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Go Luck Yourself

40 ways to stack the odds in your brand’s favour

By Andy Nairn
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About the Author

Andy Nairn

Andy Nairn has led a charmed life. He stumbled into advertising after studying Law at Edinburgh University. Almost 30 years later, he’s one of the world’s most respected brand strategists and a founder of one of the UK’s most successful creative agencies. Lucky Generals has been shortlisted for Campaign magazine’s Agency of the Year for the last five years in a row and Andy has been ... Read more on Andy Nairn

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Luck is a four-letter-word in business circles. But the truth is that fortune plays a part in every success story – and every failure.

In Go Luck Yourself, one of the world’s leading brand strategists explains how a hunting trip led to the invention of VELCRO®. How a little mermaid inspired a famous campaign for Amazon. How a stolen rabbit spurred on Walt Disney. And more importantly, how you can stack the odds in your brand’s favour.

Andy Nairn draws on everything from architecture to zoology, as well as almost 30 years working with some of the most successful companies on the planet, to provide a series of thought-provoking strategies that will help anyone responsible for building a brand.

He’ll show you how to uncover your organisation’s hidden treasures. How to spot opportunities in unexpected places. How to turn misfortune into good fortune. And how to practise being lucky, every day.

Written in a very accessible and entertaining style, this is the book you need to improve your brand’s fortunes, in these turbulent times.

Now Go Luck Yourself…

Professional Reviews

“Andy is as insightful and practical as he is punchy and funny. Maybe you’ll buy this book for the title, but I guarantee you’ll find yourself returning to it whenever you could use a little luck. – Elle McCarthy's, VP, Brand at Electronic Arts

This brilliant book will change the way you think. Hugely practical and spilling over with examples and inspiration… all delivered with the wit and charm that we have come to expect from Andy Nairn. Richard Huntington – Chairman and CSO of Saatchi & Saatchi London

The one thing that ALL successful people have in common is a conscious relationship with luck. Luck is now something that you can practise daily. What a gift. Jonathan Mildenhall – CMO of Dave

Prepare to get well and truly lucked. Your team/agency/client/brand/customers will thank you. Caroline Pay – CCO of Headspace

Don’t try to improve your luck by forking out your hard earned cash on expensive charms, amulets and talismans, buy this book instead. You won’t regret it. Helen Rhodes – ECD of BBC Creative

This really is the perfect strategist’s handbook, with great examples, anecdotes, quotes, facts and advice. I found myself time and time again thinking ‘I wish I’d come up with that’ and now having read it , I just might. Bridget Angear – Joint CSO of AMV BBDO

I really enjoyed this. It’s a fascinating subject and Andy’s style is very readable. The selection is as much fun as the pick and mix at Woolworth’s, but without the security guard watching your every move. Zaid Al-Qassab – CMO of Channel 4

Go Luck Yourself is like wandering round a gallery of great strategic thinking… and then getting to take it all home with you to make your own place look better. Fresh, fun, generous, fascinating – this a book stuffed full of stimulating ideas for any restless challenger to steal and use. Adam Morgan - Author of Eating the Big Fish and A Beautiful Constraint

A fabulous book on the underappreciated role of luck in business, brimming with fresh stories and practical advice." Richard Shotton – Author of The Choice Factory

An inspiring yet practical book, full of compelling ideas on how to enhance your competitive advantage and see opportunity everywhere. A brilliant read! Syl Saller CBE - Former Global CMO of Diageo

Andy’s influence on the industry is far-reaching, and his strategic leadership undeniable. Campaign

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His point is that a lot of luck is about not having a head so buried in a task that you’re blind to all the other opportunities around you,’ says Lucky Generals co-founder Andy Nairn, who has ...

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In the book, Andy (who has been named Campaign’s top strategist for the last two years running) argues that luck is a four-letter-word in business circles. He contends that organisations spend too ...

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Little Black Book

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This is set to change with Nairn’s forthcoming book Go Luck Yourself picking apart the subject of luck through a set of 40 principles to “stack the odds in your brand’s favour”. The book is ...

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GO LUCK YOURSELF explores the power of luck in building a brand. It’s published by Harriman House (whose other authors include Dave Trott and Richard Shotton) and is available for pre-order now, ...

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Crazy People was a pretty mediocre film, from 1990. It starred Dudley Moore as Emory Leeson, a stressed-out adman who is tired of peddling lies to the public. As his mental health unravels, he starts ...

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Andy Nairn, founder of ad agency Lucky Generals (best known for its Amazon Christmas campaigns), has written a book, Go Luck Yourself, where he argues that luck is a four-letter-word in business ...

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Luck is a four-letter-word in business circles. You won’t hear it at the AGM or read it in the annual report. You won’t find it in any awards entry, training manual or textbook. Nobody ever puts ...

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Andy Nairn has just launched a new book called Go Luck Yourself: 40 ways to stack the odds in your brand’s favour. Here, he picks out 5 lucky lessons from some classic effectiveness case-studies.

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Lucky Generals co-founder Andy Nairn has just launched a new book called Go Luck Yourself: 40 ways to stack the odds in your brand’s favour. Here, he picks out 10 of the luckiest moments in ...

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‘Go Luck Yourself: 40 ways to stack the odds in your brand’s favour’ is available to pre-order now, from Amazon or Waterstones. Andy will be donating all his royalties to an organisation called ...

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This month Andy Nairn, Founder of Lucky Generals, launches his first book. Go Luck Yourself, which contains '40 ways for you to stack the odds in your brand’s favour'. In this exclusive piece he ...

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In recent years, marketers have become fond of saying that “data is the new oil”. I’ve never been a fan of this expression (I’m old enough to remember similar pronouncements about ...

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Go Luck Yourself, a book written by Lucky Generals founder, Andy Nairn will be published in June. It’s all about the role of luck in building a brand. In this exclusive extract for Mediatel News, ...

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Business at Bedtime

In Go Luck Yourself, Andy Nairn show you how to uncover your organisation's hidden treasures. How to spot opportunities in unexpected places. How to turn misfortune into good fortune. And how to ...

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Management Today

In short, luck is a powerful force in life – and that includes business. We shouldn’t dismiss it as superstition or meekly accept our fate. While it might be true that “the harder you work, the ...

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