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Opinion: The 60%-40% portfolio will deliver anemic returns over the next decade — here’s how to adapt
29th January 2022
The conventional portfolio building blocks of stocks and bonds are still necessary, but no longer sufficient. A future where investors can simultaneously grow and protect their wealth via meaningful d... Read Full Article

ake a Chance on Luck
28th January 2022
Andy is an award-winning brand strategist and creative in the advertising world. In 2013, he co-founded Lucky Generals, which describes itself as ‘a creative company for people on a mission’. His ... Read Full Article

Crypto Crashing, Pandemic Stocks Plunging: The Story Behind January’s Wild Stock Market
The Ringer
25th January 2022
Morgan Housel, the bestselling author of The Psychology of Money and a partner at Collaborative Fund, is back to talk Bitcoin, Peloton, tech stocks, financial media myths, the psychology of stock mark... Read Full Article

3 Things I Wish I'd Known Before I Started Investing
The Motley Fool
21st January 2022
Get started investing as soon as possible to get that compounding machine working. Morgan Housel, former Fool contributor and author of the fantastic book The Psychology of Money, sums it up like this... Read Full Article

Iceland's Secret – The Untold Story Of The World's Biggest Con
Library of Mistakes
21st January 2022
In this first episode of the Library of Mistakes podcast series, Russell Napier explores the 2008 financial collapse of Iceland with Jared Bibler, author of Iceland's Secret – The Untold Story Of Th... Read Full Article

What We Are Reading Today: The Psychology of Money
Arab News
18th January 2022
The Psychology of Money is a book written by award-winning author Morgan Housel, teaching its readers about the behavioral aspect of money management. The book presents us with nineteen short stories ... Read Full Article

More kids could match Molly-Mae’s success if we taught financial literacy
Sunday Mirror
16th January 2022
I’m in the middle of recording a business podcast, Backing Brilliant Business, and each week I have the pleasure of interviewing successful people in their field. One of my subjects was Iona Bain, w... Read Full Article

Ten lessons the markets taught us in 2021
The Evidence Based Investor
14th January 2022
Every year the financial markets provide us with lessons on the prudent investment strategy. They frequently offer remedial courses, covering lessons they taught in previous years. That’s why one of... Read Full Article

What's CNBC Contributor and Wealth Adviser Josh Brown's Net Worth?
Market Realist
13th January 2022
While many people claim that they would prefer not to rely on money to help lead a happy life, it appears that a large percentage of financial experts use their investments as a way to gain happiness.... Read Full Article

The Investment Trusts Handbook 2022: Investing essentials, expert insights and powerful trends and data
Master Investor
12th January 2022
For those investors interested in this often overlooked and underresearched area of the market, The Investment Trusts Handbook 2022 is for you. Thisis the latest edition of a publication which aims to... Read Full Article

Inside Iceland's probe into the 2008 financial crash
Financial Times
10th January 2022
Now, in his recent book, Iceland's Secret: The Untold Story of the World's Biggest Con, he says the country's approach has neither cleaned out the Augean stables of Icelandic finance nor slain "the dr... Read Full Article

Seasoned investor warns of an end to the ‘everything bubble’
Shares Magazine
10th January 2022
While acknowledging that trying to pinpoint the cause or the timing of the downturn is virtually impossible, Nairn advises that ‘the first and most urgent requirement is to create a liquidity reserv... Read Full Article

Investors Chronicle
6th January 2022
Steve Clapham highlights three key issues he believes are worth paying attention to in the year ahead... Read Full Article

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