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Richard Shotton: Marketers are obsessed with the latest fad. But human nature is remarkably consistent by Adnan Arnautlija
Media Marketing
26th February 2018
It’s better to base marketing decisions on experiments of Nobel Laureates than on the opinion of the most eloquent person in the board room. How do we make choices – any choices, a... Read Full Article

Book review by Zak Mir
26th February 2018
.... Rather gratifyingly you do not need to be a nuclear physicist or perhaps more appropriately, an expert in algebra to apply what Mr Bos does in order to glean the value situations.... ... Read Full Article

talking about our biases, our flaws and mirror strengths, the principal-agent problem, and the decline in rhyme:
Mark Pollard, Strategy CEO, Mighty Jungle, New York
26th February 2018
Talking about biases, flaws and mirror strengths, the principal-agent problem, and the decline in rhyme. Listen to the podcast: Read Full Article

Growth and income stretched: is now the time for value investing? By Paloma Kubiak
26th February 2018
Investors should note that deep value investing is where you’re really looking at companies which are “horribly out of favour” though if the stocks can turn around, you can get some very good pe... Read Full Article

Make a choice. Buy this book and explore your biases by Dominic Mills
26th February 2018
Possibly bringing both conscious and unconscious biases to this week's column, Dominic Mills reviews and digests the Choice Factory - Richard Shotton's behavioural science bestseller ..... Read Full Article

Bumper books by Iain Robertson
25th February 2018
... Essential reading ... Richard Shotton’s excellent paperback is a prime example of observation and investigation in the field of comprehending what makes each of us tick. Its conte... Read Full Article

Who will be the next Carillion?
Master Investor
22nd February 2018
Industry-wide suicide bidding leaves many support services companies with barely acceptable levels of profitability... the similarities with Carillion are clear.... G4S's debt and pension obligations ... Read Full Article

Plan your strategy for a comfortable retirement by Lindsay Cook
The Financial Times
22nd February 2018
Retirement is not what it used to be... Now, with UK life expectancy at 79 for men and 83 for women, there are no limits. We can work for as long as we like — and many of us want to do so. ... Read Full Article

Book review - Essential reading for fans of motoring, business and wider interests
Business Money
22nd February 2018
If you have ever wondered what it is that influences our decisions to buy stuff, then it helps it you can get a handle on what techniques marketers employ to engage with their potential customers. Ric... Read Full Article

A book review
Master Investor
22nd February 2018
The authors of the book are as diverse as the topics covered... ... Many famous fund managers make a contribution to the book, including Anthony Bolton, Jeroen Bos, Gervais Williams and... Read Full Article

Book Review: The Choice Factory by Jon Hildrew
21st February 2018
... Read Full Article

Brands Perform In The Right Channel And Context
Branding Strategy Insider
20th February 2018
What Can Brands Learn From The Social Nature Of Humor? The main point is that the wit of an ad is not just a creative issue but also one of context and media placement. The perception o... Read Full Article

Richard Shotton: Uncertain rewards are the answer to enhancing loyalty schemes
Marketing Week
19th February 2018
Contrary to common belief, consumers are more likely to take action if the incentive is of uncertain value, offering a way to make loyalty schemes both cheaper and more effective. ... N... Read Full Article

Advertising tricks that win your money: A review of The Choice Factory
Proud Money
19th February 2018
Many of us think we're too smart to fall for advertisers' tricks. We won't buy something because of a catchy jingle or famous spokesperson. But if you think those obvious tactics are the only things c... Read Full Article

Book review: Deep Value Investing (2nd edition) by Jeroen Bos
Strictly Value
18th February 2018
... The newly published second editionis much more than a refresher; it has 6 additional case studies and walks us through what happened to the old ones in the past 5 years. The case studies are still... Read Full Article

MII announces speakers for DMX Dublin 2018
16th February 2018
The Marketing Institute has announced speakers from Lego, Wieden+Kennedy, Brainlabs and Foresight Factory as part of the DMX Dublin 2018 line-up... Richard Shotton is deputy head of evi... Read Full Article

Why admitting a weakness makes people like you more by Richard Shotton
Quartz at work
14th February 2018
An article adapted from the book The Choice Factory: For those prepared to embrace a modicum of career risk then the best chance of growing your brand is to flaunt your flaws. The princ... Read Full Article

Behavioural Economics - Research, Purchase Journeys, Shopper Marketing & Choice
14th February 2018
Richard Shotton, author of “The Choice Factory” - which has won praise from Dave Trott, Rory Sutherland and Mark Ritson - will explore how findings from behavioural science can improve advertising... Read Full Article

