Biz Community
9th May 2018
What do you think is the greatest ad campaign ever? Coca-Cola? Apple? Levi's? All great choices, but I'd argue that the most effective ad of all time was by De Beers. And part of its success was throu... Read Full Article

Latest Marketing Books: Are they any good?
Level Marketing
8th May 2018
Read the full article here.... Read Full Article

Opinion: 4 Warren Buffett Mistakes that can make you a better investor
Market Watch
7th May 2018
.... He let emotion influence an investment decision ... He underestimated customer loyalty ... He relied too much on quantitative criteria ... He moved too slowly to cut his losses. Re... Read Full Article

A book review by Colin Abrams, CMT.
7th May 2018
“Tony Plummer simply put is a genius. The book shows how, what he calls the Life Cycle, is a specific pattern of cyclical peaks and troughs derived from Gann, that can be applied to a host of areas ... Read Full Article

Recommended reading: Behavioural science experiments and how to work smarter
Marketing Week
7th May 2018
Marketing Week reviews the latest books for marketers. ... In his book, which is an overview of how behavioural science experiments can be applied to marketing and advertising, he runs ... Read Full Article

An Interview with Lawrence Cunnigham
Business Talk with Jim Campbell
6th May 2018
Lawrence A. Cunningham is an authority on corporate governance, corporate culture, and corporate law, and teaches business-related courses that span these fields. He has written dozens of books and sc... Read Full Article

Book of the week: Finding quality in the stock market
4th May 2018
However, there are surprisingly few books about the qualitative (as opposed to quantitative or technical) factors that investors should look for when searching for a company that they can buy and hold... Read Full Article

Book of the week: Finding quality in the stock market
4th May 2018
... If you read this book in conjunction with Picking Quality Shares by MoneyWeek contributor Phil Oakley, which focuses more on reading balance-sheets, you will end up with a wel... Read Full Article

Book of the week: Finding quality in the stock market
Money Week
4th May 2018
The book begins with the basics of what to look for when searching for quality companies, especially the importance of choosing firms that have a good return on capital and a strategy for dealing with... Read Full Article

Lawrence Cunningham: How the unique Warren Buffett shareholder has built and preserved Berkshire by Lawrence Cunningham
Omaha World-Herald
4th May 2018
In my new book, "The Warren Buffett Shareholder: Stories from Inside the Berkshire Hathaway Annual Meeting," 43 distinguished meeting veterans tell short stories of their experiences. I explain that ... Read Full Article

Greene Consulting Launches The Certificate in Applied Behavioral Finance
2nd May 2018
Dr. Daniel Crosby is a well-known author and speaker on Behavioral Finance and brings the scientific perspectives, research, and insights on the topic. ... Read Full Article

Where To Find Warren Buffett During The Berkshire Hathaway Meeting: Steve Pomeranz interviews Steve Jordon
The Steve Pomeranz Show
2nd May 2018
Steve Jordon is a reporter for the Omaha-World Herald. He’s been covering the Berkshire Hathaway Annual Shareholders Meeting for over a decade. He’s also a contributor to The Warren Buffett Share... Read Full Article

Here’s An Inside Look Of What It’s Like To Work For Warren Buffett - Steve Pomeranz interviews Tom Manenti
The Steve Pomeranz Show
2nd May 2018
"A new book is about to sprout ... It's a compendium of writers, speakers, managers, scholars and more - all who have something interesting and useful to say about Warren Buffett, Charlie and Berkshir... Read Full Article

The Top 10 Digital Marketing Books for Graduates
Digital Grads
2nd May 2018
It’s safe to say that the marketing landscape has changed significantly in recent times. As a marketer, it’s very important to make sure you stay on top of trends, which becomes increasingly diffi... Read Full Article

Marketing Flaws For Powerful Brand Differentiation
Branding Strategy Insider
1st May 2018
In his latest article, Richard Shotton looks at delivering distinctiveness and looks at resolving the principal-agent problem. He asks: Knowing that your ads need to be distincti... Read Full Article

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