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An interview with Niels Jensen, The End of Indexing
Informed Choice Radio
30th April 2018
My guest on the show today has written an excellent new book which takes a look into the future for investors, predicting six structural mega-trends that threaten passive investing.... Read Full Article

How Warren Buffett's annual Q&A meetings exploded to become a must-go extravaganza for Berkshire Hathaway shareholders around the world
Business Insider UK
29th April 2018
Steve Jordon, a reporter of 50+ years at the Omaha World-Herald, writes on how the meeting expanded to become an annual pilgrimage in the book The Warren Buffett Shareholder: Stories from inside the B... Read Full Article

Cunningham & Cuba, The Warren Buffett Shareholder
Reading the Markets
29th April 2018
Berkshire has a relationship with its shareholders that no other company does. And thus its shareholder meetings are unique. The Warren Buffett Shareholder demonstrates just why that is and why people... Read Full Article

Book review
International Journal of Market Research
29th April 2018
... Well worth the read!! ... Many of the books on behavioural science and behavioural economics are slightly stuffy and can often be a difficult read, but this is the exact opposite. ... Read Full Article

Uncover 50 key tips to boost your savings income in May’s Moneywise out now
27th April 2018
Readers of this month’s magazine are also in with the chance of winning a luxurious stay in one of 16 Hand Picked Hotels, as well as a copy of Harriman’s New Book of Investing Rules, which include... Read Full Article

Brands need to learn to accept the negative with the positive
26th April 2018
As more and more brands bombard their customers with a monotonous list of reasons why they’re wonderful, Richard Shotton details why we need to embrace the negative. ... This article has been adapte... Read Full Article

Author Richard Shotton on What Brands Can Learn from the Psychology of Decision Making
Branding in Asia
26th April 2018
Shotton's interesting book follows a single person through their day and analyzes 25 of their decisions. Read the full interview with Bobby McGill here: Read Full Article

Nine cognitive biases risk managers should know
25th April 2018
Human reaction to numbers is riddled with quirks. Richard Shotton’s new book The Choice Factory examines the ability of businesses to harness these biases to influence consumers. For example, tweaki... Read Full Article

Opinion: Why you’re more likely to trust a financial adviser who acts like your doctor
Market Watch
23rd April 2018
Investors want money managers to be expert with communication as well as portfolio allocation ... Financial service providers, if they want to be trusted, must recognize that clients wa... Read Full Article

The early days of Warren Buffett - a guide for family offices
Family Capital
23rd April 2018
A new book looks at the early days of Buffett’s extraordinary investment career and provides a useful guide for investors like family offices looking to build a lucrative -and satisfying - portfolio... Read Full Article

Richard Shotton: If you want to earn consumers’ love, flaunt your flaws
Marketing Week
23rd April 2018
.... Think about Listerine, which publicised its bitter taste with the strapline ‘The taste you hate, twice a day’ .... The campaign recognised that exhibiting a weakness didn’t ... Read Full Article

Phil Terry: Sam Taylor, CEO of Berkshire's Oriental Trading, was humble and smart, silly and serious
Omaha World-Herald
22nd April 2018
Editor's note: In a new book, “The Warren Buffett Shareholder,” Buffett-watchers Lawrence Cunningham and Stephanie Cuba have compiled essays by 43 people about Berkshire Hathaway's shareholder mee... Read Full Article

Welcome to the choice factory
Print Power
21st April 2018
There’s no evidence that print has lost its impact on a per-impression basis. Q. Has print as a medium lost its impact? RS: There’s no evidence that print has lost its impact... Read Full Article

Events set for new book of 43 essays on Berkshire Hathaway's annual meetings by Steve Jordon
20th April 2018
"The Warren Buffett Shareholder: Stories from the Berkshire Hathaway Annual Meeting," will debut at this year's meeting in Omaha on May 5. It's a collection of 43 essays about the meeting and Buffett,... Read Full Article

Why Warren Buffett makes Vanguard founder Jack Bogle feel like ‘one of the lucky ones’
19th April 2018
"Accolades are nice, and endorsements are, too, but human connections are what life is largely about," Bogle said in an essay published in the new book "The Warren Buffett Shareholder" by Lawrence Cun... Read Full Article

Richard Shotton on why you just can’t help yourself
Print Power
17th April 2018
Cognitive biases affect professionals as well as consumers. One of the most relevant biases that sometimes afflicts media planners is the false consensus effect.... Read Full Article

Brodie and Harnack, The Trust Mandate
Seeking Alpha
16th April 2018
The authors offer a range of suggestions, from the fragrance of hand cleansers in the washrooms of the asset manager's offices to the trade-off between warmth and competence where "one additional unit... Read Full Article

Karen Linder: Meeting inspired me to write a book about Berkshire women
Omaha World-Herald
15th April 2018
Editor’s note: In a new book “The Warren Buffett Shareholder,” Buffett-watchers Lawrence Cunningham and Stephanie Cuba have compiled essays by 43 people about Berkshire Hathaway’s shareholder ... Read Full Article

Our Winter Portfolios still ahead as strategy nears end
Interactive Investor
13th April 2018
... With help from Stock Market Almanac author and mathematician Stephen Eckett, we identified the stocks with the best track record of returns over the past 10 winters.... Read Full Article

Shotton's 'Choice Factory' brutally dismantles brand purpose
9th April 2018
MullenLowe London's former head of strategy says Richard Shotton's book The Choice Factory is a must-read for anyone in marketing and advertising - not just planners. ... The Choice Fac... Read Full Article

Bogle: Warren Buffett gave me a surprise shoutout at Berkshire meeting
Omaha World-Herald
8th April 2018
In a new book, “The Warren Buffett Shareholder,” Buffett-watchers Lawrence Cunningham and Stephanie Cuba have compiled essays by 43 people about Berkshire Hathaway’s shareholder meetings, which ... Read Full Article

The War Against Cash by Ursula Kampmann translated by Christina Schlögl
Coins Weekly
5th April 2018
The fight against cash money is quite bizarre - Ross Clark shows just how bizarre. He is an extremely successful journalist in Great Britain who has made nonsense of many modern myths in different boo... Read Full Article

Andy Bell looks to democratise investing with planned IPO
The Financial Times
3rd April 2018
Andy Bell, author of the best selling book The DIY Investor, naturally wants to democratise investing. So what better way than to offer shares in AJ Bell, the investment platform he fo... Read Full Article

Perfect structure for an investing book
Academia de Inversion
3rd April 2018
"I really liked the structure of the book. 10% deep value investing and the other 90% investing cases, half of it with positive cases and the other half with negative cases. A perfect structure for an... Read Full Article

Warren Watch: New book features essays on Berkshire Hathaway’s annual shareholder meetings by Steve Jordon
Omaha World-Herald
1st April 2018
Lawrence Cunningham has engineered another book about Warren Buffett, this one a collection of essays by 43 people about Berkshire Hathaway’s shareholder meetings. Titled “The Warre... Read Full Article

Stock Market Seasonality Effects and Anomalies
DIY Investor Magazine
1st April 2018
The latest edition of Stephen Eckett’s fascinating reference book may have you scratching your head in search of a rational explanation for what is presented, but one thing is for sure, you’ll ret... Read Full Article

Ross Clark: Goggles on – my investment formula may dazzle you
The Times
1st April 2018
... The huge lobbying operation to create a cashless society – David Cameron considered announcing that Britain would become a cashless society by 2020 – is heavily inspired by the desire to make ... Read Full Article

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