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Why September could be a bad month for investors
The Motley Fool
31st August 2018
According to research by Stephen Eckett – author of Harriman’s Stock Market Almanac — the FTSE 100 has fallen an average of 1.2% in September over the last 34 years. That may not sound like much... Read Full Article

Swedroe: Pension Plan Problem
29th August 2018
In the face of such information, why do plan sponsors engage the services of consultants when the evidence clearly shows they do not add value with their recommendations? In fact, they subtract it. An... Read Full Article

Jim Duffy comment: Payday loans and the minimum wage generation
The Scotsman
29th August 2018
The term “payday loan” was never truly adopted as wholesome and positive. The whole point of a payday loan was a quick fix for folks who were a little short and needed to bridge a gap in their fin... Read Full Article

Should you own equities in September?
Interactive Investor
29th August 2018
However, backing a further extension of this bull market is not without risk and, according to the Stock Market Almanac, September is statistically the worst month of the year for equities.... Read Full Article

Meb Faber Discusses 11 Nuggets of Wisdom From Famous Investors
Think Advisor
29th August 2018
Meb Faber, the contrarian money manager and witty popular blogger, has done it again: published a book of essays by some of the most successful investors and respected thought leaders in the financial... Read Full Article

Failing GCSE exams didn’t discourage these entrepreneurs from reaching the top
Elite Business Magazine
23rd August 2018
“The belief that academic performance is the only route to professional success is misguided,” Jordan Daykin, founder of Gripit Fixings, the plasterboard fixings business, said. “88% of my emplo... Read Full Article

How to harness the pratfall effect
21st August 2018
Manning Gottlieb OMD's Richard Shotton uses behavioural psychology to show that the perfect brand strategy is to be imperfect.... Read Full Article

The magic of enough: author Brian Portnoy on wealth
Reuters News
20th August 2018
Most people start with figuring out the right place to invest – and that is important, but it is actually the end of the process. First, you have to understand your own behavior. For instance, most ... Read Full Article

Faber, The Best Investment Writing, Vol. 2
Seeking Alpha
19th August 2018
If you didn't read the first volume of Meb Faber's The Best Investment Writing (and you should have and of course still can), you're got another crack at learning from a lot of smart folks who collect... Read Full Article

British Marketer: To reduce shopping expenses, get rid of contactless cards and pay cash
Dennikn (Slovakian publication)
18th August 2018
To read the full article here (assuming your Slovakian is up to scratch!) ... Read Full Article

The science behind consumer behavior
17th August 2018
The book "The Choice Factory" by Richard Shotton explores and explains the trends behind consumer behavior. Throughout 25 chapters he explains how humans really make decisions ... Read Full Article

Review: Brian Portnoy’s The Geometry of Wealth: How To Shape A Life Of Money And Meaning
The Acquirer’s Multiple
15th August 2018
True wealth is funded contentment. Anyone with the right mindset and the right plan can afford a meaningful life.... Read Full Article

Exclusive Book Offer
Master Investor
13th August 2018
Shares Made Simple does exactly what it says on the tin, providing beginner investors with an easy to read and jargon free guide on how equities work. Hobson is a master of his craft, using his many y... Read Full Article

The Choice Factory: 25 Behavioural Biases That Influence What We Buy
Instituto Mexicano de Economia del Comportamiento
11th August 2018
Read the full article here.... Read Full Article

The pratfall effect
9th August 2018
Your main task this afternoon is to interview the last two candidates for the position of manager on your team. At the close of the second interview you realise both candidates have the same relevant ... Read Full Article

Business Leader
8th August 2018
Serial entrepreneur, Jordan Daykin, aged 23-years-old, has had an incredible rise in business over the past few years. At just 18, Daykin, appeared on the BBC TV show Dragons’ Den with Gripit Fixing... Read Full Article

Market predicting in a time of political turmoil
Santa Fe New Mexican
8th August 2018
I recently interviewed Daniel Crosby, a psychologist who specializes in behavioural finance... Crosby is not appealing to greed when he points out the advantages of investing in stocks over the long h... Read Full Article

In 'The Choice Factory' Richard Shotton investigates how behavioural science can be applied to advertising
Arab Ad
3rd August 2018
Richard Shotton’s book, The Choice Factory, investigates how behavioural science can be applied to advertising. In the following interview, Shotton elaborates further on this topic and the research ... Read Full Article

Everything is Trending Down. Ditch Passive Investing!
2nd August 2018
If you think holding an S&P 500 Index fund through thick and thin will produce attractive long-term results, you might feel otherwise after reading this well-researched, common-sense book.... Read Full Article

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