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The Art of the Click by Glenn Fisher
The Click and Convert Podcast
30th September 2018
In this interview, Glen delves into the wisdom behind his recent publication ‘The Art of the Click: How to Harness the Power of Direct-Response Copywriting and Make More Sales’, covering a range o... Read Full Article

'Buy What You Know' Is 'Dumb Advice': Daniel Crosby
Think Advisor
28th September 2018
His new book, “The Behavioral Investor” (Harriman House-Oct. 16, 2018) follows Crosby’s New York Times bestseller, “Personal Benchmark” (2014), co-authored with Charles Widger. ... Read Full Article

Focus: You've sold up and made millions, so what's next? Five founders tell all
Evening Standard
27th September 2018
Waller grew up in the East End, left school with no qualifications and started a bailiffs business, JBW, in 2004. It had 170 staff and £40 million revenues when he pocketed £33 million by selling to... Read Full Article

You're all fired! Tycoon says he wouldn't hire any of Sir Alan Sugar's Apprentices or their 'sexy' businesses
Mail Online
26th September 2018
Businessman Jamie Waller, author of 'Unsexy Business' gives his views on this year's crop of Apprentice hopefuls. In some research I did for the book, I discovered that cleaning was co... Read Full Article

Long-term investing is simple — no matter what the ‘experts’ say
Financial Times
25th September 2018
That isn’t just in the US either: value investing has beaten growth investing in most countries over the long run. In his book The Future is Small (rather embarrassingly I think I wrote the foreword... Read Full Article

Long-term investing is simple — no matter what the ‘experts’ say
Financial Times
25th September 2018
Look to the past and you will see that the best-performing strategies over almost any longish period of time are value, momentum and small-caps. Take value. In his book Deep Value Investing (to which ... Read Full Article

12 New Ecommerce Books for Fall 2018
Practical E-commerce
24th September 2018
“The Art of the Click” explores the power of direct-response copywriting. Veteran writer Glenn Fisher spells out the techniques, tactics, and secrets to improve your copywriting and get more click... Read Full Article

This is what you need on your social feed to get yourself hired
24th September 2018
Check out Lara’s business success story in Unsexy Business by Jamie Waller, out now.... Read Full Article

Plumbers, cleaners and nurses: The sexiest and least sexiest jobs in Leeds revealed Read more at:
Yorkshire Evening Post
24th September 2018
This research comes as entrepreneur Jamie has just launched his first book, Unsexy Business. Jamie has collaborated with the best of British entrepreneurial spirit to inspire people to stop focusing o... Read Full Article

Mop No.1 Turn Off
The Sun
24th September 2018
Unsexy Business author Jamie Waller, who polled 2,000 Brits, said unglamorous jobs could pay well...... Read Full Article

A ‘Safe and Secure’ Retirement Takes Diligent Planning
Senior Financial Advisor
22nd September 2018
Larry has many books on retirement and investment and has a new book, “Your Complete Guide to a Safe and Secure Retirement” that he believes will be the most comprehensive in the industry. Due out... Read Full Article

The Meaningful Money Handbook: Book Review
The Dollar Build
21st September 2018
In reviewing The Meaningful Money Handbook, I bring to you my favorite personal finance personality, someone most Americans haven’t yet heard of — Pete Matthew. Pete is a top resource for folks of... Read Full Article

The Money Whisperer
21st September 2018
I’ve just finished ‘The Meaningful Money Handbook’ by Pete Matthews which came out last week and I wanted to share my thoughts on what is probably the most practical personal finance book I have... Read Full Article

Chris Budd on Employee Ownership Trusts: A new way to build sustainable businesses
Roger Edwards Marketing
20th September 2018
Chris has worked in the financial planning industry all his life. Seven years ago, bored and trapped in his business, he started trying new things and being more creative. He wrote novels, played in a... Read Full Article

8 best money management books
The Independent
19th September 2018
Investing is a difficult topic to digest at the best of times-so at first, the thought of reading a whole book on the topic didn’t fill us with excitement. However, Bell-founder of on... Read Full Article

8 best money management books
The Independent
18th September 2018
Written by personal finance expert Pete Matthews, The Meaningful Money Handbook manages to cram everything you need to know about making sense of your finances into one practical guide. ... Read Full Article

Boosting working class involvement in the start-up scene
Virgin In Focus
18th September 2018
Jamie Waller, founder of JBW, a debt collection service, was born in Bethnal Green. He was part of The Imps, a Hackney charity for disadvantaged children. He left school at 16 with no qualifications a... Read Full Article

Everything you need to KNOW and everything you need to DO to secure your financial future, with Pete Matthew
Informed Choice Radio
17th September 2018
And I’ve no doubt it will become a bestseller. The book is out today, Monday 17th September, and we’re publishing this episode to coincide with the publication. I’ve read it, it really is very g... Read Full Article

The Week Ahead
The Times
17th September 2018
According to the Stock Market Almanac, when newly promoted companies join the FTSE 100, their shares immediately mimic the performance of their peers.... Read Full Article

5 Great Ichimoku Strategies
Coin Clarity
14th September 2018
If you’re going to get any kind of book, I would recommend Ichimoku Charts: An Introduction to Ichimoku Kinko Clouds by Nicole Elliot (she’s just awesome, she actually traded the system in Japan a... Read Full Article

Book Extract: A mind full of choices
13th September 2018
In this extract from his new book, The Choice Factory: 25 Behavioural Biases That Influence What We Buy, Richard Shotton delves into the world of bias, an aspect of human nature that shapes our choice... Read Full Article

Leadership, influence, celebration: What to expect from Marketing Week at the Festival of Marketing
Marketing Week
11th September 2018
Brand purpose is literally up for debate when nay- and yay-sayers Richard Shotton (author, Marketing Week columnist and head of behavioural science at Manning Gottlieb OMD). ... Read Full Article

Choice Factory: The Book That Zags
Research World
10th September 2018
So, where many look forward Choice Factory looks back. Where the majority say go big, Richard Shotton says think small. That's why Choice Factory is the zag to many zigging books available to marketin... Read Full Article

Budd launches online programme on selling to employees
7th September 2018
Ovation Finance founder Chris Budd has launched an online programme to teach other business owners how to use employee ownership trusts to sell their businesses. Budd's book 'The etern... Read Full Article

The Best Investment Writing Volume 2
Master Investor
6th September 2018
Once again, The Best Investment Writing provides investors with views from the cream of the crop of the investment world. Here's hoping for a Volume 3 at the same time next year.... Read Full Article

Avoiding Behavioral Mistakes That Trip Up Financial Planning
Morning Star
3rd September 2018
It's the idea that what we're really trying to do the question that we're really trying to answer is, am I going to be OK, are my family and I are going to be OK. To get at that--that's really not a m... Read Full Article

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