How Brands Can Convert Data To Insight
Branding Strategy Insider
14th February 2018
The agencies that focus most on the unchanging man will win the insight war. Contributed by Branding Strategy Insider by: Richard Shotton, the author of The Choice Factory, a new book o... Read Full Article

Marketing triage: why brands need to categorise consumers into three groups
13th February 2018
Marketing triage: why brands need to categorise consumers into three groups Dominique Jean Larrey, chief surgeon in Napoleon’s Army, developed the concept of triage on nineteenth century Fren... Read Full Article

The Choice Factory: The danger of confirmation bias and how to avoid it
13th February 2018
The danger of confirmation bias is just one of the topics in Richard Shotton's new book, The Choice Factory, as he explains in this excerpt for Campaign. Features an excerpt from the book:... Read Full Article

How our Winter Portfolios keep beating the market
Interactive Investor
11th February 2018
With help from Stock Market Almanac author and mathematician Stephen Eckett we identified the stocks with the best track record of returns over the past 10 winters.... Read Full Article

Slow and steady
AIC (The Association of Investment Companies) Investment Company Compass, February 2018 Edition
9th February 2018
The Investment Trusts Handbook 2018, featuring an investment company directory, analytical advice and contributions by a dozen leading investment company experts, including Peter Spiller, Robin Angus,... Read Full Article

Book Review: Deep Value Investing by Brenda Jubin
8th February 2018
Jeroen Bos, portfolio manager of the UK-regulated Deep Value Investments Fund, has updated his 2013 book Deep Value Investing: Finding Bargain Shares with Big Potential in this second edition (Harrima... Read Full Article

Richard Shotton: Why strategists must understand the science of consumer choice by Sam Peña-Taylor, WARC
7th February 2018
Richard Shotton’s new book The Choice Factory is about the decisions we make every day, and the biases that complicate them. Richard sat down with WARC’s Sam Peña-Taylor to talk about the origin ... Read Full Article

Could the Middle East ever become a cashless society?
Almaktoum Initiatives
5th February 2018
"It is inevitable, in the Middle East as in the rest of the world, that consumers will gravitate towards cashless payment systems where they find them more convenient and are happy that they are secur... Read Full Article

A book review
Carol Loomis, retired Senior Editor-at-Large, Fortune Magazine
5th February 2018
Oh to be in Omaha come the first weekend of May! This smart and engaging book gives you 44 expert opinions as to why you simply need to get there.... Read Full Article

Book of the week: Analysing Buffett’s deals
3rd February 2018
Book of the week: Analysing Buffett’s deals The real strength of the book is the way vital information for each deal is systematically laid out, including the dates and returns. Arnol... Read Full Article

A must-have for dinner parties
3rd February 2018
If you’re looking for a single book that can give you the uncanny ability to quote dozens of famous investors at your next dinner party, Harriman’s New Book of Investing Rules should be top of you... Read Full Article

How The Principle Of Triage Can Benefit Your Brand
Branding Strategy Insider
3rd February 2018
By recognizing the limitations of advertising brands can focus their advertising resources where they work best. This means that more brands will be able to afford a constant presence among key groups... Read Full Article

Cognitive Biases with Richard Shotton
Roger Dooley Blog
2nd February 2018
Would you trust a doctor who didn’t understand physiology? An engineer with no knowledge of physics? Given how obvious those answers seem, it’s surprising that so many companies trust marketers wh... Read Full Article

A book review
IG Community
2nd February 2018
This is the first time I have owned this book, and it is a great trading aid to keep by your computer providing lots of quality statistical information and evidence that can help the investor stack up... Read Full Article

FTSE 100 heavyweights report
The Times
1st February 2018
Pinch, punch . . . first day of the month. Despite a great start — the FTSE 100 rose 1.7 per cent in the first eight days of the new year — January was a miserable month for equity investors, with... Read Full Article

Coming Soon From Larry Cunningham: “The Warren Buffett Shareholder”
Value Walk
13th February 0018
Never before have the shareholders of a public company undertaken to write a book about their experience, notes famed investor Mario Gabelli. But, then, Berkshire and Buffett are famous for being sui ... Read Full Article

Coming Soon From Larry Cunningham: “The Warren Buffett Shareholder”
Value Walk
13th February 0018
Never before have the shareholders of a public company undertaken to write a book about their experience, notes famed investor Mario Gabelli. But, then, Berkshire and Buffett are famous for being sui ... Read Full Article

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