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How Not Dying on 9/11 Led to Conscious Investing | Christin ter Braak-Forstinger (Episode 8)
The Investment Turnaround
31st July 2018
Christin ter Braak-Forstinger talks about her investing strategy, and 'the decision to go beyond measuring for profit only.' ... Read Full Article

How to shape a life of money and meaning, with Dr Brian Portnoy
Informed Choice Radio
30th July 2018
Brian Portnoy builds on the critical distinction of being rich and being wealthy... in this groundbreaking book, Portnoy takes readers on a journey to wealth. Brian is an expert at sim... Read Full Article

When the World Zigs, Zag. Why It's So Critical to Be Distinctive
30th July 2018
Brands must seek inspiration from beyond their category. If they do so, they will see one of the common factors of the few brands who have created a genuine step-change in their category is that they ... Read Full Article

Discover the financial firms that win your vote in Moneywise's August magazine out now
30th July 2018
You can also be in with the chance of winning a chocolate-themed hotel break in Bournemouth, as well as a copy of Shares made simple by Rodney Hobson.... Read Full Article

Buffett's Letters Plus the Berkshire Meeting Reinforce BRK's Corporate Culture
NACD Directorship magazine
25th July 2018
Lawrence Cunningham's annual column for the summer issue of NACD Directorship magazine, including excerpts from contributions to the WB Shareholder book.... Read Full Article

One-Stop Bubble Protection
Daily Wealth
23rd July 2018
Meb Faber of Cambria Investments specifically chose Housel's advice for his new book, The Best Investment Writing, Volume 2. In it, he collects the best contemporary work from the sharpest minds in fi... Read Full Article

Why beating the stock market is a fruitless game
Money Sense
23rd July 2018
It’s a thought-provoking book that challenges the reader to think and feel about the role wealth plays to one’s own meaning of life. Portnoy does this by sharing behavioral economics and biases wi... Read Full Article

Brand News
23rd July 2018
Have you ever noticed the posters in the doctor's office that tell how many people do not bother to show up for their appointments? Or seen the charity appeal on Wikipedia that explains how most reade... Read Full Article

The Competency Trap
Advisor Perspectives
23rd July 2018
According to a new book, The Trust Mandate, by Herman Brodie and Klaus Harnack, this is a serious problem. Brodie and Harnack believe projecting competence can be a curse. The authors b... Read Full Article

A book to understand the behavior of its consumers
Marketing Directo
19th July 2018
Making use of behavioral science, which helps to understand how people make their decisions, can help companies solve this problem. This is what Richard Shotton expresses in his latest book for market... Read Full Article

Bookstr Talks: Brian Portnoy
Bookstr Talks
18th July 2018
We're live with Brian Portnoy author of "Geometry of Wealth." He'll be discussing how happiness and fulfillment are a part of wealth and can shape a life of money and meaning.... Read Full Article

Get your investment portfolio beach-ready this summer
Interactive Investor
17th July 2018
According to the Stock Market Almanac, average returns between May and October are negative and declines during this period tend to be larger than in winter months.... Read Full Article

Featured Books
Book Talk
17th July 2018
This Featured Books page is the place to check out some fantastic books by great authors!... Read Full Article

Ms Career Girl
17th July 2018
Brian Portnoy sums up what he calls “the four enduring sources of a joyful life.” Connection – the need to belong. Control – the need to direct one’s own destiny.... Read Full Article

The wealth of families is not enough for Italy
Blue Rating
16th July 2018
Moreover, as pointed out by Russ Koesterich in "Portfolio Construction for Today's Markets", published by Harriman House, there are other characteristics of consumers, above all the age, that can modi... Read Full Article

Money Life with Chuck Jaffe - Niels Jensen
Money Life Show
16th July 2018
"I thought this book was fascinating... indexing is taking over the world."... Read Full Article

North Somerset businessman who passed company onto staff says employee-ownership ‘will be massive’
North Somerset Times
14th July 2018
Chris said: “Moving to employee ownership is a big step and needs a lot of thought and employee engagement. You have to plan and prepare for it.” Chris thought his offer was ‘amaz... Read Full Article

In a world focused on the bottom line, does common decency pay dividends?
The Chicago Tribune
13th July 2018
Have you noticed that we live in a world that suggests to us that more is better, and equates wealth with possession? Have you wondered what that has to do with living a meaningful life? In the ques... Read Full Article

The Choice Factory
Tarsh Partnership
12th July 2018
The book provides invaluable knowledge for you to act on. There’s something to learn and apply in every chapter. I particularly enjoyed the irrefutable proof that advertising has to be distinctive, ... Read Full Article

MG OMD London's Richard Shotton's launches behavioural science book 'The Choice Factory'
Campaign Brief
12th July 2018
… Says Shotton: "Over the last few years I've conducted dozens of experiments and worked with many brands and shown time and time again that the application of behavioural science improves effective... Read Full Article

Top 5 books on Behavioural Economics
Blog 42
12th July 2018
Shotton is considered one of the brightest minds in the UK advertising industry. As Deputy Head of Evidence at the media agency Manning Gottlieb OMD, he works with some of the world’s leading brands... Read Full Article

Book club image: Sub Header: Giles Lury reviews Richard Shotton's book Read more at
The Marketing Society: The Library
12th July 2018
I think it’s well worth a read. … One of my favourite chapters is about the power of personalisation, which is often ascribed to the fact that our subconscious deals with most of ou... Read Full Article

Book review by Richard Gill
Master Investor
10th July 2018
"Overall, this is a truly enlightening, thought-provoking and refreshing book which teaches readers how to think about wealth in terms of what is important to them. Portnoy is a master of his craft, b... Read Full Article

Nudge Nudge
BBC Radio 4
8th July 2018
The Choice Factory by Richard Shotton featured on BBC Radio 4 Programme 'Nudge Nudge'. ... Read Full Article

Richard Shotton: The ‘safest’ ads are at greatest risk of going unnoticed
Marketing Week
5th July 2018
Marketers, like all humans, believe everyone is as interested in their work as they are, leading to ads that fall at the first hurdle by taking it for granted that they will be noticed.... Read Full Article

Brian Portnoy: Matching money with meaning
Advisor 2.0
4th July 2018
Ultimately, the book recognises the tension between “more” and “enough” — between wanting the best and being satisfied with what we already have. They’re both deep-seated, evolutionary ins... Read Full Article

Books for traders
1st July 2018
How does money figure into a happy life? In The Geometry of Wealth, behavioral finance expert Brian Portnoy delivers an answer based on the idea that wealth, truly defined, is funded contentment.... Read Full Article

Richard Shotton: burden of proof
1st July 2018
"There are lots of amazing books about popular psychology, but few of them apply it to advertising. I felt that there was a real gap for a practical, simple book that applied behavioural science to ad... Read Full Article

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